David Young-Double Flute Meditation, Lecture & Concert

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  Double Flute Meditation And Lecture

   Experience the healing, heavenly frequencies that will take your inner work to a higher level.  Be prepared to experience your unexpected next step spiritually as your third eye is opened and you are lifted above and beyond your logical mind into the higher worlds of pure spirit. If you see something you didn’t expect to see then you can be sure it wasn’t your imagination…   David Young is one of the worlds most renowned flute players who has recorded 67 albums, sold 1,000,000 CDs, wrote four books, had two Grammy Nominations and 25,000,000 streams. He presented over 500 of his signature meditation workshops, “A Portal Between Heaven and Earth” before 2020 where 8,000 attendees shared their experiences with one of their loved ones or an Archangel, a Goddess or an Ascended Master.

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