Oct 8-9, 2002 Florida Exhibitors (Partial Listing)

ADVANCED BEAUTY ……………… BOOTH 49                                            Advanced Beauty was founded with one principal in mind – to develop and deliver safest and most effective anti-aging facial products to consumers accross the globe. Our beauty spa and online store proudly offers Zero Gravity systems of LED light therapy for facial skin rejuvenation. We also have a wide variety of natural and FDA cleared solutions and creams by Celestolite. Stop by for free samples and demonstration by our professional team.

Angels Island Press………..BOOTH 56                   Come check out the beautiful Angel Island Press Booth with free giveaways, a wonderful gift basket raffle, mini readings with Dr. Athans, lots of delicious treats and fun. Experience practical spirituality that will help you in your daily life. We can’t wait to get to know you better.

Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute….BOOTH 42                               It is time to take control of your health. Visit our relaxing retreat center (Puerto Rico) and achieve vibrant health through learning the Living Foods Lifestyle™. We provide a compassionate environment where you have: vegan culinary instruction, greenhouse experience, yoga, massage, colonics, and amazing beachfront. Visit Booth for SHOW SPECIAL. reservation@annwigmore.org www.annwigmore.org

Atlantic Institute Of Oriental Medicine…BOOTH 14                   ATLANTIC INSTITUTE OF ORIENTAL MEDICINE (ATOM) We are a college for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. Come visit our booth for a free tongue and pulse diagnosis & discuss your health and wellbeing.  Our school is located in Ft. Lauderdale and our Intern Clinic is open to the public.  Call 954-763-9840 for an appointment, www.atom.edu

Biotekt Biological Architecture…..BOOTH 38

Bhavna’s Wellness Group…BOOTH 66                                            Bhavna Srivastava Golden Light Philanthropist, International Speaker, Best Selling Author,Soul Strategist, Intuitive Transformation Coach, Mentor, Trainer, NLP Practitioner, MBA, Reiki Master,Soul Healer, Healer’s Healer & Teacher, Creator of Golden Light Healing Modality, Bhavna’s Wellness Group “Healing To The Core with Golden Light” 508-970-5620 (Office), 774-242-2112(Cell) www.bhwellnessgroup.com, www.facebook.com/BHWellnessGroupwww.twitter.com/BHWellnessGrphttps://www.youtube.com/channel,/UCf1xMUkNaLBCS3pt7JCFHvg?view_as=subscriber

Carole Ramsay, Spiritual Consultant -BOOTH 54

Crystal Energies By Celina….BOOTH 64

David Young & Friends….Booth 31

Deborah Graham, Int’l Psychic….BOOTH 36

Donna McGrath, Miracle Healer & Medical Medium…. BOOTH 35             Donna McGrath, MT(ASCP) NIH Molecular Biologist turned Miracle Healer, Author /Spiritual Teacher has seen 70,000 since her enlightening OBE to The Light. She offers healings via phone worldwide, seminars, books, mp3 meditations, Emotional Healing/Master Energy Medicine courses. Radio, TV, podcast personality. Celebrity Healer  www.donnamcgrath.com  miraclesbydonna@gmail.com 267-392- 9254

Dr. Fuji/Acigi….BOOTH 65

Epochemedical…BOOTH 48

Evolutionary Astrology….BOOTH 55 (sun)

Gaya Couture………….BOOTH 30


Healthy Mindful Self, LLC….BOOTH 40

Healy World High Vibes…..BOOTH 51

Hun Ming Kwang-Apprentice Of Starr Fuentes…BOOTH 43

Kat Divine Psychic Medium… BOOTH 55 (SAT)

Keith Seland-The Humaniverse Guide……………..    BOOTH 59                 Keith explores the extraterrestrial hypothesis and discusses what humankind must do to proactively and, therefore beneficially plan for first contact and enduring global acknowledgement and relationship. Keith brings 13 years of ufology research into his projects, including three books in The Humaniverse Guide® series, his Facebook page: The Humaniverse, and www.thehumaniverse.org. Email: thehumaniversepr@gmail.com.

Liquid Biocell Collagen……..BOOTH  47 (sat)       Natural, patented and clinically tested super-ingredient called Liquid BioCell Collage. Natural Cartilage Regeneration and Wrinkle Removal. No additives or preservatives. Over 90% bioavailable. The only source of collagen and hyaluronic acid that body recognizes and utilizes as its own. Awarded 7 patents and numerous industry awards! YoungJointsAndSkin.com. Dr. Grazyna Pajunen 561-350-0096. grazyna@beauty-and-health-from-within.com

Live Happily™ Secrets by Stella Frances

Magnetude Jewelry…………… BOOTH 52        Bio- energetic EMF protection stunningly beautiful inter- changeable genuine gemstone and crystal jewelry for men, women and fur- babies! Change your TUNE to match your attitude! Scientifically and kinesiology tested! If you use a cell phone, computer, or live on this WIFI planet, you need this!  www.tudegirl.com       (516)316-3087

Millennium Products Healing Devices…BOOTH 46

Momentum Solar….BOOTH 16

Mystech…..BOOTH 57

Oshun Movement Inc….BOOTH 34

Rapid Drug-Free Pain Relief…….Booth 57 (sun).                                Rapid drug free pain and inflammation relief using deep tissue laser therapy and micro currents photo bio modulation PEMF Ondamed, ozone therapy and unique nutritional supplements

Relax Far Infrared Saunas and LAMPS…….  BOOTH 33                            Relax Far-Infrared Sauna Free 5-10 minute sessions. Research (65 years) and testimonials onFar-Infrared Energy indicate Increased Circulation, Pain/Inflammation reduction, helpful withFibromyalgia, Lyme, Cancer, High Blood-pressure, diabetes, Relaxation, Invigoration, sleep,Prettier Skin, & spiritual attunement. www.relaxsaunas.com / 650 You-tube Testimonials. 626-200-8454 / moment98@aol.com / Relax Far-Infrared Saunas and Lamps. Acu-MasseurMassagers, Color therapy and Natural Vision Therapy Glasses.

Richard Schickel, Medical Intuitive Healer….BOOTH 58

RoXiva…..Booth 17 & 18

The Revitalizer-Sheri Kaplan…….BOOTH   41                                    Offering Sound & Energy, Reiki Healing, Chakra Balancing items. https://linktr.ee/sherikaplan

Sacred Geometry Amulets….BOOTH 63

Soul Acupuncture & Herbal…… BOOTH 32    Chinese Advanced Pulse Diagnosis, herbal medicine, and acupuncture offer us the possibility to address the true roots of symptoms and disease. With accurate pulse diagnosis, we’re able to prescribe custom herbal formulas tailored over a course of treatment to your specific health concerns; and our advanced acupuncture technique retrains the nervous system to end pain instantly. info@soulacupuncture.org.  718-986-3079

Tammy Adams-Intuitive Life Coach & Healer….BOOTH 20

Temple Medicine……….BOOTH 62

The Laser Pen Store…..BOOTH 60.          Laser-Me! puts Healing Energy Frequencies In The Palm Of Your Hand. The Laser-Me laser delivers a proprietary combination of over 2,200 positive, cell-optimizing frequencies that are derived from natural, organic, or herbal sources. Laser-Me frequency combinations are designed to provide multiple health-promoting, pain-relieving benefits for all living things, both plants and animals.

The Tarot Psychic Room….BOOTH 50

Upper Cervical Institute Of Fla ……….BOOTH 67

Veroniqe Designs….BOOTH 68


Wellsong Energetics…..BOOTH  44

Wellness Within….BOOTH 39