Sreekanth Gopi

sreekanth gopi

Sreekanth Gopi


Sunday, February 7, 7:50 pm – Marma Points and Chakras: 


Meditating on particular marma points in the body brings about therapeutic effects. Applying pressure to seven major marma points affects the chakras, and helps us rejuvenate. While ‘Murdhni’ point heals migraines, tensions, and stimulates memory, and concentration, ‘Hridayam’ point heals palpitations, chest infections, asthma, and regulates cardiac function. Sreekanth Gopi is a mechanical engineer, MBA, music composer, and a reverend doctorate in metaphysics. His current scientific research is on “how does meditation on marma points activates the chakras, restores bodily functions, and calms an overactive mind?”