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10:00- Mark BeckerOpening Announcements, Introductions  

         Yogiman Mark Becker is the founder of NEWLIFE EXPO &  NEWLIFE Magazine , Yoga Expert (opened the first yoga center in NYC in 1975) and Master Herbalist.  

10:30George Love Awaken w/ Qi Sing Dance & Drum For Limbic System 

                     You will learn how your Limbic system works and a simple method of creating the emotional foundation of I AM Safe, I AM Warm, I AM Full, I AM Sexy and I LOVE myself. Have fun with Dr. Love’s Qi Dance    Meridian flow ,Morning routine Reverse Aging Facial and meridian drumming, Evening routine lower Body drumming,     Organ and Endocrine drumming and   Taichi Pole Dance. 


11:05- Sreekanth GopiMarma Points and Chakras  

             Meditating on particular marma points in the body brings about therapeutic effects. Applying pressure to seven major marma points affects the chakras, and helps us rejuvenate. While ‘Murdhni’ point heals migraines, tensions, and stimulates memory, and concentration, ‘Hridayam’ point heals palpitations, chest infections, asthma, and regulates cardiac function. Sreekanth Gopi is a mechanical engineer, MBA, music composer, and a reverend doctorate in metaphysics. His current scientific research is on “how does meditation on marma points activates the chakras, restores bodily functions, and calms an overactive mind?” 


11:40- Joanfrances Boyle– Past Life –  The Ultimate Effects Positive and Negative On Our Consciousness 

         Joanfrancis , The Scottish Seer, is a past Life Surrogacy Reveal Expert for 31 years and a Clinical Hypnotherapist. Joan Francis will explain the cause and effects of holding on to Negative Entanglements of previous timelines i.e., past incarnations, parallel existences, even future lives. Plus, the Karmic effects on the consciousness of such a release upon this life’s timeline. Ultimately, creating NEW Positive thoughts, NEW emotional calmness, NEW acceptance of Physical image and a whole NEW perspective of LIFE. Creating NEW LIFE Experiences 

12:15– Dr. Robert Young – A Second Thought Concerning Viruses & Vaccines 

                       Learn the Answers To Some Very Important Questions That Will Change Your Life And Save Your Life And Those Who You Love And Care About. 


12:50Dannion Brinkley–  What Dying  Teaches You About Living 

                 Dannion, The Subject Of The Movie “Saved By The Light” Will Draw From His 3 Near-Death Experiences And 40 Years As A Hospice Volunteer. On October 14th, 2018 Dannion Had His Second Open-Heart Surgery, His Fourth Near Death Experience And 2 Clinical Resuscitations, But He Is Reminded That Each Of Us Was Chosen And We Choose To Come Here At This Time In History. Dannion Expands On The 4 Rules Of Reality Giving You Insights Into The True Meaning Of Life. 

1:25– Dr. Sha- Learn Powerful Practices to Boost Your Immunity, Vitality, Energy, & Stamina 

                        Join Dr.  Master Sha to learn ancient wisdom and powerful practices at this time when we all need to boost our immunity more than ever.  Through understanding how to align soul, heart, mind, and body, everyone can connect with their self-healing abilities to reduce stress and have more stamina and vitality.  Master Sha will take participants into a healing field of unconditional love that connects with Oneness and a high frequency and vibration that calms and reenergizes our entire systems. Master Zhi Gang Sha is a Tao Grand Master, healer, teacher, and author of 25 books, including 11 New York Timesbestsellers. He has an MD in Western medicine from China and is also a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture.He is a grand master of several Asian arts and was named Qigong Master of the Year at the Fifth World Congress on Qigong. 

