Awakening Spirit

If you’re on a spiritual path, and still being pulled into life’s drama, then it’s time for a shift in perspective. Let us take you on a journey that will show you how to heal and release yourself from the struggle of life, and embrace your Spirit’s natural flow. In her pursuit to life’s most intriguing questions, Envita Rose found the key to unlock unconditional love through our cosmic parents. Drew Grossmann uses his energetic healing abilities to teach and expand awareness, making energy work easily accessible to all.

Meet Your Cosmic Parents: Harmony for the Soul-Free Workshop

We are all Divine Children. Before we embraced our human form, we were, and we are Spiritual Beings. In our human form we have encountered pain and difficulties, not fully understanding our purpose. We came here to experience life, to feel emotions and to learn. During our experiences we seek love, support and acceptance, often looking in the wrong places. The thing is, it is all within you and always has been… Meet the sources where your soul spark was created, your Spirit/Comic Parents. Envita Rose invites you to join her 2hour Workshop where you will connect wholeheartedly and receive a Sacred Message from them, of unconditional love, support and acceptance. Knowing you are connected to your Spirit/Cosmic Parents, will allow you to be at ease, as you are blessed with the warm embrace of unconditional love and support, which we all seek.

Where It All Began: Words of Light-Monday Special 3 hour event

Our soul spark comes from an endless, boundless and distance place…  When we incarnate, our soul does not entirely descend, and part of it remains in the spiritual planes. There are also other parts of the soul, which become split through Significant Emotional Experiences (SEE), which we face in our human existence. This causing us to feel disconnected, lost and unsettled in our mind and body at times.

Join us for special 3hour Workshop designed especially for the NewLife Expo, where Envita Rose will share a Sacred Message taking you back to where it all began, to unify and harmonize all the aspects of your soul. She will show you, how you are able to collect all of the split entities of your soul from the SEE, allowing them to integrate within your mental body- where your free will is, within your emotional body- where your feelings are, within your physical body- where your true qualities are and within your spiritual body- where the true connection to the Spirit/Cosmos/Source is. Also releasing all of the aspects that no longer serve you or your greater good. As a result of this, your soul will be in perfect union with your mind, body and spirit. Connecting to the channel of light and thus opening a passage to the source energy allowing the various aspects to flow into your world.