Lecture: Sunday June 5    4:00pm    Salon C

The Key to Divine Evolution

We are this key & to be effective is best expressed as a fearless Agent of Conscious Evolution. This is more easily achieved by creating a relationship with our innermost being, our body of “living light” & its golden core essence, our soul. Learning to sense and feel from deep within will sharpen observation skills. To attain this we need to be its expression in the way we live our daily life and our Earth will help us change this world magically. Let’s practice a little by aligning into the core of our Celestial Lifestream and complete it with a cleansing and empowering “Star Alignment”.       (Handouts will be provided)

Rev. Ingrid Jolly, DD, founder and CEO of Avillion of Universal Insight, has worked with the world of spirit since 1969. She studied Tibetan Buddhism in England and Nepal and holds a Doctorate of Divinity (UK), is an ordained Minister. Through her work in helping to establish the first Tibetan Meditation Center in Washington, DC with a resident Lama, she was led to study Shamanism and Native American Spirituality from Elders of their specific cultures. She is a registered Agent of Conscious Evolution, certified in various healing modalities. In 2014 she completed advance training in Universal Shamanism.She provides Aura Photography with Ultra Imaging as a realistic starting point to inspire Lightbody awareness within a world of highly intensified vibrations.