Kimberly Schipke

Saturday August 21 5:00-5:30pm EST: MAIN RM

How Green Light Laser Heals & Balances the Body’s Biofield.   

Dinshah Ghadiali developed SpectroChromeMetry in the 1920s using light to heal the body in a gentle yet effective way. The book “Let There Be Light” explains how sessions began with The SpectroChrome Laser uses the balancing aspect of green light to help bring balance to not only the physical body but also the body’s electromagnetic response to emotional memories. Kimberly is the chief scientist at the Biofield Light Imaging and has developed the green SpectroChrome Laser which utilizes coherent green light with the coherent output of a laser in the biofield to help bring balance. and will be sharing her tools to provide a biofield experience with the latest techniques .