New Life Expo’s Lineup of Speakers

This October, we are honored to present to you some of the most sought after experts in health, wellness, enlightenment, metaphysics and spirituality.  These individuals will be presenting on many amazing subjects all geared to enhance your life!

NEWLIFE Expo will have a vast array of free lectures, performances, and expert panels.  When you register, be sure to participate in the amazing lineup of workshops.  This year’s expo will have more to offer than ever before.  Don’t miss it!

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Alan Steinfeld

Time Modalities And Bending Reality The world as we know it is shifting its frequencies. Our minds are opening to wider and wilder possibilities. We must learn to bend the nature of time and the nature of reality, as we evolve into the 5th dimension. That means freeing ourselves from the past and stepping off the old timeline and becoming something new, unknown and not yet conceived. Alan is the host of the awesome TV program "New Realities."

Amy Spina

Vital Ki Energy Healing

Come, experience and enjoy this amazing and mysterious healing energy that will be given by Amy Spina to all who attend this lecture. She will also discuss the 3 conditions of ki that cause illness explaining how all illness is created depending on the condition of ki that a person possesses. She’ll then explain how ki therapy goes beyond any modern medical approach by addressing the root cause of all illness and enhancing the body’s immune system to recreate health.

Andrew Kaen

Wellness Sounds For The Soul With Reawakend

Wellness can be a state of consciousness of mind body spirit so why not come and bathe your Soul with sounds of Unity and Peace that will soak your present Being with vibrational sound healing, songs and spoken word with special guests that will bring you into a state of Oneness. By being One along with our true selves we will be at peace. This class will include being inter-active with some call and response. We are One! Welcome Home!

Antoine Chevalier

Holographic Medium

From a Light Worker to a Light Portal Antoine Chevalier is the living proof that we do live in a Holographic Universe. Due to his unusual level of spiri- tual evolution and self realization, he is able, in front of you, to make his face disappear, and instead, you will be able to SEE and talk to your spirit guides or departed loved ones. He will show and teach on how you, as a light worker, can also become a Light Portal / Holographic Medium, and be of better service to others in love, light, and wisdom. He will share with you a unique combination of the traditional Hara meditation with the Merkaba, allowing your awareness to plug in the universal life force within and around you. This technique is a very effective and efficient approach to de-identify yourself from the ego and become quickly self - realized, recognizing that your spiritual presence is who you really are, not the pain body-mind, fear based entity within, gen- erally called the EGO.

Becky Chambers

Whole Body Vibration & Energy Medicine In her best-selling book, Whole Body Vibration: The Future of Good Health, Becky Chambers introduced the life-changing benefits of this booming body, mind, and spirit therapy. WBV is an exercise system which increases strength, bone density, and weight loss (10 minutes equals 1 hour of conventional weight lifting), but it also almost immediately improves mood and energy, and lowers pain and inflammation. Combining homeopathy with whole body vibration creates a healing fire of epic proportions, as Becky can personally attest to.

Ben Johnson

Natural Household Cleaning With Essential Oils

In today’s world, our environment has become overwhelmed with harmful compounds, including our household products, containing chemicals that have been documented to cause cancer. Since our society has become extremely toxic from the daily use of these types of household products, people and their pets have become noticeably sick and experience side effects such as chronic inflammation, difficulty breathing and swallowing as well as skin lesions and rashes. During this lecture, one will learn that there is an alternative.

Ben Mezrich

37th Parellel - The Secret Truth Behind America's Super Highway

The subject of UFOs and extraterrestrials has long been and continues to be a hot topic. A National Geographic survey showed that 36% of Americans believe extraterrestrials have visited Earth. And the same poll indicated that 80% of those surveyed believe the US government has kept UFO information hidden from the public. Popular television programs and radio shows delve into these unexplained phenomena. Ben will be giving the facts in this enlightening lecture. He has published eighteen books, including the New York Times bestsellers The Accidental Billionaires

Dr. Benjamin Lane

At Last! Real Reversal Of Many Eye & Vision Problems

This is Dr. Benjamin Lane's 2015 update which includes important new information as to the best timings to produce beneficial uptake of nutrients, especially problems with effectiveness of vitamin B6 and vitamin C. Dr. Lane discusses what to do to prevent and reverse common and uncommon eye disorders including nearsightedness, cataracts, floaters, glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, tear-film anomalies, and what we've learned about mechanisms. Also: risks and benefits of megadosing vitamin C and also protein.

Bill Downs

A Deeper Understanding of What Causes ALL Chronic Diseases…and a Health Solution? A reduced ability to use oxygen and water is the primary feature of chronic degenerative diseases. Health is dependent on your cells' ability to use oxygen and water to make energy, manage energy, and eliminate wastes, aka ‘metabolism’. The inability to use oxygen and water is anaerobic metabolism or ‘increased acid burden’. Learn how energetically-enhanced Prodovite supplies the nutraceutical resources to restore the cellular ability to use oxygen and water in less than 5 minutes from intake, promoting healthy aerobic (alkaline) metabolism.

Brandy Cabellero

Living Your Dream and Doing It Healthy

Live chronologically to 120 while being biologically 50 years of age! Learn the common and secrets of the top 20 longevity cultures on earth. Learn how to employ high ORAC values, calorie restricted diets the “mighty 90” supplement program and the avoidance of “bad” health practices to add 25 to 50 healthful years to year life! These cultures have one hundred year old pet 250 of their population - Americans have one hundred year old per 10,000 of our population Dr. Wallach will reveal their secrets!!

Chris Macklin

Divine Healing Experience

Enter the God space and experience the power of Divine Healing with renowned British healer Christopher Macklin. Prior to the group healing, Christopher will explain how Divine Healing works, how Angelic Beings assist him with Esoteric Operations, how he utilizes Tachy- on energy, and how negative energies, earthbound spirits, and manipulations can affect one’s health. He will also show you how to keep your vibrational level up, and how to re-energize your food to maximize its nutritional value. All attendees will receive Christopher’s powerful healing from the ultimate dimension.

