Welcome to the NEWLIFE Expo

 October 18-20, 2019 & May 29-31, 2020 at the Hotel New Yorker
(34th & 8th Ave) celebrating our 30th year

Fri (October 18)-4:30pm-9:30pm       Sat (October 19)-10am-8:45pm  

Sun (October 20)-10:30am-6:45pm




mark becker


Mark Becker, founder of New York City’s first yoga center and herb shop and founder of NEWLIFE Magazine is bringing TheNEWLIFE Expo, America’s longest-running holistic event focused on holistic enlightenment and conscious living back to New York to the Wyndham Hotel New Yorker on 481 8th Avenue (corner of West 34th Street) celebrating our 30th year on Oct 18-20.

Mark, named Yogiman by Robin Williams, promises this year’s expo to be the most awesome Holistic Expo, Health Expo, New Age Expo, Conscious Living Expo, & Metaphysical Expo ever.

He has added new amazing additions to his array of over 100 lecturers and exhibitors from around the world and of course old favorites Dr. Joel Walalch, Astrologer Susan Miller, and UFO expert Tracey Ash, Judy Satori, Kimberly Meredith,  Gail Thackray and others will all be back.

Our extraordinary panels include Nutrition, UFO, Strange Universe and Vibrational Healing & Light Language You definitely don’t want to miss these experts share their information.

NEWLIFE EXPO is unlike any other new age fair you have ever experienced. Others have tried to copy but none have ever succeeded.

So whatever your flavor come to the NEWLIFE EXPO on October 18-20 and open your mind to all possibilities and meet thousands of people who are into what you are into. At the very least you might fall in love. One thing Mark can guarantee is that your life will never be the same. Tickets are as low as $15. For the complete schedule go to www.NewLifeExpo.com. To pre-register for discounts go to https://newlifeexpo.com/ny- expo/get-tickets/

And Remember…. It’s a NEWLIFE! Om Sholom

Mark Becker


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Ictv1 Newlife Expo New York Fall 2016

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