10:30am-11:15amPhil Wilson Healing Power & Spiritual Benefits of Far Infrared SaunasKips Bay Rm (Virtual)
10:30am-11:15amDr. Eric KaplanBrain Coach Answers All Your Questions About Insomnia, Fatigue & AnxietySutton RM
11:30am-12:15pmDonna McGrathMiracles of Total Body Healing.Sutton RM
11:30AM-12:15pmLinneth HallTired Of Your Mask?Kips Bay RM
12:30pm-1:15pmSean David MortonTHE DOOMSDAY CLOCKSutton RM
12:30pm-1:15pmGrazyna PajunenBreakthrough In  Anti-Aging Natural Cartilage Regeneration And Wrinkle RemovalKips Bay RM
1:30pm-2:15pmJudy SatoriPhysical Regeneration AlchemySutton RM (Virtual)
1:30pm-2:15pmTammy AdamsResurrecting Your Life Purpose!Kips Bay RM
2:30pm-3:15pmJJ. & Desiree HurtakExperiencing Cosmic Intelligence: Extracelestial and Ultraterrestrial ContactSutton RM
2:30pm-3:15pmJoe BlantonFrequency Self-Care tools for Self - Healing at Light SpeedKips Bay RM (Virtual
3:30pm-4:15pmSteven HalpernEntrain Your Brain, Balance your Biofield and Tune Your Chakras: The New Synergy of Music and MarijuanaSutton RM (Virtual)
3:30pm-4:15pmPeter RothClaiming Your Multidimensional PowersKips Bay RM (Virtual)
4:30pm-5:15pmJill DahneLove & RelationshipsSutton RM
4:30pm-5:15pmKat JamesThe Ultimate Biohack: Harnessing Leptin to Transform Your Body, Brain, Looks, & LifeKips Bay RM (Virtual)
530pm-6:15pmCatherine AthansDiscernment and Heart Knowledge Sutton RM (Virtual)
530pm-6:15pm Barbara CanalsThe New Time Energies Are Here! Kips Bay RM (Virtual)
6:30pm-7:15pmPaul WeisbartSubtle Yogic State of Stillpoint for Rejuvenation, Manifestation Abundance & BlissSutton RM
6:30pm-7:15pmAlan SteinfeldOther Ways Of Knowing: UFOs, Quantum Physics and ConsciousnessKips Bay RM
7:30pm-8:15pmAncha NityaEnergy Healing IS part of our Consciousness EVOLUTION !Sutton RM (Virtual)
7:30pm-8:15pmAnnette ThomasHow Your Body Rebuilds Itself in Less Than 365 DaysKips Bay RM