AAvia-First Alternatives-503

ADVANCED BEAUTY301                                          Advanced Beauty was founded with one principal in mind – to develop and deliver safest and most effective anti-aging facial products to consumers accross the globe. Our beauty spa and online store proudly offers Zero Gravity systems of LED light therapy for facial skin rejuvenation. We also have a wide variety of natural and FDA cleared solutions and creams by Celestolite. Stop by for free samples and demonstration by our professional team.

AlanMcFee:Metaphysician-202                                                                         Designing and Creating New Possibilities. Your business is my business. Your problems are my problems. Talented psychic and clairvoyant with a master’s degree in philosophy. Expert in esoteric Alchemy, self-healing, yoga, and tantra. Workshop facilitator. Lecturer. Focus of 2023 – Mastering the aging process. Consultations, coaching, energy readings.

Ariel The Mermaid LLC-904

Atlantic Institute Of Oriental Medicine-T-12/13                               (ATOM) We are a college for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. Come visit our booth for a free tongue and pulse diagnosis & discuss your health and wellbeing.  Our sch ool is located in Ft. Lauderdale and our Intern Clinic is open to the public.  Call 954-763-9840 for an appointment,

Aramis Creative Learning Center-T-11

Bhavna’s Wellness Group-502                                                        Bhavna Srivastava Golden Light Philanthropist, International Speaker, Best Selling Author,Soul Strategist, Intuitive Transformation Coach, Mentor, Trainer, NLP Practitioner, MBA, Reiki Master,Soul Healer, Healer’s Healer & Teacher, Creator of Golden Light Healing Modality, Bhavna’s Wellness Group “Healing To The Core with Golden Light” 508-970-5620 (Office), 774-242-2112(Cell),,/UCf1xMUkNaLBCS3pt7JCFHvg?view_as=subscriber

Blue Dragon Lifestyle-903

Carole Ramsay, Spiritual Consultant-T-20

Centropix-1001 & 1002

Champion Mindset Events-Table

Diamond Light Ministry-801                                                                                    Diamond Light Ministry‘s mission is to bring mysticism, spirituality, energy healing and technology together for an advanced, comprehensive holistic healing experience.  Visit our booth to experience first hand, a unique, innovative, auric field diagnostic technology and our ground-breaking energy healing modality called “QUIET”  Contact info:,, IG: @DiamondLightMinistry

Divine Wave Sound Healing-T-18

Donna McGrath, Miracle Healer & Medical Medium-102                  Donna McGrath, MT(ASCP) NIH Molecular Biologist turned Miracle Healer, Author /Spiritual Teacher has seen 70,000 since her enlightening OBE to The Light. She offers healings via phone worldwide, seminars, books, mp3 meditations, Emotional Healing/Master Energy Medicine courses. Radio, TV, podcast personality. Celebrity Healer 267-392- 9254

Dr. Yafi: Channeled Wisdom-T-15 

Elizabeth Charlton/Divine Healing & Wellness-804                                A retired teacher, certified integral Breath Therapy Facilitator & Trainer (IBT), Hypnotherapist Reiki Master.Her retreats are deep healing, while caring & compassionate. Discover what IBT is and how it can enhance your clients’healing an your way of life. Liz is offering 30 minute IBT sessions & a 20% discount on all services. 786-399-4611   

Emotional Trauma Release Technique-302

Fresh Mouth.-803


Gail Thackray-404

Genuine Quantum Power Pendants-805

Golden Arrow-504

Health & Alignment-George Dubec-Table

Ideal Alignment Inc.-T-06

Ionic Shield-902

Jonathans Organics-501                                                                            Come to our booth and speak to our sprout experts. Sprouts contain all of the Vitamins, Minerals and Amino Acids we need to survive.  More protein in bean sprouts than in meat. Sprouts contain disease-fighting phytonutrients and have been used medicinally for over 5,000 years. Free sampling for Jonathans Sprouts featuring Sulforaphane-a powerful antioxidant sourced from Broccoli sprouts.                                                               

Kat Divine Psychic Medium-402

Kat James Total Transformation-Table -01


Livia Devi -802

Magnetude Jewelry-101                                                                        Bio- energetic EMF protection stunningly beautiful inter- changeable genuine gemstone and crystal jewelry for men, women and fur- babies! Change your TUNE to match your attitude! Scientifically and kinesiology tested! If you use a cell phone, computer, or live on this WIFI planet, you need this!     (516)316-3087

MindBrand Method-303                                                                     Debbie Gottlieb, Founder of the transformational MindBrand Method, helps you reconnect to your soul in a practical, accessible way to gain clarity, inner peace, & joy. She has diverse international training in psychotherapy, spirituality, yoga, breathwork, & over 14 yrs of experience in her private psychotherapy practice.Debbie was Awarded Best Psychotherapist in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

My Healing Art-704


Mystic & Sage Daniel Clay Announces The New Epoch-401

Oshun’s Medicinal Creations-602

Philip Boyle-Energetic Surgery/Medium T-03

Psychic Harmony Healing-702

Relax Far Infrared Saunas and LAMPS-403                                      Relax Far-Infrared Sauna Free 5-10 minute sessions. Research (65 years) and testimonials onFar-Infrared Energy indicate Increased Circulation, Pain/Inflammation reduction, helpful withFibromyalgia, Lyme, Cancer, High Blood-pressure, diabetes, Relaxation, Invigoration, sleep,Prettier Skin, & spiritual attunement. / 650 You-tube Testimonials. 626-200-8454 / / Relax Far-Infrared Saunas and Lamps. Acu-MasseurMassagers, Color therapy and Natural Vision Therapy Glasses.

RoXiva Innovations-203

Sacred Vedic Arts-T10&11

Sarah Zula – Subconscious Freedom Coach-T-17

Sean David Morton………T-8

Shamanic Tonic-T-18

Shifting Impressions-604                                                                          The Podcast: Shifting Impressions Conversations with The Realm of Beings  is a podcast devoted to explaining Existence, the knowledge of creation of reality, and how to maneuver within the reality referred to as life. Dr. Gretta Chamberlain, DN is a lecturer, a remote energy transformational specialist, and an educator, who channels the non-physical entities known as The Realm of Beings.

Soul Space Miami-103

Spiritual Nutrition Studio-T-14

Spiritual Tarot Card Reader by Lisa-T-02

Sucess Alighnment 365-Table

Super Tonic Herbs-T-19

Tammy Adams-Intuitive Life Coach & Healer-601

Temple Medicine-603

The Laser Pen Store-201                                                                   Laser-Me! puts Healing Energy Frequencies In The Palm Of Your Hand. The Laser-Me laser delivers a proprietary combination of over 2,200 positive, cell-optimizing frequencies that are derived from natural, organic, or herbal sources. Laser-Me frequency combinations are designed to provide multiple health-promoting, pain-relieving benefits for all living things, both plants and animals.

The Revitalizer-Sheri Kaplan-1004                                                              Offering Sound & Energy, Reiki Healing, Chakra Balancing items.

Upper Cervical Institute Of Fla-T-16


Walking Tall Foot Corrections-901