Those of you that listen to my hugely popular #1 rated show, Strange Universe Radio, on www.FreedomSlips com Monday through Friday from 6pm to 8pm EST, or have seen me speak live and in person at the NEWLIFE EXPO over the years, have heard me predict that Hilary Rodham Clinton would “never, ever, never, never, EVER be president of the United States”. That Donald Trump would win the election though he was down by as much as 10 points in the “Fake” media polls. Also that we would see the stock market hit 20,000, which it did earlier today as I write (January 25, 2017). We are now looking at a vast fresh and clean political landscape that for the first time in nearly 40 years does NOT have a BUSH or a CLINTON in it.

But as far back as 1994 when I predicted the attacks on Washington DC and New York City in 2001, then later in 1998 predicting the media would blame Osama Bin Laden for the Military/Industrial Complex 9-11 inside job, and that George W. Bush would be SELECTED President, I said there would be another great Civil War in this country, and it looks like we are on the verge of it now.

Are we more divided as a nation than we have ever been since just before the Southern War for Independence, inaccurately called “The Civil War”? Or are we not as divided as the Mass Media wants you to think? Remember that even the most absurd and ridiculous concerns of the so-called “Left” are enormously amplified by their complete and total control of the Establishment Media, run by only six men manipulating the 25,000 forms of communication that propagandize every thing you see, hear and read everyday. The Internet and the Alternative Media, with radio shows like mine, are all that save you from their total domination of information with the truth!

The yearning for freedom, independence, and the release from the tyrannical totalitarian control of The New World Order is a siren call being heard around the world. With the British BREXIT VOTE, the ascendance of Trump, and coming rule of Marine Le Pen and her National Front in France are all after effects of the great 2012 Galactic alignment. For the first time in 26,000 years, a thick dark veil of unconsciousness has been lifted off the right side of our glorious brains, releasing our intuition, our oneness with the Universal Mind and our access to QUANTUM TIME, with all of time and space, all there, all at once, buried in our noggins.

However, even the heavens are showing grand conflict and division, as the astrology for America in the next few months truly dividing the United States in half. Tem Tarritar of The MOUNTAIN ASROLOGER magazine did charts for the next two coming historic solar eclipses coming on February 26th and August 21st of 2017.

Solar eclipses [New Moon] correlate with major endings and new beginnings, usually related to the meaning of the [natal] astrological house in which they fall.

The February 26 solar eclipse at 8° Pisces cast for San Francisco (all charts use the moment of eclipse maximum) features a dramatic and volatile Mars – Uranus – Eris – injunction at 22° Aries all opposing Jupiter at 22° Libra. At this time we are looking at a huge fight over not only ONE, but also possibly TWO Supreme Court nominations, as I see what looks like a death or resignation of another justice around this time. You will also see riots across the nation, and terrorism and an explosive event as the opposition has a 45°/135° relationship with the eclipse point of Pluto in Capricorn and Vesta in Cancer that complete a cardinal Grand Cross bringing sudden changes, chaotic actions and death events Jupiterian people like judges and politicians, business executives or institutions.

The eclipse itself is conjunct oceanic Neptune so whatever the “Sea Change” is it will involve massive flooding and pollution. We must use this crisis to propel our spiritual/artistic growth forward to make the best of it.

Powerful new technologies are about to be advanced as Trump orders DARPA to open its files and release incredible energy tech, including power cells that run on silver and hydrogen that will tap into DARK MATTER!

The monumental August 21, 2017 total solar eclipse in the Royal sign of Leo cast for Washington DC, crosses the entire width of the US. Widespread changes in leadership are indicated including monarchs, [Death of the Queen of England. Charles being passed over for William) partly due to the close trine from the eclipse point at 28° Leo to Uranus and Aries. One can easily imagine Trump’s short honeymoon being over and the country embroiled in political battles if not riots across the nation, but surely impeachment hearings can’t start this soon – can they?

More climate extremes affecting agriculture, food supplies or other basic human needs. The Eclipse path itself travels through mostly “RED STATES” but symbolically may be pointing to an increasing polarization of the US population. The last time we saw a “mother” eclipse like August 21st occurred on January 4, 1630, 910 days before the first colonial Constitution in Hartford, Connecticut. So Aug. 21st will be some kind of “NEW BEGINNING” for all of North America.

August 21st will directly affect Silicon Valley, the Oakland East Bay and Sacramento in California with what could be shattering earthquakes within 60 days.

It will also bring POSITIVE CHANGE for Syria, as Jupiter brings improvement to that horrific situation and an end to that bloody CIVIL WAR. Changes are coming, and please remember that the only real truth and change is within our own hearts.

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