2.Dannion Brinkley-What Dying Teaches You About Living

LECTURE: Saturday March 11, 10:00am Key Largo Rm

The Real Reason & Purpose For Being On Earth  – What Dying Teaches You About Living

Dannion will draw from 45 years of hospice work.  – Surviving and being struck by lighting twice, open heart surgery, brain surgery and a 2nd open heart surgery, plus having to be clinically resuscitated twice.

Having two death experiences and third near death experiences,  Dannion will give a broad in-depth understanding of why we were chosen and why we chose to be apart of this adventure called life. Don’t miss this presentation of insightful perspective, heart opening and mind expanding of who we really are and why we are here.

SPECIAL EVENT: Sunday March 12, 4:00pm Everglades Rm

The Necessity of Seeing Yourself as a Light Bearer

  As foretold in Dannion’s best seller “Saved by the Light, Chapter 5 box 12, this presentation is a necessity as the world is changing so rapidly, we have no choice but to take a deep, spiritual view of our life.                                                                                                      Dannion will rock your world with the following deep insights:  Looking at life from a spiritual point of view, How to put difficult events into perspective in your life, How to view anxiety from a spiritual point of view, The spiritual view or value of suicide and why it should be avoided, How our actions in this life empower our actions in the next life, and  How to connect with a departed loved one.                                        Don’t miss some light-hearted, light-bearing moments with Dannion!  Web Site:  https://lightstreamers.com/dannion-brinkley

Dannion Brinkley is a NY Times author of the international best-selling book series, Saved by the Light, At Peace in the Light, and The Secrets of the Light. Being struck by lightning in 1975, Dannion was listed as clinically dead for 28 minutes.  His near-death experience has recalibrated the way he would live his life: from a self-absorbed bully to helping others. His books have been translated into 22 languages, offering an informative view on the death protocols: the immersive panoramic life review, the seeds of the dark, enigmatic blue-grey place and the prophetic boxes of knowledge.  Dannion’s life’s experiences have taught him that no one dies and every breath matters. In the movie of the book Dannion is palyed bt Eric Roberts