1:30 Rm # 2: STRANGE UNIVERSE PANEL w/ Dannion Brinkley, Nathan Rosenblum, Marc Brinkerhoff, Gail Thackray , Jill Dahne, Kimberly Meredith (one Hr) 



2:00Phil Wilson – Healing Power & Spiritual Benefits of Far Infrared Saunas   

       “Absorbable Far Infrared Light” (4 – 14 Microns) Is A Tiny Band Of Light From The Sun That Is Absorbed By Our Bodies. It Was Discovered About 35 Years Ago. A Man Can Absorb This Incredible Healing Energy Which Pulsates His Water Molecules, Increases His Core Temperature, And Promotes Extraordinary Health. Phillip Wilson Has Been Exploring The Inner Worlds, Mathematics And Communication For 55 Years, Recently Making Many Discoveries About Far Infrared Healing Light. Phillip Owns Momentum98.Com Health Store, In Columbus, OH. 

2:35– Gail ThackrayRemove Cords Blocking Love, Health, Abundance & Disease 

               We Create Negative Cords And Energy Misalignments Which Literally Block The Flow Of Love And Money Towards Us And Can Even Cause Physical Ailments. Gail Thackray Is A Psychic Intuitive Who Can See These Energetic Blocks And Show You How To Release Them And Stop Then From Re-Forming. Gail Will Show You Exactly How To Locate These  Quickly And Shift Them Immediately For Yourself And Others. People Often Experience “Miraculous” Shifts That Completely Change Their Lives. 

3:10– Jill DahneLove & Relationships 

              Listed As The #1 Love Psychic In America, Jill Wants To Get America Back On Track With Relationships. Most People Want To Have A Significant Other, But Do They Know What They Are Really Seeking? Online Dating:The Pros, The Cons And Why More People Are Turning To It. Soul Mates: What Do You Really Know About Them And Do They Exist? Share Some Of My Secrets In Finding True Love. Jill Will Answer Audience Questions And Give Insights To Their Current Relationship. 



3:35 -NUTRITION PANEL w/ Dr. Robert Young, Dr. Joel Wallach, Dr. Nick Delgado, Nancy Addison, Kat James (One Hr) 



3:45John GrayGender Diversity: Nurture supporting Nature (45 min) 

           The unique ways that each gender deals with stress, how the stress hormones harm our health and complicate our ability to relate to one another, the important role of ‘super foods’ and good nutrition in replenishing hormones, how balancing our blood sugar is intricately connected to balancing our hormones and how achieving hormonal balance will not only improve our relationships but give us the strength and energy to cope with the challenges of our modern lifestyles. 



4:35– Steven HalpernEntrain Your Brain, Tune Your Chakras, Balance your Biofield. 

           The Maestro Of Mindful Meditation Music Will Show You How To Maximize Benefits Of Sound Healing For Physical And Spiritual Well-Being.  Supporting Immune System Function Is Essential In COVID-19 Reality.  Understand Brainwave Entrainment (DEEP ALPHA), CHAKRA SUITE, Subliminal Affirmations, Crystal Bowls, OM Chanting, Drum Medicine & Beyond.    STEVEN HALPERN Is A Grammy® Nominated, Billboard Charting, Multi-Platinum Selling Recording Artist,  Founding Father Of New Age Music, And Pioneering Sound Healer.  NEW Releases: OCEAN Of BLISS And CANNABIS DREAMS.   www.Stevenhalpernmusic.Com   


4:35: (Rm # 2): UFO Panel w Alan Steinfeld / Marc Brinkerhoff, Robert Morningstar, Tracey Ash,  


5:10Michele Howe Clarke – The Secret of Magic Alchemy Manifestation 

                  Thriving through disfiguring life-threatening head/neck cancer broke the world of Magic Alchemy Manifestation wide open.  I had to harness all the best luminescence practices to live. Not only did I live, my friends, I learned to create miracles.  And that is what I want to share with you in Meet Super Y.O.U.!  I am Michele Howe Clarke, MBA, TEDx speaker, bestselling author. Most importantly, Maven,  I stand for your life s.u.c.c.e.s.s..  I am your Thrive Guide into the flow of your Divine Design Shine. Let’s Go!  Free Gift for Y.O.U. 


