1. Mystic & Sage Daniel Clay-Harbinger of the New Era


The Age of Love & Wisdom

Mystic & Sage Daniel Clay — Harbinger of the New Era explains the essence of Astrological Ages and the time of necessary purification as each Age transitions. He will clarify the current shift in consciousness from the previous Age of Grace to the New Age Consciousness of Love & Wisdom and why this will be an especially difficult transition with many of the ancient prophecies now able to be fulfilled as described in his work The Prophecies. He will give you the tools by which you can help avert the prophesied destruction and give you the corner stones of this exciting new era of Love & Wisdom as we move from the Mechanical Advancements in the past to the Electric & Ethereal progress of this New Age where the physical will be able to connect with the non-physical as mankind moves further into this Era.

 From an attendee, “It is the sheer Power that Daniel Clay exudes. The room fills up with energy and then you’re in it. It will transform you forever and your life will be changed in a second. You become part of that energy. You feel you touched a battery; it is a magnet and your life changed.”

Come, experience Daniel Clay for yourself. Ask your questions and be Initiated into this new Consciousness.


Teaches How to Unlock Your Unlimited Potential

Building upon Saturday’s Special Event, Mystic Daniel Clay, Harbinger of the New Age, will give you the tools how you may become a point person of this New Era. You will learn how to know beyond the present; to see, feel and manipulate energies, and learn how to use intelligent energies.                                                                             Please bring your favorite piece of jewelry and he will imbue it with energy.                                                                                                    Bring a crystal or a small open geode to use while learning to feel energies. Bring a small gift or two that you would like to energize and give to friends  or family.                                                                         Bring your prayer beads, prayer shawl or meditation robe or blanket.                                                                                                         Come, be with us. Pose your questions and be Initiated into this new Consciousness.

Mystic & Sage Daniel Clay is the Harbinger Of The New Era. Daniel has the Blood Lineage of the Ancient Prophets and Spiritual Succession by Laying-on-of-Hands for thousands of years. Daniel Clay is the author of The Prophecies, the Seventh Direction, The Fables & Parables, and other works. He is a Teacher proclaimed by others as a healer and miracle worker. He has brought about the phenomena of “Manifestation” and “Bi-Location,” and even in his early childhood, miraculous healings have occurred through his touch, his prayers or mere presence. In 1997, Daniel Clay came out with his work, The Prophecies, containing prophecies for our world-at-large, as well as for each separate nation. He has only recently emerged from his seclusion, giving his teachings to raise the consciousness of mankind by proclaiming Love and the efficacy of the same, applied in Wisdom.

Daniel Clay uses the Q & A format to better fill the needs of the individual, followed by Teachings for all who are present. He welcomes you at his two Special Events and urges you to bring your questions with you.