Nima Farshid-BioWell & Kirlian Healer

Lecture: Sunday March 12, 11:00am, Hillsboro Rm

“Health At The Tip Of Our Fingertips”

Ten years ago, doctors gave me two weeks to live due to severe palpitations. I quit my job and started traveling the world, meeting with top holistic healers and energy workers. I learned a lot about influencing the energy body, and everyone had a solution for me. I was trying it all and was seeing results. My palpitations were far and few, but I would still get triggered. I was searching for a technology that showed me the real-time influence of energy before and after meditation and other energy work. I found the Bio-Well device in Russia based on the Kirlian Effect that scans the tip of the fingers to monitor the flow of energy. After using the information in this system to help see what was working for six months, I realized I didn’t have any more symptoms. I am now a global researcher, educator, and distributor of this technology and have created a global movement with hundreds of practitioners around the globe.