Daniel Bernstein

The Dream Journey: Conquer Insomnia Naturally

Waking Dream Journeys have existed for as long as sleep has. Using techniques derived from the Sleep Temples of ancient Egypt and Greece, Daniel Reinaldo Bernstein helps those experiencing insomnia, anxiety and depression to find long-term relief. A licensed acupuncturist and hypnotist since 1995, it is Daniel’s mission to help people regain their innate power to sleep. If you’re struggling with insomnia or anxiety and know sleeping pills are poison, here’s an opportunity to start your journey back to health.

Debra Secunda

Healthy Recipes For Body & Soul

Demo & Tasting, raffle for FREE DVDs: Learn simple tips to prepare quick balanced meals that will Energize you all day! For a nutritious Detox plan, Debra will share Raw-Live vegan recipes from her DVD, “Green Recipes for Health & Weight Loss” Enjoy nutritious meals that are low-glycemic; non-dairy; gluten-free; trans-fatfree, yet bursting with enzymes; anti-oxidants; phytonutrients; vitamins; minerals; & fiber! Find out secret swap-outs you can do that the food industry tries to hide. Learn “Living” probiotics recipes.

Diana Brownstone

Navigate The Coming Economic Tsunami With Astrology

At the start of a tsunami, there is a calm and you see more of a beautiful beach. It’s an illusion. Can you survive Financial Armageddon? What do the charts of Hillary and Trump say about Election 2016 and Inauguration 2017? What will happen with currencies? ..the economy? ..the markets? .. precious metals and other countries and world powers under the next President? All this plus how to maneuver through the coming riots and market turmoil. The upcoming eclipses; The planetary Ingresses; and the Great Conjunction of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in your own chart. Diana is a Certified Consulting Astrologer with the National Council of Geocosmic Research-Professional Astrologers’ Alliance. Celebrity and International Clientele. Appearances on countless local and National TV shows as an expert in her field., The Today Show, The Meredith Vieira Show, MTV, and Internet Radio, Astrological Society of Princeton, NJ. Over 25 years’ experience.

Ilene Reichman

VANQUISHING STRESS: ACHIEVING BALANCE IN BODY, MIND AND SPIRIT We live and work in an environment of sickness, anger and uncertainty, often needing to self-medicate with drugs, alcohol or food to maintain a minimum level of happiness and fulfillment. Ilene Cohn Reichman, lawyer, nutritionist and certified JMT personal development coach, speaker and trainer, will conduct a workshop showing you how to break this cycle and find wellness, balance and joy in a purpose - driven life. or call (516) 316-3987

Dr Eric Kaplan

Breakthrough Research In The Prevention Of Memory Loss And Dementia

Do not let your loved ones become strangers to you. Getting older does not mean your memory will start to decline. There are many ways to improve your memory even as you age. During this talk, you will learn about the best ways to prevent dementia and Alzheimer's Disease. Dr. Kaplan will teach you about the most researched natural protocols that will keep your mind strong and improve your memory.

Fiona Chuang


Defend, repair, and maintain every cell in your body. The Kyäni Triangle of Health features Kyäni Sunrise, Kyäni Sunset, Kyäni Nitro FX/Xtreme. Each product works synergistically to provide you and your family with unmatched nutrition for optimal health. Kyäni's Triangle of Health supplies the power of Wild Alaskan Blueberries, tocotrienols (the most potent form of vitamin E), Omega-3 fatty acids, and noni concentrate that has been proven to increase the production of Nitric Oxide (NO), also known as “The Molecule of Life, in one easy-to-use system. Don Conreau (the Gong Master) Friday 7 Globetrotter The master gives us a Gong Bath (vibrational healing panel) Don will bring his new 8-corners of Heaven Mirror Gong and handheld reflection gong for a 30 min event at the end of the panel

Gail Thackray

Manifesting – Create The Life You Want

We create cords with anyone significant in our life. These can be good cords but they can also be negative. A difficult relationship of any nature is a sign of negative cords that have anchored and attached and can make you quite sick. Sometimes good cords can get strangled by negative black cords which cause distrust, jealously, fear and anger in our relationships. Sometimes cords are attached to old negative patterns which cause career problems and financial issues. Cords can hold us to our past and can even be rooted in past lives. Gail is a psychic medium who is able to not only see these cords but dissolve and remove them bringing healing in your relationships and release from the past. Dis- cover cords that are holding you back. Releasing neg- ative cords can cause impressive results. Learn cutting cord techniques healers can do on their clients or you can use on yourself and your loved ones. Gail will per- form cutting cords for everyone For $20 extra -sit in the front rows and will receive an individual cord cut- ting and clearing from Gail.

Gary Douglas

Learn to Ground, Center, and Protect Yourself when Facing Negative or Chaotic Energies -Sat 4pm-Board Rm Learn to Ground, Center, and Protect Yourself when Facing Negative or Chaotic Energies Learn to harness positive energy in an electrically charged workshop with Dr. Gary Douglas. He will show you how people, places, and objects can disrupt your natural energy flow and mood and what you can do to ground, center and protect yourself in spite of negativity around you. He will also show you ways you can naturally ground yourself to improve your mood, leaving you feeling energized and centered, both emotionally and physically. Dr. Gary Douglas has been involved in energy healing for over 20 years.

Gary Gli

Empowering Protocols

Heal your body with simple mind/ body exercises. Align your spine, recalibrate your muscular system, bolster your immune system and regulate your Endocrine system. An innovative approach to traditional Chi gong. Gary Gli founder of Conscious Movement Inc., is a Martial Arts Master and 9x certified strength and conditioning guru who has trained professional fighters, world-class athletes and countless laypeople in a 40 year career. This is his latest work.

