•                             LONG ISLAND: JUNE 4-5, 2022

 Advanced Beauty—BOOTH  201 & 202                                                   Advanced Beauty was founded with one principal in mind – to develop and deliver safest and most effective anti-aging facial products to consumers across the globe. Our beauty spa and online store proudly offers Zero Gravity systems of LED light therapy for facial skin rejuvenation. We also have a wide variety of natural and FDA cleared solutions and creams by Celestolite. Stop by for free samples and demonstration by our professional team.

Alison Montgomery Inner Space Techniques-Booth 403

Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute-BOOTH 606

Avillion Aura Photo & Ultra Imaging-BOOTH 607                             Aura Imaging Photography Services includes: Ultra Imaging with Polaroid Photo of Heart Chakra Vibrations,Chakra Report with 2 printed Pictures. Comprehensive Aura Care package is included.Interpretation and Spiritual Readings will be available at location or online. Service by: Rev. Ingrid Jolly, DD for Avillion of Universal Insight A Non-Profit 501 (c )(3) www.avillion.org Tel. 540-636-7798

Bhavna’s-BOOTH 504

Biotekt Biological Architecture-BOOTH 207

Bodhi Bear Apothecary-BOOTH 301

Channeling & Intuitive Healing-BOOTH 105

Cleansing Concepts-BOOTH 402


Cosmic Artillary-BOOTH 401

Crystal Energies By Celina-BOOTH 602

David Young & Friends-BOOTH 106

Donna McGrath, Contact Deceased-Booth 506

F.M.’s Aromatherapy -BOOTH 601                                                         Dr. Ratan’s AROMATANTRA offers Aromatherapy Products for SKIN, HAIR, WELL-NESS, VASTU (Aura Cleanser), CHAKRA Healing Anointments, WANDS & Rare Crystals of MOLDAVITE, LARIMAR, Yellow Topaz, Watermelon Tourmaline etc. EXOTIC oils of Blue LOTUS, ROSE, JASMINE, SANDALWOOD Post Expo Workshop & Sessions on CHAKRAS HEALING with AROMATHERAPY with Lymph Drainage. web site- http://www.aromatantra.com

FunctiinaliQi Wellness Teas–BOOTH 104

Healthyline–BOOTH 503                                                         HealthyLine is a New York-based health and wellness brand producing innovative heat therapy products. Each model blends a combination of natural gemstones, far infrared rays, negative ions, pulsed electromagnetic fields, and photon light to provide chronic pain relief, detoxification, deep relaxation, and much more. Discover the perfect device for you or your business today!

Jfinity Health and Wellness -BOOTH 604

Jonathans Organic-BOOTH 507                                                                  

Kat James Total Body Transformation-BOOTH 603

Keith Seland-The Humaniverse Guide-BOOTH 502

Magnetude Jewelry–Booth-501                                                           Bio- energetic EMF protection stunningly beautiful inter- changeable genuine gemstone and crystal jewelry for men, women and fur- babies! Change your TUDE to match your attitude! Scientifically and kinesiology tested! If you use a cell phone, computer, or live on this WIFI planet, you need this! www.magnetudejewelry.com/gemgirl (718)268-6634

Marconics: THE HUMAN UPGRADE-Booth 102

Melt Massage & Therapy-Booth 404

Millennium Products Shielding Devices—Booth 307

Mystech-BOOTH 107

Psychic Solutions-Booth 405

Readings By Bella–Booth 305

Relax Far Infrared Saunas-BOOTH 407

Richard Schickel, Medical Intuitive-BOOTH 103

Tammy Adams-Intuitive Life Coach & Healer—Boooth 101

Tea Of life Health Inc.—BOOTH 203                                                       Ancient medicinal wonder herb with benefits targeting over 100 health Issues!  Products are available in tea bags and vegetarian capsules. 100% NATURAL, CAFFEINE FREE, RAW, AND GLUTEN FREE. Benefits include: Blood Pressure health, diabetic health, renal, gastrointestinal and digestive health, and many more! Ph. # 516-825-4156,  Info@theteaoflife.com

The Healing Center-BOOTH 205

The Vitality Center & L.I. Thermography-BOOTH 303

TumIric Team Flo-2SideBySide-BOOTH 304

University of Health & Spiritual Sciences-BOOTH 302

United Inner States of Freedom-BOOTH 204

Walking Tall Foot Correctors-Booth 505

Wellness Within-BOOTH 206