Enhancing Happiness And Overcoming Depression, Anxiety, Loneliness And Insecurity

I’m frequently asked what is the key to health. You might think it’s a quality plant-based diet; good supplementation, appropriate ways of dealing with stress, such as mindful meditation, prayer, yoga, and an exercise regime of between 200 to 300 minutes per week combining aerobic and resistance and intensive training. Examining my home and work environment to see if there’s any common danders, yeasts, molds, and chemical exposures. All of that would be correct, but in and of itself, that does not make you healthy. The foundation of health is happiness. Happiness is not an object that you purchase. Happiness is a state of consciousness that says you are enough to be enough every day of your life. My discussion will take you step by step in how to overcome depression, anxiety, loneliness, apathy, and anger.