Dr. George Love

QI DANCING are Blue Dragon Medical Qigong exercises speeded up to music to make it easier to learn and have fun doing Qigong. We have 8 Dances including Taichi Pole Dance, Tea Cup, Anatomy drumming, Flying Buddha, Liver, Heart and E.R. Dance. Each Dance targets specific meridians, organs and muscles that support healthy body, mind and spirit.

Dr. Harold Efron

Holistic Dentistry

Dr. Efron attended Tufts University School of Dentistry School of Dental Medicine and has been practicing Holistic dentistry for 10 years. This lecture will focuso on what you need to know when you go to the dentist. Patients will be able to ask the right questions and get the answers they need when it comes to planning their treatment. Topics that will be covered include-when it is time for a filling what is the best treatment? Gum disease diagnosis/prevention. Non surgical gum treatment, filing materials, root canals.

Ingrid Jolly

The Aura: The Best Protection

Just as it is said: “Old Age” is not for wimps, the same applies to the present time of our Earth Life. Intriguing and as unnerving it can be, it is a most exciting time for the “fearless”. How and what can we do to become fearless in the service of Divine Evolution? Our Aura is a partial expression of our “Etheric Body” and An Aura Photo provides the visual proof of the existence of our “Etheric “Body. Handouts will be provided.

Jaenam Kim

The Healing Way Of One Mind Meditation

The tradition of meditation and prayer in the East and West originates in the ancient tradition of using mantras in reli- gious and spiritual activity. The Tae-Eul mantra is esteemed as the most precious, mysterious and holy mantra in human his- tory allowing you to experience the divine light of the universe. It blesses you with heavenly energy and inspiration, and heals countless illnesses of the body, mind, and spirit. Experience the boundless energy of the Tae-Eul mantra !

James Min

Become a Healer in a Day!!!

James Min, certified Korean Acupuncturist, Master of Korean Hand Therapy, and creator/practitioner of Yin Yang Yoga Therapy, will share the Secrets of Health and Energy to keep your Body, Mind, Spirit, and Finance BALANCED!!! Learn about the tools, techniques, principles and skills that James Min utilizes to empower thousands of his clients to experience personal healing and freedom from pain with Simple Oriental Medicine (S.O.M.).. Performing live demon- strations; do not miss this unique opportunity to personally meet and learn from Master James Min.

Dr. Jane Goldberg

Bounceability: The Art Of Being, Getting, And Staying Well

Dr. Goldberg will talk about Hormesis: a sophisticated scientific concept whose basic meaning is that if it doesn’t kill you, it does indeed make you stronger. Hormesis is the application of stressors that result in Bounceability: the resilience to recover from stress and actually come back healthier than before — more strength, better health, more fertility, and longer life. Dr. Goldberg will explain that stressors can be used consciously and intentionally to get stronger, healthier, improve fertility, and extend your life.

Dr. Janet Rogers

Do I Really Need to Take Supplements?

Can you get everything you need from your food? Or do you need supplements to stay healthy? Dr. Rogers will cover these questions, as well as how to determine which supplements you need, and how to identify high quality supplements. Dr. Rogers is uniquely qualified to provide exceptional wellness care. She graduated with honors from Life West Chiropractic College in 2004, and has continually researched the effects of combining chiropractic care with clinical nutrition, functional wellness principles, and detoxification/weight loss programs.

Jay Emmanuel

Singing Bowls Harmonic Healing And Crystal Alchemy

Magnetic Harmonic Vibrational Therapist Jay Emmanuel, introduces energy techniques using forces of the sounds produced by Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls with the Human Voice to activate natural self healing responses of the body. Based on the Pioneering research of scientists like Dr. Royal Raymond Rife found cures for many diseases simply by using vibrational energy, Nikola Tesla who said we live in an ocean of energy, vibrations and frequencies, & Dr. Joseph Puleo “The Healing Codes” that help repair damaged DNA.

Jill Dahne

Love & Relationships

Listed as the #1 Love Psychic in Ameri- ca, Jill wants to get America back on track with relationships. Most women and men want to have a significant other, but do they know what they are really seeking?_ Online datinga:the pros, the cons and why more people are turning to it. Soul mates: What do you really know about them and do they exist?_Share some of my secrets in finding true love.Why good people find bad matches?_Jill will answer audience questions and give insights to their current relationship

Jodi Serota

A New Earth, A New Reality, A New Way Of Being!

Life on Earth is rapidly changing as frequencies heighten & nothing can stay the same. You’re evolving continually, growing beyond illusions. Come experience major shifts in consciousness assisting you to adjust to being in sync with dimensional changes. Through vibrational sound integrations, channeled guidance & energetic transmissions, you’ll transmute dis-ease, karma & outdated perceptions, realigning you back to your Soul’s Innate Divine Intention.

Dr Joel Wallach

Coming Soon!

Johanna Schwarzbeck

Healing The World, One Being At A Time

This talk is intended to bring you my joy and understanding about the Ohashiatsu bodywork and the playful easy way that I teach it in my workshops so you can use it with your family and friends to deepen relationships, reconcile broken ones and heal your own body while doing so. So we can all partake in spreading trust and human connections trough touch, being real and honest and natural. Starting with ourselves and with one being at a time, healing the world from illness to wholeness and even holiness. Johanna Schwarzbeck studied the Art of Ohashiatsu®, a Japanese bodywork technique, with Mr. Wataru Ohashi, founder and director of the Ohashiatsu® Institute in New York City. She began her studies in 1997. Johanna is a certified Ohashiatsu® instructor and practitioner. She graduated from the Swedish Institute of Massage Therapy in 2001. She also uses cranio-sacral therapy, gi-gong, meditation and visualization in her practice. She is a Yoga teacher and studied at the Integral Yoga Institute, (IYI) in NYC she is a long time Zen meditation student, at DBC Dai Bosatsu Zendo in the Catskills.

