993.Volodymyr Karnaukh & Roberto Martocci-Auric Field Technology & Quantum Energy Healing

lecture: Saturday March 11, 11:00am  Hillsboro Rm

Auric Field Technology & Quantum Energy Healing

This lecture is a discussion and demonstration of the “Crystal” 3D Auric Field Diagnostics Technology and the“Quiet” Quantum Unity Intuitive Energy Therapy. Understand how the energy flowing through the meridians can be utilized to create a sound and 3D color model of the auric field that provides in-depth, real-time information about harmonies and disharmonies in the chakras and the energy field in order to give a comprehensive picture of the health of an individual. We will also discuss the “QUIET” energy healing modality, how the energy moves through our energy system and how combining technology with healing therapies can lead to a more comprehensive approach to healing

Volodymyr Karnaukh is a researcher of the science called Bioenergy Informatics and his knowledge of the energy information exchange in the human bio-form, allows him to have a wide range of tools for the modern diagnostics of the energy flow in the meridians, the chakras and the auric field. The “Crystal” technology he is certified in gives an advanced diagnosis of the human energetic system as it relates to holistic healing.

Roberto Martocci, who has studied and practiced extensively for 20+ years in the field of energy healing, remote viewing and mediumship, has created his own unique, channeled energy healing modality called “QUIET” (Quantum Unity Intuitive Energy Therapy), a new modality that integrates the practical, mystical, spiritual, and energy healing, knowledge and techniques that he has channeled and developed over the last two decades.