Jan 22-23, 2002 Florida Exhibitors (Partial Listing)

AVVIA-First Alternatives….503

A Healthy way….  1002                                                                                                   NES is the world’s leader in Bioenergetics, which is the study, detection and correction of energy within the body! Get your personal scan today  and restore your energy 4 life. It is the easiest and most effective education platform available with imprinted healing sound music and more. Get your “PEMF Pocket Dr.” to help with pain, calm mind, digestive issues, stop flight pain in ears and TMJ, balance chakras. It works on the complete body cell tissues and organs. www.ahealthyway.solutions. 337-794-9242

Activation Of Thyself………………703

Acupuncture health Clinic…………………701.                                                                   We specialize in Advanced Chinese Herbal Medicine and Pulse Diagnosis. With these advance techniques, we are able to develop custom herbal formulas for you over the course of treatment, which are tailored to your specific health imbalances! Our acupuncture techniques can in most cases get rid of 70-90% of pain almost instantly!         2544 N Federal Hwy    Fort Lauderdale, FL 33305    954-314-7037 

ADVANCED BEAUTY ………………301                                     Advanced Beauty was founded with one principal in mind – to develop and deliver safest andmost effective anti-aging facial products to consumers accross the globe. Our beauty spa and online store proudly offers Zero Gravity systems of LED light therapy for facial skin rejuvenation. We also have a wide variety of natural and FDA cleared solutions and creams by Celestolite. Stop by for free samples and demonstration by our professional team.

   Ancient Spa Voyage….. 303                                                      Ancient Spa Voyage is an exquisite journey into sacred healing methods from the Ages. Gina Michael, an Internationally known psychic using cards and her unique gift, administers acupuncture, foot reflexology & aromatherapy. Products offered are 2,000-6,000MG of CBD herbal wrap bath powder for a weight loss of 3-5 lbs. (646) 415-2208. ancientspavoyage@gmail.com

Angels Island Press………..502

Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute….902

Beth Lynch Medium-Inner Light Teaching… 202                                Beth Lynch, Medium, Spiritual Teacher & Author has been helping families understand grief thru connection of loved ones crossed for over 25 years. Lynch practices & teaches the benefits of meditation. Her new book Life, Death and In-Between helps one understand life thru death and the natural evolution of consciousness. 888.271.4487 www.linktr.ee.com 

Blue Dragon Lifestyle…….703

Bhavna, The Golden Light…502

Carole Ramsay, Spiritual Consultant -Table 2

Cryo Werx – Advanced Cryotherapy Services…..603

Donna McGrath, Miracle Healer & Medical Medium….702               Donna McGrath, MT(ASCP) NIH Molecular Biologist turned Miracle Healer, Author /Spiritual Teacher has seen 70,000 since her enlightening OBE to The Light. She offers healings via phone worldwide, seminars, books, mp3 meditations, Emotional Healing/Master Energy Medicine courses. Radio, TV, podcast personality. Celebrity Healer  www.donnamcgrath.com  miraclesbydonna@gmail.com 267-392- 9254


Doterra Live For Oils LLC……1001

Elemental Home Designs…103                                                                                   Learn how to use bio hacking tools for optimal health, managing external energy, and increasing physical vitality.. We will offer a few sessions to choose from:Sound Healing, PEMF, Electromagnetic, Frequencies,  Infrared,  and so much more. Come and experience the power of  magnetic current for wellness and recovery with Biocharger. 954 260 2704, frances@aohmwellness.com, www.elememtalhomedesigns.com.

European Psychic Lai…..Table

Gail Thackray…..401


Gaya Couture……………….Table

Geozuwa……….402.                                                                              Ascended Master passionate about getting people out of their own way to live their perfect life of Infinite Abundance. He teaches all levels to easily connect to Source to be powerful healers and absolute creators without limitations.Geozuwa offers Hypnosis Certification, NLP Trainings, Author of, “The Other Side: Visit Now!” Host of “SoulMate Talk TV”.www.AscendedHealer.com

Health & Beauty Connection…..501

Jeremiah House Counseling and Hypnotherapy………..Table

Keith Seland-The Humaniverse Guide……………..Table                                                                       Keith explores the extraterrestrial hypothesis and discusses what humankind must do to proactively and, therefore beneficially plan for first contact and enduring global acknowledgement and relationship. Keith brings 13 years of ufology research into his projects, including three books in The Humaniverse Guide® series, his Facebook page: The Humaniverse, and www.thehumaniverse.org. Email: thehumaniversepr@gmail.com.

Liquid Biocell Collagen…………………………201      Natural, patented and clinically tested super-ingredient called Liquid BioCell Collage. Natural Cartilage Regeneration and Wrinkle Removal. No additives or preservatives. Over 90% bioavailable. The only source of collagen and hyaluronic acid that body recognizes and utilizes as its own. Awarded 7 patents and numerous industry awards! YoungJointsAndSkin.com. Dr. Grazyna Pajunen 561-350-0096. grazyna@beauty-and-health-from-within.com

Magnetude Jewelry……………101        Bio- energetic EMF protection stunningly beautiful inter- changeable genuine gemstone and crystal jewelry for men, women and fur- babies! Change your TUDE to match your attitude! Scientifically and kinesiology tested! If you use a cell phone, computer, or live on this WIFI planet, you need this! www.magnetudejewelry.com/gemgirl (718)268-6634

Medicine Wind Music……………………Table

Purium Health Product……….901                                                                                          Have more ENERGY! Go to ishoppurium.com. Eat Purium, lose weight without.  working out, control weight, have more energy, sleep better, pure- super- foods, with no artificial anything, concentrated -feel better than you have ever felt, have better workouts, eat Purium- use 50.00 Free gift code : bigapple try our products.

Relax Far Infrared Saunas and LAMPS…….203                                         Relax Far-Infrared Sauna Free 5-10 minute sessions. Research (65 years) and testimonials onFar-Infrared Energy indicate Increased Circulation, Pain/Inflammation reduction, helpful withFibromyalgia, Lyme, Cancer, High Blood-pressure, diabetes, Relaxation, Invigoration, sleep,Prettier Skin, & spiritual attunement. www.relaxsaunas.com / 650 You-tube Testimonials. 626-200-8454 / moment98@aol.com / Relax Far-Infrared Saunas and Lamps. Acu-MasseurMassagers, Color therapy and Natural Vision Therapy Glasses.

Seminal Inc…..302

The Revitalizer-Sheri Kaplan……… 1003                                      Offering Sound & Energy, Reiki Healing, Chakra Balancing items. https://linktr.ee/sherikaplan

Upper Cervical Institute Of Fl ………..Table D

Vibranz Frequency Healing Products………. 601                                                            Green Mantis Wellness distributor for Vibranz frequency healing products including red, green, and violet laser light frequency pens emitting human blueprint frequencies.  The Vibranz Orion channeled essential oil blends have specific properties for healing the most important energies of the emotional body’s energy field, where many believe most diseases originate.  Quantum Tech USA nano crystal energy products providing the body with negative ions infused into our necklaces, bracelets, back brace, knee, elbow, ankle sleeves, tourmaline socks, and emf cell phone protection cards. gregtgood@gmail.com 512.669.9670.


Vibrational Health  LLC ….801                                                                                                    We are privileged, delighted, and honored to work ethically with Energies that Spirit has blessed upon us. With great motivation and enthusiasm, we have channeled balanced frequencies and supplements to uplift humanity. Our joy and bliss come from supporting the continuous ascension process of ourselves and others on this beautiful journey that we call life.

Vickie Gay Psychic Medium…….802