Karisma Appedole

Alchemy Singing Bowls And The Transformation Of Our Galactic Conciousness

In Karisma's studies of physics she came to theoretical observations and applications of quantum behavior in time-space including using the Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls to update our emotions, minds, souls, spiritual bodies and perceptions of everyday life. In the study of particles in quantum physics as a vibrational sound therapist she discovered what really makes harmonious transformation in time-space with the Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls. Karisma said: Time is an acceleration or de-acceleration of the speed of light in a location in space.

Kat James

Saturday-5:00 GLOBETROTTER Rm

Total Transformation: The True “Extreme Makeover” for Your Health, Your Looks, and Your Life

Twenty-five years ago, award-winning author Kat James saved herself-and has since helped free countless others-from multiple digestive, autoimmune, metabolic, emotional, addictive, skin, and weight disorders after doctors gave up. Today, we see a tidal wave of scientific research in support of her once-controversial meth- ods. calibration, and doctor-verified outcomes in successfully harnessing the incredible power of the master hormone, leptin. Unlock the key to your own extreme natural makeover-without surgery or suffering-with the woman SELF calls “a master of self-transformation.” Learn more at

Kathy Davis

Vibrational Intelligence

Kathryn Davis, Qigong Teacher, Energy Healer, Spiritual Doula, host of the Heart Of Mind show on WBAI Radio will present Vibration is the language of Existence and the building block of Reality. Connect with the Unity of Self and Source in an “I AM” presence of being that can reorder the molecules of your body and create the substance of your experience. We will cover the basics to clear your energy fields and align with your Quantum Being.

Katie Beckley

Transforming Negative Energy Into Positive As the founder of Awaken the Peace, Katie focuses on transforming negative energy into positive; her mission being to expand one’s joy by connecting with true Self. In this experiential workshop, learn how to increase your own morphic field and energetic protection, through the use of spiritual psychology principles, ancient wisdom practices and powerful intention. Katie will tap into the collective consciousness, teaching us how to increase optimal wellbeing, while guarding against life force depleting environmental and energetic negatives.

Dr. Kazuko Hillyer Tatsumura

Onnetsu And Far Infra-Red Therapy

All living being on the earth needs Water, Air, Food and Sunlight. However according to NASA, out of vast range of sunlight, only the narrow spectrum (8-14) of wave length is the light of life, growth and healing. The benefit of Far Infra-red was first discovered by NASA in 1960s and developed in Japan technologically. The ONNETSU Therapy is a combination of this new technology and the ancient Japanese modality of Moxa. Dr. Kazuko Tatsumura will introduce and demonstrate this extraordinary new ONNETSU Therapy.

Kenneth Lane

Heldentenor Kenneth Bennett Lane To Sing 25 Selections From Operas To Rock N' Roll

The 25 selection program will include opera arias of Wagner, Verdi, Bizet and Moussorgsky in German, Italian , French and Russian respectively and selections from Broadway musicals , pop, jazz, folk, ragtime and rock n' roll and songs from films. Mr. Lane directs the Richard Wagner Music Drama Institute, where voice production for actors and singers and all the roles of Shakespeare plays and Wagner operas are taught.

Kevin Misevis

The Tao Of Cancer Healing(banned In China)

Learn how cancer can be dealt with from the inside out without drugs, surgery, radiation or chemotherapy. 69-year-old three-time cancer survivor Kevin Misevis shares how he rid himself of cancer in six months without any standard treatments by diet, lifestyle change and forgiveness. The cost of his education was high. 16 years earlier, his son died from brain cancer after standard treatments caused cancer to spread, swell and comatized him. Don’t let this happen to you or your loved ones.

Lai Ubberud

 HEALINGS FROM ATLANTIS Lai & Dr. Denise Galon will share their knowledge from their lives in Atlantis and will perform healings to the audience.Dr. Galon specializes in Asian Herbal Medicine, Essential Oils, Nutrition and Indian Massage. People Style Watch, Massage Magazine and have noted Denise’s expertise in the healing field. Lai is a Medium, Psychic, Past Life Reader, Animal Communicator, Spiritual Advisor. Winner of the awards for: "Best Psychic& Best Pet Psychic" by the Houston Press. She is also a radio/TV personality and she is in the Glamour "Hall of Fame". Author of “Celebrity Pets Tells All”.

Lewis Harrison

Make Choices, Not Excuses: How To Win At The Game Of Life

A fun, interactive experience that includes inspirational, and motivational mentoring, and information on a wide array of techniques, tips, and strategies for winning at the game of life. Lewis will show you how to: Experience greater love; Emotional clarity; Mental focus; Spiritual intention; Better relationships; Become happier and greater financial success.Lewis Harrison is a bestselling author, mentor and life coach. He has been offering programs that have positively influenced the lives of thousands of participants since 1972.

Lindai Schwarz

Natural Household Cleaning With Essential Oils

In today’s world, our environment has become overwhelmed with harmful compounds, including our household products, containing chemicals that have been documented to cause cancer. Since our society has become extremely toxic from the daily use of these types of household products, people and their pets have become noticeably sick and experience side effects such as chronic inflammation, difficulty breathing and swallowing as well as skin lesions and rashes. During this lecture, one will learn that there is an alternative.

Liz Reilley

More About Sprouts...

Jonathan's Sprouts has been a family-run business since 1976 operating out of an historic New England barn renovated for food production in scenic Southeast- ern MA. to preserve the integrity of nature's perfect food, and to provide a platform for other sprout growers to produce safe, quality sprouts while main- taining the organic integrity natures perfect food. Learn what you can do to help bring about sprout safety standards. Meet Liz Reilley, and learn more about the world of sprouts as well as health benefits and easy recipe ideas.


The Crystalline Matrix

Join this crystalline sound portal of self transformation with Alchemy Crystal Bowl Master Lupito, Founder of Crystal Tones who will be demonstrating Bowl Master techniques and uses of the Alchemy Crystal Bowls. While playing the Rose, Ruby, Diamond, Gold, and Divine Kryon bowls alchemies we will be activating the light in the liquid crys- tals of our cells bringing us to a higher state of awareness and bliss for profound healing!