5:45- Katie Moyer- How Cannabis supports your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being 

             Her efforts to legalize hemp began in 2007 when she drafted the first version of Kentucky’s hemp legislation. As a result of her efforts educating and lobbying across the state, Katie was appointed to the Kentucky Industrial Hemp Commission. When hemp became legal under the Farm Bill of 2014, Katie grew the first legal, privately owned plot: KENTUCKY Hemp Works and creates primo CBD. Katie currently sits on the Kentucky Industrial Hemp Advisory Board where she advises the state government as a hemp producer and helps farmers diversify crops. 

6:20– Julian Michael– Optimize Your Life Purposes In 2021 With Numerology 

                 KNOW how your Name, Birthdate holds secrets, treasures of your Soul’s Purpose. Receive very important tools to Create, Produce, Prosper in this Epoch Year. 

JULIAN MICHAEL is a Numerologist of 40 years, Past Life Hypnotherapist 30 years, Author,
Global Teacher has appeared on TV networks including Night Line, Fox, numerous radio shows, lectured and taught at different Conferences, Expos, the United Nations and at Celebrity Parties.CONNECT with him at 

7:55-.David Reynolds & Kevin Kennedy– Tesla Technology: A Continuum of Atlantean Science (45 min) 

           The Atlanteans knew that we live in an electric universe; consequently, they were able to harness fourth-dimensional, cosmic energy to generate unlimited, nonpolluting, wireless electrical power. Tesla technology, as a continuum of Atlantean science, could be developed to provide a proliferation of new technologies based on high-frequency resonance. These new technologies would end our dependence on fossil fuels and nuclear power, and usher in a new age of power generation that is in harmony with the universe! Watch a live Tesla coil demonstration and explore how Nikola Tesla’s vision, from over 120 years ago, can become a reality. David and Kevin, teachers/speakers for the Unarius Educational Foundation, have given numerous lectures and interviews on Tesla technology and inter-dimensional physics. 

8:45-Closing Ceremony 




10:00-Mark Becker: Opening Announcements, Introductions   

             Yogiman Mark Becker is the founder of NEWLIFE EXPO &  NEWLIFE Magazine , Yoga Expert (opened the first yoga center in NYC in 1975) and Master Herbalist.  


10:30– Nancy AddisonThoughts & Suggestions On Covid-19 Simple Steps To Maintain Health 

        Best-selling author, radio host, nutritionist, health counselor, chef and speaker Nancy shatters the stereotype about healthy eating, This renegade-nutritionist cuts through the myths about health and nutrition. Learn  the straight and honest truth how to address your health regimen for covid-19. Her six award winning books include “Diabetes and your diet”, “How to be a Healthy Vegetarian”, “and “Raising Healthy Children.” 


11:05– Mitchell RabinA Holistic Approach to Covid & The Economy 

            Mitchell Rabin, life-coach, holistic health practitioner, Host of the popular A Better World Radio & TV shows, speaks on holistic approaches to the issues of Covid & Re-igniting the Economy.  Both subjects have been in heated debate for nearly a year and much confusion, mis-information and dis-information.  Here Mitchell seeks to inform, educate and inspire toward actions that will help you and for you to be part of the solution. 


11:40– Lori Spagna– Ascending From 3rd Dimensional inro The New 5th Dimension 

             Lori  will address: The Role of Our Dormant DNA in The Ascension Process, The Sacred Key Codes and Star Code Markings in Our Dormant DNA, How Our DNA Will Protect Us from ALL Viruses, The Role of The Animals in The Ascension Process, The Role of The Crystals and The Crystalline Kingdom in The Ascension Process. Lori is a Best Selling Author, Speaker, Spiritual Catalyst, Ascension Guide, Multi-Dimensional Channel, Intuitive, Animal Communicator, Energy Healer, Visionary, Lightworker and Starseed who has transformed the lives of thousands of humans and animals via her Channeled Ascension Guidance, Intuition, Sacred Energy Healing, Dowsing,  Animal Communication and Telepathy.   She provides Ascension Activations and Sacred Key Code Activations for humans and animals.  


