I have been participating in the New Life Expo for a few years now, in person as well as virtually. It has been a joy to connect with such knowledgeable, kind, considerate, and helpful people. I have spoken personally in my own venue and on the nutrition panel. I find it uplifting, inspirational, and educational. I always come away from the event with new knowledge, new connections, and new friends. I highly recommend Mark Becker and his New Life Expo. He is a reliable, professional, generous, kind, considerate, and talented person. I have never been anything but glad that I was a participant in the Expo.

Nancy Addison

Organic Healthy Life

Dear Mark and staffs of NEW LIFE EXPO, Thank you for having virtual NEW LIFE EXPO so I could join from Japan. I really enjoyed the whole event especially Light Language Panel with new people and pioneers because I'm a big fan of Judi Satori. I joined NEW LIFE EXPO NY in 2016. I met Starr Fuentes there and my life was completely changed. Soon after, I changed my career and started teaching as a spiritual teacher .I can't thank you enough that you continue this beautiful work for decades. I would happy if I could join the event as a speaker someday.

Mikasa Kuroiwa.

Unarius has a lot to say about the mission of Nikola Tesla so we appreciate the opportunity to talk about the future of Tesla high-frequency technology. Mark Becker is a wonderful host and seems to be in-tune with Earth's positive future.

David Reynolds

Speaker for the Unarius Academy of Science

I’ve been part of many health and healing expos and summits. Speaking from my own experience, I’ve noticed something about the overall vibe of NewLife Expo that really energized and inspired my presentation. I feel that with other presenters as well. Thank you, Mark, for organizing such a wonderfully informative, entertaining and uplifting program.

Steven Halpern

Grammy nominated recording artist, founding father of New Age music

My experience with New Life Virtual Exposition was one of complete grace. Mark Becker has afforded myself and others the opportunity to be heard, seen and embraced on a platform that connects widely throughout the world and communities of healing throughout . I was able to not only channel forth the wisdom and guidance of Source for the teaching of others but was able to offer many healing sessions thereafter creating beautiful connections. It was my honor to be a part of the New Life VIrtual Exposition and I look forward to creating connection within this beautiful arena again

Elizabeth McCartney

The Soul Synergy