Marc Brinkerhoff

UFO Photographer & ET Contactee Marc’s incredible, prolific UFO photography bears witness to his claims of Extraterrestrial ongoing contact.  Experience his most current impressive UFO photography of morphing lightships emanating transformational energy from the Asteron and Ashtar Commands.  Meet his primary higher dimensional 'contact’ plus ET family and friends through mystic art he has channelled and illustrated for this purpose.  Join him for a glimpse into the benevolent Extraterrestrial manifestations and encounters that are happening as global frequency speeds up.  You could be next.

Marge Ptaszek

AN INTRODUCTION TO THE KNOWLEDGE BOOK COME - COME - COME to learn about a cosmic technology that is available on this Planet (currently unknown to modern science) that enables Humanity to reach their inner powers in an accelerated way with a minimum of discomfort: the LIGHT - PHOTON - CYCLONE Technology implemented in THE KNOWLEDGE BOOK. Marge will also explain why the age we live in is called the RESURRECTION; the meaning of the GOLDEN AGE and what precedes it; how the KNOWLEDGE BOOK appeared on our planet; the CHARACTERISTICS and the PURPOSE of the Knowledge Book and how to link the United States to the COSMOS.

Marissa Ward

Orgasmic Meditation: From Good to Better

From the cradle to adulthood, we have all picked up certain cues on how to be happy, find that love of our life, and do something meaningful. Unfortunately, those rules we subscribe to can often be THE thing that holds us back. Orgasmic Meditation (OM) allows you to stop thinking – to follow the feeling, listen to your body, and be present lead you to the connection, vitality, pleasure, and meaning that we’re all searching for. Marissa Ward is a OneTaste Certified Coach and Orgasmic Meditation Teacher.

Mark Becker

Fine-Tuning Your Yoga Asanas

This event is for the yoga teacher who wants to improve his/her tech- nique or the student who wants to further their practice and avoid injury. Learn the higher reasons why we really do asanas. Learn new corrections to take the student to the next stage. Learn how to breathe in each pose to reach your maximum potential. Mark Becker founded Serenity natural Healing Center in 1975 (NYC’s first non-religious yoga center). He is a master yogi with over 30 years experience and has trained over 1,000 instructors.

Maryanne Savino

The Ascension Journey: Tools for Transformation In this lecture and experiential journey, Ascension Guide and Sonic Alchemyst Maryanne Savino will share various tools and shamanic practices that will assist us in activating, aligning and integrating our multidimensional selves for living with higher consciousness. Through the Language of Light and other vibrational healing tools, you will be guided to access your own unique light codes that will awaken your true mastery for Transformation and assist you with Ascension as we head towards the New Year of Global Unity.

Dr. Matt Glass

The Coming Health Epidemic And How You Can Avoid It

Americans more than any time in recent history are turning to a more holistic view of health and wellness. Even with this unprecedented shift in consciousness there is one overlooked aspect of human health that continues to be largely ignored. For this reason, we are unknowingly headed toward a major health epidemic that will reveal itself in the next 2-3 decades. Learn what you need to know to save yourself and your loved ones from unnecessary future suffering.

Meryl Tihanyi

Can One Event Change The World?

You bet it can, and it is happening soon! There is a new hope on the horizon for humanity - an earthshattering event that will change the way we approach the problems of life. Neither religious, economic, political or environmental in nature, this event will revolutionize our understanding of life and restore a future of Justice, Sharing, Brotherhood and Peace for all. Hear more about this spectacular event and why the future is, indeed, bright! Come to this talk and hear her explain the truth about Maitreya the World Teacher.

Michael Jascz

Relationships Don't Have To Be So Difficult

Michael Jascz is the Director of The Relationship Foundation (TRF) in New York City. TRF is on the forefront of Social and Emotional Learning, incorporating Nonviolent Communication and empathic listening into a relationship skills program that's taught in the city and nationwide. In this interactive and dynamic presentation, you will discover how to make any relationship flourish and thrive. TRF's book and curriculum are called Healthy Relationships 101.

Mitchell Rabin

Holistic Living & Sacred Stewardship – Awakening The Soul To Passion & Action

Holistic living is a full-out lifestyle and a way of thinking. Some people think it’s only what we eat, some people think it’s only what we think. Holistic living takes everything into account. At base is our ability to be Sacred Stewards of our health and our planet. Finding love & meaning in life, in relationship, in work is at the heart of it. Mitchell Rabin is a holistic therapist, acupuncturist, stress management consultant, eco-entrepreneur and host of A Better World Radio & TV.

Nathan Rosenblum

The Secret History of the Solar System Take an Extraordinary Voyage of Discovery with Dr. Nathan Rosenblum and discover:The inhabitants of other planets in the solar system!Their relations with inhabitants of other star systems!Their historic and current connections with Earth! Evidence from clairvoyants, contactees, ancient traditions, and the secret government! The Truth will Amaze You!

Dr. Grayzna Pajunen

Breakthrough in Anti-Aging – Natural Cartilage Regeneration and Wrinkle Removal

No pain or wrinkles without surgeries, medications or injections. Come learn about Liquid BioCell Collagen and Jusuru, a liquid nutraceutical with a patented primary ingredient called Liquid BioCell Collagen. Jusuru is natural with no additives and preservatives. It is 100% bio-available, highly effective, and safe. This is the only source of collagen and hyaluronic acid that our body recognizes and utilizes as our own. Grazyna Pajunen has a Ph.D. and has 25 years of experience in biomedical research at UCLA and FAU.

