The ET Experiencer Panel 

August 21  1:00-2:10 pm EST  Room #3

The ET Experiencer Panel gathers individuals who have all levels of alien interdimensional contact. This group will talk about transformation and how to manifest the higher realms of creation.                                                                       Hosted by Alan Steinfeld and is the author of the new book Making Contact: The New Realities of Extraterrestial Existence.  The book contains original writings by the leading experts in the field of UFOs and ET experience.     Hope Fitzgerald had a spiritual awakening at the Findhorn Foundation in 1976, also received a series of visions: first as a massive 10thdimensional Infinity Wave. She is in touch with Extraterrestrial guidance and benevolent universal energies to transform pain and suffering into joy and freedom during tumultuous times (which are upon us now).    Richard Horowitz – besides being a medical doctor helping those with acute and chronic illness with a speciality in Lyme Disease, he is a writer of the new book  Starseed R/evolution, ‘The Awakening”.  It is a novel based on this extraterrestrial downloads where he suggests innovative solutions to our present climate crisis.  Marina Seren is a psychic medium, conscious channeler, experiencer, ET contactee/abductee, mother of alien/human hybrid children in the Hybrid Programs, and Secret Space Program experiencer.   Nicole Sakach is an ET Contactee and has worked with one of the top UFO investigators, Grants Cameron on a number of projects such as Consciousness & UFOs, Connecting the Phenomena and Disinformation Not DisclosureIgor Galibov – had sudden awaking of his ET connections after his spiritual opening. Now he is in touch with a variety beings from many different realms and levels of consciousness.  He holds workshop on healing, spirituality and Contact around the country and online.