History of Life

LECTURE Saturday 1pm room 2A

The history of life spans from the beginning to our current understanding of how people lived, what they consumed and the way that we can all thrive.  For more than 60 years, Hippocrates Health Institute, that Brian Clement has directed since 1980, has utilized lifestyle in the conquest of disease and premature aging.  Hundreds of thousands have attended their life transformation program and many achieved miraculous results by adapting man’s original diet.  Clement will reveal the deep knowledge via clinical research how you can achieve complete health and longevity.


Sugar, the Kiss of Death

LECTURE Sunday 1pm room 2A

Sugar is the most additive substance
known to man. Recent research
revealed that all forms are 20 times
more addictive then cocaine. This substance
feeds viruses, bacteria, mold,
yeast, fungus, low and high blood sugar
and yes; even cancer! Clement’s book Sweet Disease will
be presented in an enthralling, revealing and eye opening
presentation. Hippocrates Health Institute, the center he
has directed since 1980, has researched the effect that
sugar has on aging and illness and Clement will reveal the
shocking truth about this nemesis to life..