Pamela Camhe

Achieve Mental Clarity And Optimum Health Using Cultured Foods

Current scientific data shows the link between digestive health and brain function. Cultured foods are essential for creating and maintaining a healthy colon. Your overall wellbeing is dependent on the condition of this internal environment. Discover the critical difference between cultured foods made from dairy and those made from plants. Learn how to easily include the best cultured foods on your daily menu, and experience improved physical and mental health. Pamela Camhe, Colon Therapist and Administrative Director, Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute, Inc

Paul Barattiero

Healing With Hydrogen

Paul Barattiero, C.Ped. Founder and developer of the Echo® Hydrogen Enriched Water system was featured on “The Truth About Cancer” documentary and has lectured across the world on the therapeutic effects of molecular Hydrogen on 150 human disease models and every organ in the body over the last 12 years. He will present multiple studies, including colon cancer, showing how H2 is the mechanism of healing. He will educate on molecular Hydrogen and how it lowers oxidative stress, inflammation, and Hydroxyl Radicals in the body.

Paul Ling Tai

Lose Weight & Burn Fat Naturally With Scientific Research Validated, Dr Tai will teach you the potent, natural approach to losing weight and harness the power of New Patented Technologies for Weight Loss & Fat Burning with the proven, clinical results. Prof. Dr. Paul Ling Tai is a U.S. trained Podiatric Medical Physician, double-Board Certified Surgeon & U.S. Board certified Anti-Aging & Regenerative Physician who helps thousands of doctors and patients to achieve a healthier life with his natural herbal formulations.

Paul Utz

Divine Quantum Connection

Join with Alchemy Crystal Bowl Master Paul Utz co-founder of Crystal Tones. An exploration of the divine quantum crystalline connection between the uni- versal self and our divine spirit. Explore the unique frequencies of alchemy singing bowls and how they affect the different dimension- alities of our human body, thereby bringing about transfor- mational awareness and quantum healing for truth in our lives. Experience the divinity within you now.

Pavla Stuchlikova

Divine Healing Dance  Pavla is a multidimensional spiritual healer. Originally from Czech Republic. She is dedicated to serve the Earth and humanity, helping people open their heart and return to their original consciousness. She combines her unique psychic abilities with many techniques like Ho’oponopono, Dr. Sha’s Divine healing hands, kundalini yoga, Nia and more.  Divine Healing Dance with Pavla’s loving guidance opens you and releases your abilities, an abundance of your soul’s gifts. Move and experience yourself as energy!

Peter Goodgold

Healing with “Hydrogen-Rich Shungite Water”  Fri 8pm London Room  

Molecular Hydrogen and Shungite. Ancient religious texts reveal mystics were certain that water was endowed with exotic healing powers Learn how consuming life-sustaining, “Hydrogen-Rich Shungite Water” eliminates Oxidative Stress the cause many common diseases including Cancer. The therapeutic effects of Molecular Hydrogen (H2) has strong potential as an antioxidant in preventive and therapeutic applications to over 500 diseases while it decreases Inflammation, Oxidative Stress, and Hydroxyl Radicals. Peter invites us to open our eyes with awe as we experience his “Infinity Hydrogen Water Generator”.

HEALING WATERS: Molecular Hydrogen’s Impact on Therapeutic and Preventive Medicine:

Sat 1pm Board Rm The discovery and documentation of the “healing” and “curative” waters of Nordenau, Germany; Tlacote, Mexico; and Hita Tenryosui, Japan waters all contain dissolved hydrogen gas. Molecular Hydrogen has been shown in over 500 studies to have positive effects on 100 different human diseases. The antioxidant properties and anti-apoptotic (anti-cell death) activity of molecular hydrogen finally piqued the interest of the biomedical field. Join Peter Goodgold, founder of and Healing Waters Healing Center, as he shares the complex healing powers of his “Infinity Hydrogen Water Generator”. Peter Goodgold founder of WaterWorks4u Hydrogen Enriched Water systems has been walking the walk and talking the talk for over 43 year. He created the Pyramid Raw Food/Macrobiotic restaurants in Southern California in 1973 and the famous Healing Waters RAW Health Spa in Eden Arizona in 1976. He has been researching and lecturing on the health benefits of Hydrogen Rich water and an Alkaline diet for over 43 years. Currently he’s finishing his book on the Healing Properties of Molecular Hydrogen.

Peter Roth

Intuitive Tools For Well-being

Stop guessing! Your mind can only know the limited information available in this world. Your intuition can know what your mind doesn’t. Develop tools to access higher consciousness and the whole Universe can show you your way. Peter is the founder of the Heart River Center for Intuitive Healing and has taught thousands to use their higher gifts. He’ll demonstrate and explain a number of useful techniques that can quickly enhance your intuitive power

Phillip Wilson

Healing Power Of Far Infrared Light Saunas

“Absorbable Far Infrared Light” (4- 14 microns) is a tiny band of light from the sun that is absorbed by our bodies. It was discovered about 35 years ago. A man can absorb this incredible healing energy which pulsates his water molecules, increases his core temperature, and promotes extraordinary health. Phillip Wilson has been exploring the inner worlds, mathematics and communication for 55 years, recently making many discoveries about Far Infrared Healing Light. Phillip owns health store, in Columbus, OH.

Stephen Popiotek

Planetary Ascension Update Examining the Earths Evolving Hyperspatial Landscape and its ramifications on society'A discussion of ongoing planetary grid upgrades such as the Global Tesseract Shield and Global Galactic Watchtower Grid of Gaia.  We will also explore some of the positive/negative alien relations with the global power structures and their campaigns to either assist or slow down the opening of the collective heart chakra through a variety of means , i.e., influencing timelines, ley lines ,and information warfare.

Qi Feilong

Energy Healing and Kungfu Demonstration

World renowned Qigong Master QI Fei- long, who was invited to Harvard Med- ical School to demonstrate Qigong as an alternative therapy, will provide a free demonstration of Qi Energy. Watch how internal healing energy can set newspaper on fire, stop a clock, twist a steel spoon and break chopsticks with a $20 bill! Whether the concern is ADD, self-defense or total body health, you will learn how Qigong holistic therapies can help to restore and maintain total body health.

