Your Higher Self Connection and Opening the Akashic Records-lecture
Whether we are aware of it or not, humanity has been given access to the wisdom of the “Keepers of Divine Wisdom,” the Akashic Records. Learning how to intentionally and permanently access the Akashic Records allows you to know the most evolved way to handle any relationship and circumstance. Also, learn how to access your Higher Self with 100% accuracy. 

Breaking Out of the 3D Matrix into Your 5D Self-special event

The Ascension is not about you disappearing from here – as much as it is you catching up with Earth and getting into your fifth dimensional self and staying there! Find out if you have been in the fifth dimension – and prove it to yourself. Realize how you may have been inadvertently holding yourself back! Discover Dimensional shifts – and how you know if they are happening to you! Learn about Corey Goode’s dimensional shift right in front of me! What you can do to maximize the energy that is incoming to support yourself and humanity. Explore tools to help anchor you into fifth dimension. Third dimensional escapes (including but not limited to the one when you die!) What you can do to get everyone else into 5D with you. How to open the floodgates into higher dimensions and learn to avoid patterns of dysfunction that lock you into 3D.