Disease Is Never A Mistake-A Free Workshop

Disease is your body sending signals to your brain; then it’s your brain trying to talk to you, but you haven’t wanted to listen; it starts as a whisper and by the time it’s diagnosed as a disease, it has become a screeching scream. Come to Dr. Jane G. Goldberg’s workshop and learn about how all diseases are manifestations of the body’s self-correction mechanisms. When you understand that the body is always your friend, is always doing its best to help you continue to survive in the healthiest way possible, you will begin a re-formulation of your ailments and conditions. This understanding invariably leads to a path toward cure. Dr. Goldberg is a 50-year practicing psychoanalyst, the owner of La Casa Spa and Wellness New York, and La Casa Spa and Wellness Puerto Rico. She is the author of 8 books.


Radiation Hoopla

Radiation kills; Radiation cures. Learn the difference and how to apply a little-known technology for better health, more vigor, increased fertility, and longer life)All radiation is not created equal. It has a dualistic nature. High level radiation, as in x-rays and nuclear blasts, is extremely toxic, destroys tissue, creates illness and shortens life. Low-level radiation works homeopathically following the principal of hormesis: minute doses have a stimulating, healing effect.  Learn how to use this information for reversing disease as well as for anti-aging.