Ravi Ratan


Our lymphatic system regulates our health, immune system and eliminates toxins. While our mental and emotional state affect us at subtle level and create Chakra imbalances. Specially emotional issues cause Sacral, Heart & Throat Chakras imbalances leading to lymphatic blockages and health problems like  lower/ upper back pains, edema, menstrual imbalances, thyroid issues, heart and breast problems etc. Dr. Ratan explains the lasting health benefits of emotional release and Chakra balancing through Lymphatic Drainage. Dr. Ravi Ratan is a clinical aromatherapist and heale

Richard Dolan

Globalization and technological change have led to an unprecedented level of propaganda and deception in our world. Now, in the 21st century, the United States is attempting to finalize unrivalled control over the resources of the world, especially over oil- and gas-rich regions, via regime change and other covert means. In addition, the transformation of global power over the past several decades has led to an increasingly restive population that (in the opinion of those who rule), needs to be controlled. As a result, we are now faced with a sophisticated propaganda system which includes not only domination over mainstream media, but infiltration of social media, entrapment operations, and many other provocations. It also includes the ultimate weapon in the propaganda tool kit: the false flag. Simply put, a false flag is an act of deception designed to elicit fear or anger from a target audience (that usually means you), with the aim of justifying actions (wars, repressive laws, etc.) that could never otherwise be justified. And of course, something which is blamed on another party. These days, that usually means “terrorists” or certain other nations. Historian Richard Dolan will explain why we live in an era of false flags, and will describe some of the most important false flags that have shaped our world--in previous generations as well as today. He will describe how false flags are possible, why they are psychologically effective, how they have evolved over the years to become sophisticated and diverse operations--not always targeted against nations, but often against populations, and sometimes against specific individuals. Moreover, Richard will provide an analytical framework to help us identify specific elements of false flags, enabling us to spot them more easily in the future.

Dr Robert Sorge

At last the final Answer to Cancer Modern day laboratory science is 10 years ahead of mainstream Practice of Medicine. You are too lazy or irresponsible if you wait for an official diagnosis. It may take decades for cancer to develop. The medical establishment specializes in shocking you into costly, deleterious and worthless treatments. Learn that cancer is 100% preventable, treatable and addressable naturally

Ron Amitron

Living in this Alien Holographic Timeline Matrix: fri 7

Like rats in a maze, we all live within an Alien created and controlled Holographic Timeline Matrix. Wonder why you feel strange sometimes? We've all been subjected to Alien human modification programs. Aliens have linked the entire human race to Clone Replicas with Artificial Intelligence which exist within 1000's of fabricated Timelines. This interference severely affects our life, health and well-being! Experience the removal of Cloned Body Replicas, Alien Implants, Robotic Programs and Alien-Installed Body Robotic Hardware. *NOTE: Bring drinking water to be infused with Living Light Energy! Extraterrestrial Involvement with Humans: sat 7 Known as the Myth Breaker, Ron Amitron has an unparalleled understanding of Alien involvement with humans. Discover the consequence of undetected Alien Abductions. And how to tell if you’ve been abducted! Do you have an Alien Tracking Barcode and/or an Alien Handler? Ron exposes the Alien use of:  Abductions, Implants, Tracking Barcodes, Program Downloads, Personal Handlers, Human Cloning, Body Altering Robotic Programs, Astrology/Horoscope Connection, Satellite Mind Control Transmissions, and Channeled Messages. *NOTE: Bring drinking water to be infused with Living Light Energy!

Sean David Morton

The Fractured Future

What are the secrets of the Taoist masters that legend says have lived hundreds of years? Are there physical and sexual exercises that we can utilize today to give us the health and vitality we seek? Wear loose, stretchy clothing for this workshop as Dr. Sean-David Morton, PhD, will take you through the Seven Rites of the Nepalese Black Hat monks, the Taoist stance of Immortality, the new evolving 12 Chakra energy system in the human body, and activate the 11th and 12th Wing Chakras in the back, which is an experience you will Never Forget! Also, Sean will explain all the scientific research being done on Life Extension, and give a list of revolutionary products that are on the cutting edge of the current field. Dr. Sean-David Morton, PhD, is the host of the #1 non-terrestrial radio show onEarth! Strange Universe, on RevolutionRadio.Rocks with1.9 million listeners.

Sifu Matthew

“FORCES THAT HEAL FOR REAL”-An Activation-   (SAT 2 LONDON RM) Your constant pains and imbalances can turn to diseases if you do not heal them! Sifu Matthew, Kung Fu Master, Wellness Activator and founder of MAOW (The Martial Arts of Wellness), He is a master of understanding the electromagnetic forces of the body in relation to strength, wellness and healing. He will discuss and demonstrate the science of healing injuries and illnesses by using form and position. Stop wasting time on quick fixes, unsound sciences and magical ideas that do not remove disease. Empower yourself with the fundamental forces that will. Sifu Matthew has guided numerous Pro Athletes, Veterans and those suffering from non-responsive, chronic conditions to heal rapidly. RAISE YOUR MAGNETISM - ACTIVATE YOUR SHAPE - ELIMINATE ILLNESS (workshop Sun 1PM Zurich rm) Learn to use the creative forces of the Elements to heal your self. Your body is reforming itself in each moment. You can choose to form health or to form disease. Do not miss this incredible workshop taught by Sifu Matthew, founder of the Martial arts of wellness. You will learn how to: 1.Raise your magnetism to improve your circulation and power 2.Align electricity of bones, cells and ligaments. 3.Access the specific elements and directions that heal. 4/Turn those elements on in the body to remove blockages and diseases. Sifu Matthew, Kung Fu Master, Wellness Activator and founder of MAOW (The Martial Arts of Wellness), has guided numerous Pro Athletes, Veterans and those suffering from non-responsive, chronic conditions to heal rapidly. “ACTIVATING THE WARRIOR FOR HEALING” (Mon Event) Learn the art and science of Warriorhood for healing. To heal you must have strength of presence, clarity of mind and internal power. Sifu Matthew, Kung Fu Master, healer and founder of (MAOW) (The Martial Arts of Wellness), will discuss and demonstrate how to go beyond weak ideas and damaging forces into the clear and powerful realm of the warrior for healing. ACTIVATION TEACHING : 1. Entering the electromagnetic mentality of the warrior. 2. Locking into zones of force for stability and power. 3. Manipulation of elements using internal magnetism. Group Power Healing: (20 minutes) Sifu Matthew will conduct a healing for joint and spine disorders. Sifu Matthew is a Kung Fu Master and Wellness Activator (Healer). He is a master of understanding the electromagnetic forces of the body in relation to strength, wellness and healing. He has helped thousands of people, including Pro Athletes, Hollywood Stars, Fighters, Veterans and anyone looking to take their health and performance to the next level.

