5th Dimensional Living: Vibrating & Aligning With The 5th-12th Dimension & Beyond

Expand Your Consciousness & Actively Participate in Shifting Global Consciousness& Serving The Greater Good of Humanity. Receive Ascension Updates.Learn About The 5th Dimension, The 6th Dimension Through 12th Dimensions & Beyond. Activate Your Dormant DNA and Your Dormant Potential. Hear About Our True Galactic & Star Family Heritage and The Galactic Timeline for Humanity’s Awakening.. Align with Your God Self & The Divine Source within YOU! Understand Vibrational Energy Healing, Sacred Activations & Cellular Codes of Awakening for You & Your Animal Companions.

How Our Benevolent ET Star Family Races Are Helping Us

• Hear About Our True Galactic & Star Family Heritage and The Galactic Timeline for Humanity’s Awakening • Learn About A Contactee Experience • Learn about YOUR Star Family and how to connect with them• Receive Source Consciousness Learn About The Universal Laws and Understand How to Use The Consciousness of The Universal Laws to Assist YOU and To Help Shift Humanity • Align yourself with pure Source Consciousness in the areas of your life and Ascension.