Welcome to the NEWLIFE Expo in our 27th year

                                         Fri (Oct.21)-4:30pm-10pm       Sat (Oct.22)-10am-9pm     Sun (Oct.23)-10am-7pm

mark becker


Hoping everyone had the best summer ever.  We are back October 21-23 better than ever with many new exhibitors and speakers added to our star-studded list.Due to popular demand we have moved back to the 18th Floor of the Hotel Pennsylvania.

We have added a panel in addition to your old favorites, that you will not want to miss, which was a long time coming; The UFO Panel. There have been too many sightings, too many reports and numerous signs from ancient civilization proving to us that we are not alone.

Over ten years ago at the expo we had the ex-head of the strategic air command having us listen to audios from pilots exclaiming, “Did you see that?” and “What was that?” We have had astronaut, Edgar Mitchell at the expo explaining to us about the UFO’s he experienced. We have had Sean Morton over 25 years ago at the expo talking about Area 51, which the government kept hidden. The United Nations created a committee years ago for when, not if, the aliens contact us. We have Hillary Clinton telling Jimmy Kimmel that she vows that barring any threats to national security, she would open up government files about the subject. She says, “There are enough stories out there that I don’t think everybody is just sitting in their kitchen making them up.”  Come see Richard Dolan, an expert on UFO’s who has been pleading with the government for disclosure. We have Ben Mizrech who has documented many UFO instances and Marc Brinkenhoff with actual photos. Join them and have your mind blown. We welcome back Gail Thackray, Chris Macklin, Sifu Matthew, Jill Dahne, Tammy Adams, Dr. Robert Sorge and Dr. Jane Goldberg as well as our other one hundred speakers to open your mind to all possibilities in the fields of holistic health, metaphysics and anti-aging.

As far as exhibitors, your old favorites like Crystal Tones, Waterworks, Ann Wigmore Institute, Vitamix, Momentum 98, as well as 100 others are back to create the marketplace that you always wait for; And we have added many exciting exhibitors who I discovered in my travels this year to enlighten your curiosity.

If you want to buy the latest cutting edge products to make you healthier or if you want to change your profession, or if you want information on where your life is going, we have the exhibitor for you.

Visit our natural Food Dining area to soothe your palate and come to our massage area where you can bliss out for only $1 per minute.

.  So take a weekend out of your life to change your life forever and meet thousands of people like yourself.


And Remember……

It’s a NEWLIFE!!!

Om Sholom

Mark Becker

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Ictv1 Newlife Expo New York Fall 2016

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