Ascension And You Panel with Judy Satori, Jody Serota, Maryanne Savino

Ascension could be defined as the divinely orchestrated expansion into more of the true authenticity and light of the soul, while becoming “remade anew” as a physical being.  It is not about going up, or going anywhere.  Ascension is the eternal, soul-self energy part of us, merging with our physical human self, so that our authentic soul light can shine forth…through the body…through how we think and act in the world… and in what we can create as human God-Creators.  The Ascension process has barely begun. It is expected that Ascension changes will accelerate in the 13 years from 2020 – 2033.  

 During this powerful window of Ascension transformation, you will be triggered to “remember” more of your expanded soul truth.  Your heart energy, the portal to being able to take in and assimilate Ascension frequencies, will open.  Potential held within your soul DNA memory will be activated to express.  

 THE DIVINE RIGHT TIME ON EARTH IS NOW.  Are you ready for Ascension?  Don’t miss hearing  and how Ascension will affect YOU, both now and in the years ahead. You will also benefit from experiential processes at this event.