Kat James


The Ultimate Biohack: Harnessing Leptin to Transform Your Body, Brain, Looks, & Life

Award-winning bestselling author and leptin pioneer, Kat James, shares possibly the most exciting, yet misunderstood biological phenomenon in human health, which freed and transformed her beyond recognition when she harnessed it, without guidance, four years before science discovered and gave it a name in 1994. Learn about leptin resistance, the missing key locking-in most peoples’ stubborn metabolic, hormonal, neurological, inflammatory, and other serious health, food, and even beauty issues, and how to turn it in your favor and finally transform—without willpower or self-deprivation.Her Total Transformation® Programs are the only such program recommended by the top leptin clinician in the world, as well as neurological, functional medicine, stem cell, fertility, addiction, and top dental clinics in the US and beyond. She’s been called a master of self-transformation by SELF magazine, as well as the “Jane Goodall of leptin” after she overcame her own autoimmune, liver, and eating disorders that nearly took her life. Kat has been on Today, Fox, Hallmark Channel, TBS, Good Day New York, and, PBS, in Life Extension, Glamour, and Marie Claire, among others. To learn more about James’ upcoming online or on-site Programs, visit http://www.totaltransformation.com/total_transformation_program_detail_fall.html