Stacie Breeze

Your Own Personal Crystal Ball

Wish you had your own crystal ball & answers from the other side? No Need! Come Join Premier Psychic Medium, Stacie Breeze and her infamous humorous yet keenly accurate crew! Grab your ticket , a friend or two and your questions and photos and join us for an AMAZING Workshop! Stacie is known for her high-energy,humor and fascinating messgaes & explanation of what truly goes on on the other side... As well as what your unseen helpers are feverishly try- ing to tell you! Stacie will be answering individual questions as well as channeling and providing messages and healings for the entire audience! This is a action-packed workshop you can’t afford to miss! Get your tickets early!!

Stephanie Webb

Essential Oils 101

Learn the medicinal properties of essential oils and how they can support your body in healing many ailments naturally. Eliminate side effects by replacing pharmaceuticals with high grade essential oils. You will leave the class with knowledge on how to incorporate oils in you everyday life.

Dr. Steve Giron


The Higher Brain Living® Technique is a revolutionary gentle touch that creates a surge of energy through the connective tissue of the body, loosening the grip of your primal fear-based 'survival' brain and shifting the energy into your prefrontal cortex, or Higher Brain, where your potential lives, helping you let go of stress and limitations and discover a life filled with Joy, passion and purpose. It is consistent, repeatable and sustainable. This technique is so unique and leading-edge, other physical, psychological or spiritual practices don't come close.

Sylvie Beljanski

Skincare and the Beljanski® Approach to Wellness Skin is our largest organ.  It performs various vital functions but is also susceptible to damage from chemicals in our environment.  French Secret® high-performance skincare uses ingredients selected for their healing properties and provides natural and gentle products made with medicinal grade essential oils and botanical extracts that are suitable for all types of skin, even the extremely sensitive skin of people with cancer.  French Secret® is part of the Beljanski® Approach to Wellness, a holistic health philosophy that promotes total wellbeing, inside and out.

Tatyana Sibirskaya

God’s Love Heals Everybody

Tatyana Sibirskaya is a famous clairvoyant and a faith healer from Russia. Endowed with the phenomenal psychic abilities and the striking power of faith in God, Tatyana has devoted herself to healing the sick with an unheard of dedication. "With God’s help", as she always says, Tatyana has healed dozens of people, very often from such deadly or considered incurable diseases as cancer, leukemia, asthma, depression, and many others. There are to her benefit even the raised from the dead.

Teddy Koumarianos


The secret to lifelong health. How to stay healthy internally. Live and experience 100 years. Eat what you want and feel good. The truth about, grains, beans, vegetables, fruit, antioxidants, amino acids, fiber, and proteins. I am an ordinary person. I took notice of my body's warning signs and reckless eating behavior. Today I am bringing you what I learned from my mistakes.

Uday Gupta

Hands On Energy Healing

Uday Gupta is a founder member of American Ayurveda. He is a well known Vedic Astrologer and creator of Metal Drums for Sound Healing and Meditation. Recently he had a very vivid dream that got him initiated in to Hands on Energy Healing. He would like to share his experiences and understanding of Energy healing with you. He will be offering Free Energy Healing sessions to few select attendees. Do not miss this opportunity.

Valeria Tignini

screen-shot-2016-10-03-at-3-06-13-pmSoul Rising with Val - Experience Your Soul-Sat 11am Soul Rising with Val - Experience Your Soul  An experiential talk on what is happening to the planet as a whole and how it effects each of us individually. I will also invite people to front of the room to bring them into higher consciousness and have a group activation.  Val works with Source Energy and Christ Consciousness  and creates a "light shower" by bringing up the divine field of energy which allows your soul to awaken to a new level of experience and consciousness.  The second is Sunday 6 Budapest Activation into Christ Consciousness - Soul Remembrance This an an energetic ancient gift of which Val says, "I become an instrument to bring up the God field of energy". It's a source energy transmission which is anchored in the soul. This is not a learnt modality, nor is it a practiced one. The work is simply a remembrance from the past that has been done from several if not all lifetimes working with source perhaps in different ways. This is what Val considers an activation to the light within, an unbreakable connection.

Valerie Lemme

7 Steps To Love Of Self & Others-Saturday

We've all heard that Love is verb. What if you had the formula so you can really put loving behavior into action and achieve loving results? You will leave this presentation with a deep- er understanding of how to love yourself and others and with an enthusiasm for doing so. Love is all we need might have been simplistic but it was certainly pointing in the right direction. Deepen your Journey to Love. Your FutureVisioning: New Horizons-Sunday Want to have an overview of your life that's so empowering it will change your perspective forever? This will be a hands on exercise so come prepared to really see your Bright Future and explore how to get there. You will leave the presentation with hope for your future and the future of the world. Join Valerie Lemme CHT as she guides you through this eye opening experience. The modality healed her body, her marriage and lunched her success career