Two Hr Special Event: Sean David Morton:Sunday March 10, 12:00 Noon(Need Day Pass)


SPECIAL EVENT: Sunday, Oct 6 $50 ($30 in advance)


In a RARE and amazing display, Dr. Sean-David Morton, will delve into the mysteries of Tibetan meditation techniques from his T’ang Boyche Monastery in Nepal, where he lived as an initiate

There will be live demonstrations and training on THE TWELVE CHAKRA ENERGY SYSTEM the human race is evolving into, using pendulums and dowsing rods. Long Distance Psychic Healing, USING the POWER of ALL 12 CHAKRAS, including the STUPENDOUS new energy coming from energizing the BACK and spine to active, with spectacular effect, the WING CHAKRAS.

Also, how do we BALANCE and ENHANCE all the sexual TANTRIC, and TRATRIC energies of the BASE/ROOT and the THIRD EYE/CROWN chakras to balance MALE/FEMALE ENERGY to achieve all that we want for our higher path! AND TO DRAW TO US ALL THAT WE WANT AND NEED!                                                                      And FINALLY, how to travel in and USE TIME to alter our physical reality to bring forgiveness, healing and love.This is a UNIQUE and very SPECIAL CLASS which Sean has not taught for many years. So PLEASE BE THERE to witness the power and majesty of the SOURCE and the CREATION UNTAMED!


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