Greg Good-Vibrational Frequency Healing

Lecture: Sunday, March 12, 2:00pm Key Largo Rm

Vibrational Frequency Healing

Greg Good with Green Mantis Wellness will be discussing and demonstrating healing frequency energy tools by Vibranz such as red laser light Human Blueprint Frequency pens, healing energy pendants, and infused Human Blueprint Frequency personal care products.  It has been discovered that the cells in the cells of the body vibrate at various frequencies depending on their state of health.  We will also demonstrate how nanocrystal energy products provide vibrational negative ion energy that balances the energy fields, the chakras of the body, and their healing benefits.  We will also sample some amazing channeled essential oils blends by Maureen St. Germain, these oils have very specific properties for healing the most important energies of the emotional body’s energy field where many believe most diseases originate. For the past 30 years, Greg Good a student of the metaphysical realm, quantum physics universe and all things holistic for the body.  He is also a past life healing hypnosis therapist trained by Dolores Cannon since 2010.