Imagine visiting and communicating with your loved ones, who have passed away, any time you wish! You absolutely can! Discover how you can easily be face ┬Ěto face with your Spirit Guides on the Other Side to learn valuable information about your life, your path, and your future! Learn how you can easily be healed by visiting the Other Side. Geozuwa continues to guide countless clients and students to the Other Side and back with miraculous results on every level! 


Discover techniques to guarantee lucid dreaming. Learn how to create and manifest your intentions through powerful dream control. Heal your mind, body, and Soul through lucid dreaming. You will discover all of the secrets to instantly create the change you desire in your life while you are asleep! Dream control is a perfect spring board to many metaphysical experiences including Astral travel with absolute awareness and recall! You will love learning the excitement and infinite possibilities of lucid dreaming, and flying in your sleep every night!


The Merkaba is the divine light vehicle used by Ascended Masters to travel and communicate with the higher realms.  In this workshop you will discover all of the amazing and limitless potential you can achieve with your personal Merkaba activation – Manifest your intentions, shift into alternate Realities, Heal yourself and others, Astral and Inter-dimensional Travel, Time Travel, Dream Control, Communicate with your Spirit Guides and so much more.  Geozuwa will guide you to the deepest states and the highest states of hypnosis and awareness to create, re-boot, re-charge, activate your personal Merkaba with the assistance of your Spirit Guides, and Higher Self infusing it with Pure Love Energy directly from the Source of all Creation.  You will then have the opportunity to heal, to manifest, increase your awareness, and have fun with your new and powerful Merkaba!  Easily take control of your life, effortlessly create your Reality, and have fun traveling with your updated and ultra-effective Merkaba!