The Breath Of Life-How to Breathe Properly

Do you know how to breather properly? Nobody ever taught us how to breathe and we just take it for granted, When we were born we actually breathed properly but most of us deviated from that. Unless you are a swimmer or a yogi or have had a breathing dis-ease, you probably don’t know how.  We breathe eighteen times a minute. Why? Where does it come from. When we realize where it comes from only then do we realize that it is a divine gift and it should be cherished. We breathe for two reasons: to get as much oxygen into the body and to release as much carbon dioxide from the body. If we don’t then we  become lethargic and have less energy.. Do you know that we only breathe evenly through both nostrils one out of every twenty-eight times . And every so often our dominant nostril shifts. This causes an imbalance in the body that can be corrected by proper breathing. Stay tuned to this blog to learn how to breathe properly to maximize every part of your body.