Raffaele Gianfrancesco-Reclaim Your Brain

Reclaim your Brain

   Light and sound meditation is unique in the way it creates altered states of consciousness.By combining music with visual imagery, a type of psychedelic light therapy can be utilised that is profound in it’s affect. Often people let go and relax more deeply than they ever have before. The experience is incredibly engaging allowing users to enter deep trance states. This can break the chain of too much stress and allow balance to return. And by using light and sound as a drug free psychedelic experience, you may even trigger hormesis. Either alone or by combining it with other practices. By taking yourself to the edge of your comfort zone in a controlled way. And then working past that edge. In essence, learning to be in control by letting go of control. The thing that puts most people off having a psychedelic ‘trip’, is the fear of a loss of control. Ingesting a substance does not give you that control. When the control is put in your hands, you can play on that line of stress. That is one advantage of a psychedelic light experience as therapy. The benefits of which can be life changing.