    12:00-Psychic/ Vibrational Healing Panel w. Mitchell Rabin, Peter Roth, Jill Dahne, Jill Jackson, Joanfrancis Boyle, Donna McGrath,  


12:15 – Dr. Josh Siegel- Are You Evolving Or Revolving 

              Dr. Joshua Siegel’s Life Mission Is To Inspire And Guide People To Fulfill Their Own Extraordinary Lives.  In 2012 Dr. Siegel Brought A Groundbreaking Wellness And Weight Loss Program, The Revitalife Wellness And Weight Loss Program, To His Practice.  He Became His Own Incredible Success Story Using This Program And After Personally Completing Three Rounds, He Lost A Total Of 125 Pounds!! Learn Not Only Lose Unhealthy Fat And Gain Health  And  How To Eat Healthfully, Increase Hydration, And Most Importantly, Find Out What Works Best For YOUR BODY. 


12:50Kimberly MeredithLive Medical Mediumship readings & Divine Healings 

                   Kimberly Begins The Event Channeling About Her Near-Death Experience. Kimberly Gives An In-Depth Channel On Living In The “3rd Dimension While Accepting And Shifting Into The 5th Dimension, And Surrendering Into The Miracles.”  

Kimberly Demonstrates Her Unique Mediumship Through Etheric Angel Language, Using Sound, Hand Gestures And Sign Language.  If Her Teeth Chatter, It Could Mean Extreme Pain Is Felt Within The Body; Or She Will Tap On Her Palms How Many Years Since The Person Had A Devastating Injury Or Disease. 


1:40-Kat James– Total Transformation: The “Extreme Makeover” for Your Life 

            Kat James is an award-winning nutrition author, leptin pioneer, and syndicated radio host who has been called a master of self-transformation by SELF magazine, as well as the “Jane Goodall of leptin” after she overcame autoimmune, liver, and eating disorders that nearly took her life, then taught countess others her original protocol with doctor-verified success.  James’ controversial and pioneering dietary method —now recommended at top neurologic, fertility, functional medicine, stem cell, metabolic, and even dental clinics around the world .She appeared  on Today, Fox, Hallmark Channel, TBS, Good Day New York, and, PBS, To learn more, or to sign up for James’ upcoming online or on-site Programs, email or call 877-54-TOTAL 



2:15 – Jill M. Jackson – Navigating the New Earth 

           Humanity is on the precipice of expanding from the 3D to the 5D. There are tools we can learn to work with in the 4D to help us bridge the two worlds. This will prepare us to thrive in the New Earth energies! This lecture will include: Thought Patterns and Energy, Manifesting in the New Energies, Tools to Raise Your Vibration,Symptoms of Ascension. Jill will assist you in stepping onto your life path of your Soul’s Journey!She is the author of the award-winning book Secrets of the Secret, Jill M. Jackson’s passion is teaching others to reclaim their authentic selves. She is the founder of Mississippi Academy for Psychic Studies (MAPS) as well as Intuitive Compass Academy, an online virtual learning school. 


2:50 –Dr. Nick Delgado-Build A Strong Body At Your Ideal Body Weight Free Of Disease 

              Dr. Nick Delgado Author, ABAAHP, He Has Coached Tony Robbins Mastery University Participants, Tai Lopez, Loral Langemeier And Mark Victor Hansen. You Will Learn Mind Techniques To Look Slim, Trim, Years Younger, Improve Energy & Happiness. Find Powerful Natural Raw Foods & Supplements To Alleviate 75% Of Cancer, Diabetes, Hypertension And Heart Disease.  Which Herbs Increase Desire, Satisfaction, And Enjoyment Of Love And Intimacy Into Your 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, And Beyond.    FREE Offers & Great Discounts At https://www.Nickdelgado.Com 




3:25-Judy Satori– Activate Your Light Language 

             Ascension teacher, author and activator of human potential,Judy Satori will join with the Ascended Master Thoth to activate you to speak YOUR unique ‘Language of Light’. 

