Face Masks-Anti-viral Silver


Our mask is composed of 50% pure infused ionic silver and natural cotton. Silver has been used for centuries as a homeopathic solution to fight infection. Our masks were developed for medical patients who cannot risk exposure to viral or any other type of airborne pathogen and are now available for general public use and protection. Our mask also blocks 5G radiation and serves to protect from cell phone 5G wavelengths.


Other Features:

  • SILVER-ION FABRIC: Double-sided protection which destroys over 99% of all viruses and bacteria.
  • ANTI-RADIATION: Block EMF fields including 5G that are well known to be harmful to Human Health.
  • 100% BREATHABLE: No Face Rash. Plus our mask is reusable, washable and adjustable.
  • ANTIVIRAL PROTECTION: Silver Ions in the mask inhibits bacterial growth making the mask antimicrobial as well as antiviral.
  • HELPS WITH ALLERGENS AND DUST: This mask is designed to be healthy to wear, naturally clean and always odor free.
  • FITS SECURELY OVER FACE AND NOSE: Elastic headbands that can be worn at various angles to adjust for fit.




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