The Power of Anti-Aging – Natural Solutions to Younger, Energetic, Healthier & More Beautiful You!   Plant based approach to stopping Fatigue, Hot Flash, Osteoporosis, Insomnia & Gorgeous Skin! (Saturday Lecture)

NEWSBREAK!! Are you one of HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS Falling victim to the SYMPTOMS OF AGING? Losing Your Hair, Experiencing Brain Fog or Suffering From Severe Fatigue? Prof. Dr. Tai will uncover the truth of aging and reveals the Secrets that your Doctor Won’t Tell You! Growing older shouldn’t cost your vitality, youth or lust for life! Dr. Tai helps you TAKE CHARGE by examining Scientific Research and applying Simple All-Natural Solutions to turn back the clock on Aging.

Everything you want to know about Thyroid & Adrenal Fatigue with Simple Plant-Based Treatment. Reverse Exhaustion, Brain Fog, Enhance Memory, Weight Loss & Super Younger You! (Sunday’s Lecture)

Prof. Dr. Paul Ling Tai will guide you to discover the extreme damaging and long-lasting effects of Adrenal Fatigue and Stress on the human body. Dr. Tai explains how they contribute to a multitude of other health conditions while also demonstrating a practical and all-natural plant based protocol for reversing hypothyroid, alleviating stress and wiping out Adrenal Fatigue.