There are many forms and functions of Light Language, but the focus of this class will be the activation of YOUR SACRED SOUL LANGUAGE.  You will also discover more about what Light Language is, how you are activated to speak it and why it is so supportive of your purpose and your path…especially right now.  If you already speak the Languages of Light, the energy transmissions of this class will further expand and enhance your ability.  

Judy also has an online program, ‘Speaking the Languages of Light’ in her Ascension Library for members to access. free of charge: 


4:15– –Peter RothClaiming Your Multidimensional Powers 

                        We are all energy beings living in an energy Universe. Very few people recognize and claim that reality. Our energies are not just 3rd dimensional and our minds are not just products of our brains. We have a vast consciousness that works on unconscious levels and normally informs us of a small percentage of what it knows and experiences. We can use tools to tap into deeper knowings and resource greater truths on our soul journeys and everyday lives. My goal is to help you climb into your multidimensional strengths and intuitive awareness for great self-empowerment. 


                      4:20-ASCENSION PANEL w/ Judy Satori, Lori Spagna, Tracey Ash & Others 


4:50Donna McGrathMiracles of Total Body Healing 

                    Join pioneering former NIH Molecular Biologist turned Enlightened Energy Master & Medical Medium, as she describes her spontaneous1994 OBE to Enlightenment, what miracles are, reveals her secrets to manifesting Miracles utilizing Unconditional Love… View her powerful slide presentation of real-life miraculous case histories. Enjoy free demo audience sample healing from the gallery and a custom audience channeling of Divine Healing energies.Donna dissolves tumors in 5 min, inflating collapsed lungs and obviating the need for many transplant surgeries!!! 


5:25- Catherine Athans Discernment and Heart Knowledge 

  1.   Catherine Athans has dedicated her life to relieving human suffering by teaching people who they really are — that they are miraculous human beings empowered with the ability to change their lives mentally, emotionally and physically.  

Dr. Athans defines discernment and how it relates to day to day choices both large and small. She teaches the importance of love and the ability to use discernment to improve your life. Through these experiential exercises, you will develop a more holistic sense of love in the body, mind, and soul., 



6:00– Dr. Geoffrey Broderick Your Pet Comes First. That’s My Belief System 

            Dr. Broderick Is In His 48th Year As A Practicing Veterinarian. A Leader In The Natural Pet Food Movement And Outspoken Critic Of Harmful Additives In Commercial Food, He Is World-Renowned As The Expert In Natural Pet Nutrition. His Mission: To Improve The Wellbeing And Lifespan Of Your Pet. His Cornucopia™ Products Are Considered By Many To Be The Best All-Natural Pet Foods In The World. Organic With No Added Chemicals, Artificial Flavors, Colors, Preservatives, Sweeteners, Or Sugars. The Average Lifespan For Pets In Doc’s Practice Is 18. 



           5:30-LIGHT LANGUAGE PANEL-STAGE 2  w/ Judy Satori, Sarah Bloomfield Curley, Marion Hobbs, Kate Loye, Audrey Light Language 



6:35– Flora Luyondo– Cultural Medicinal Therapy for the Womb 

         . Flora will explain he benefits of Yoni Steaming and discuss her own personal journey on her ancestral healing banos from her rooted island of  Puerto Rico. Vaginal Steaming is a gentle, seated herbal steam that allows warmth and healing properties of soothing and medicinal herbs to permeate the exterior of the vagina and perineum. Herbal “V” Steams are an ancient self-care therapy, to cleanse and revitalize the uterus.  Dr. Flora, herbalist & acupuncturist  completed her Doctorates in Chinese Medicine at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, San Diego. 


                  7:35 Goddess Panel w/ Becca Tebon, Lady Christopher Barrett, Lisa Lumiere, Michelle Alva, Ellen Pellegrino