The planet Uranus in Aries will square Pluto in Capricorn (exact) seven times between 2012 and March 2015. Squares are bad. Trines are good. Squares create a palpable, measureable force and tension between the planets which affects us in subtle but powerful ways here on Earth. Trines brings the forces of the Cosmos into a time/space of Harmony, love and power. We may not see many of those in the next few years, but there are squares aplenty

Squares of the major outer planets also bring us into times of massive upheaval and social change. There were Five squares of Uranus and Pluto between 1930 and 1933. In that time we saw the collapse of the stock market and then the rest of the financial system. The election of a supreme socialist in the form of FDR, the bankruptcy of the corporation we call The United States, the selling into bondage and slavery every man woman and child in the USA over to a foreign consortium of banks called The Federal Reserve, where we were all given up as collateral for that bankruptcy, the end of legal “de facto” money and the wholesale confiscation of gold and silver. This period began one of the worst financial eras in our history that we call the Depression. At that time over 40% of America was rural and still lived on farms, and yet, still, nearly seven million people across the Union died of starvation. The next economic collapse that is coming, American’s will not be anywhere near as well prepared and not nearly so civil. One neighborhood in Louisiana didn’t get its food stamps for a week and burned down a Wal-Mart.

In the 1960s there were three Uranus/Pluto squares that coincided with the deaths of JFK, MLK and RFK, riots in the streets, escalation in Viet Nam and the very beginning of the decline of Western Civilization with the rise of the radical hippie and drug culture.

Coming at us are there more and they will be the very worst yet. April 21-23, 2014, December 15, 2014 and March 17, 2015. The April date coincides with what is known as a Grand Cross and begins in earnest with the crucifixion of America.

Thanks to radio shows like mine,, which airs from 6pm to 8pm Eastern time, enough people began to tune in to the truth of what is going on in the world and Tune Out the M.S.M. – Main Stream Media, which trotted out the same old dog and pony show (and I love dogs and ponies!) that they used in Iraq to try to hoodwink and con the Sheeple of America into another bloody, useless war in Syria. But even sheep can smell a wolf downwind, and the whole world is beginning to wake up and smell what a wolf Barry Sotoro, er, Harrison J. Bonnell, er, I mean, Barack Obama (or whatever he is calling himself this week!) is. So the Prizzie of the United Stezzie could not sell one more load to lead us into war. This is the radical, revolutionary side of Uranus in Aries. We are not only no falling for it anymore, but will begin to act with armed revolt.

But the presence of Assad and Vladimir Putin are still very troubling in the long term. After all, it was during the previous occurrence of the 79-year Mercury/Mars synodic return cycle to the 1776 chart of the formation of the US (the same cycle occurring again this year) that Hitler first came to power, and we eventually had to deal with him personally during our national Uranus return to its 1776 natal placement in Gemini.

But after April 21-23, 2014, nothing in America will be the same. But there are so many straws that it is hard to tell which exact one breaks the camel’s back!


Remote Viewing classes I taught for several years in a row at the NEWLIFE EXPO from 1995 to 1997 I did a certain exercise where I took my students into the future. I asked them all to look at New York City in the year 2015. What they saw was remarkable in that it was either a shared vision, or a group hallucionation. None of them saw the World Trade Centers, and they saw large sections of the city flooded and underwater, including Flooded Subways and a Waterfall in the whole where the WTCs used to be. A slow evacuation had occurred and New York City just became progressively unliveable.

Here is why your city will flood. Since 1945 magnetic north had been marching inexorably north towards True North or the nodal axis point of the Earth. Due to massive atomic, hydrogen and cobalt bomb testing world-wide this has knocked the planet off its axis and untethered magnetic north from the core of the earth. The Rand Corp. and the US Military believed that when True and Mag North met in 2012 to 2016 we would see a polar or electromagnetic shift of the Earth’s poles.

In December, 2009, remarkably and inexplicably magnetic north took a hard right turn and started marching toward Siberia. It has now moved nearly 1,200 KM into the Siberian sea. But this has also altered the course of the Siberian or Polar Express. Far from being a train filled with presents from a Christmas story, this is blasts of ice cold air that used to come over the pole and blast the mid-west. Well NOW that “Polar Vortex” is coming over the poles slamming into the East Coast.

Meanwhile, after the Deep Water Horizon dumped millions of gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico, British Petroleum and the US Govt., instead of letting the oil sit on the surface, used a chemical called Cor-Exit to sink it to the ocean floor. But this desalynated all the water, and it disrupted and virtually stopped the flow of the warm water Gulf Stream called the Atlantic Conveyor. This warm water comes up from South America, through the Gulf, around Florida and up the East Coast to eventually dump warmth on Europe. Now the warm water and the warm air that comes with it is bearly getting up as high as the Carolinas, and it is slamming into the Siberian Express and creating The Perfect Storm…but this will now be year, after year, after year. (See the movie The Day After Tommorrow!)

Be warned! Stay warm! Sean David Morton will be speaking at the NEWLIFW EXPO in New York City, March 21-23. For more information, visit