Ancha Nitya

Saturday  October 23    7:30p-8:15pm    Sutton Rm  (Virtual)

Energy Healing IS part of our Consciousness EVOLUTION !

Ancha B Nitya was blessed  to experience many spontaneous healings in her youth, which at that time, isolated her from “normal people”. This seeming curse, was actually a blessing in disguise, as she delved into the astonishing experiences which at that time were considered impossible.Her single focus attracted more and more information forth into her own life about the endless possibilities, we all hold within us. As time passed she attracted cutting edge technologies  which seem to serve as  the bridge for people who are needing a hand  to step into their innate powers. She is inviting you to explore & open up to the opportunity we all need in taking our self-care into our own hands, especially in these times.