Did you know that every emotion and thought process that goes through your mind, immediately becomes a biochemical reality in the body? Research shows us that positive, uplifting ideas and emotions are associated with an entirely different mix of neuropeptides and hormones than those of stress, panic, fear or anger.

All life processes have the primary activity for the assurance of survival. Emotions are powerful driving forces that are overtures of the hormonal secretions. They are the messengers for taking action into either the ecstatic energy of love, bliss and abundance or into sharing with others one’s negative emotions.


Emotions are very powerful and they usually emerge quickly, unexpectedly and/or under emergency conditions, so they certainly represent energy. This energy, to get you into motion, can be a mental connection to your conscience and/or sub-conscience experience by initiating it as a creative process.

This process provides one the ability to take control of one’s own power. To take action against past or present issues that one may have previously been negligent in addressing, burying or avoiding emotions, will eventually start to build up to the point of physical dis-ease or other various forms of dysfunction within.

The deeper buried the stress, the further into the body it goes and the digestive system is about as far as it can go to hide.

The human brain has very simplistic functions as you will get to understand. We all have a sensory input, auditory, taste, touch, visual and temperature, all of which give us an indication immediately to our environment. From the moment of conception, then birth on into this very moment, you have gathered data and stored it in the subconscious. The conscience is eventually utilizing all this data for making decisions; however, the strongest input is when the sensory data is gathered from moment to moment due to changes in the external environment. (The key word here is “changes”) Something is going on- new input.

These changes and sensory data is gathered and harvested within the hypothalamus in a form of an information complex and organic protein compound, which is circulated to the pituitary gland system.

The pituitary gland takes this information and makes decision on how to orchestrate your hormonal system, as well as your oxygen levels, blood sugar, muscular coordination and activity to respond to sensory data. It gets feedback loops, through the conscious brains previous activities under similar situations, eventually leading to action.

The brain interestingly enough, is receiving continuously and processing old info that is still in circulation in a form of organic compounds. At the same time all the new incoming information is processed as well, yet with a much higher vibration.


So let us take an individual who is depressed, sad and/or in a “negative” state of anger and anxiety

Most likely, such an individual is not receiving any new energy from the outside. They are basically dwelling on their old patterns of inward emotion, namely apathy. These hormones, are what is flooding the body and the brain because there is no input from motion. As a result, the pituitary gland is still.

When the body is in a state of stillness, lacking any motion, the predominant and residual negative emotions are more inclined to take control of the psyche. Sociological studies say, for every positive experience, you have 35 negative ones in the early, evolutionary childhood state.

The pituitary gland receives this circulatory info and doesn’t differentiate between what is happening outside or inside of self, so it starts making emergency preparations. You’re in a stressed fight or flight mode as more low vibrational, internal CD’s and DVD’s are being created. At the same time, you have the immune system processing this info because the old circulating CD’s also have an expiration date. All the old patterns are eventually recognized by the “killer cells” of the immune system that are behaving like a virus…then tagged and digested by the macrophages with their high enzymatic reserves.

This is more or less the normal process. Most people are in a state imbalance due to lack of activity.

In a study that was published in Schizophrenia Review, Dr. Yuri Nikolayev of The Moscow Research Institute of Psychiatry for over 50 years has studied all kinds of mental disorders. His work showed that stress and schizophrenia is a form of protein toxemia. He treated all his patients successfully, from depression, manic depression, schizophrenia and other mental disorders, with a 3-week program consisting of exercise and a liquid diet…with a follow up of a vegan diet.

All negative emotions are indoctrinated and interconnected replays of the past. The best way to process, heal and release that stuck energy is to move…get your body in motion!! Any form will do, whether it’s writing, tapping, dancing, yoga, qi-gong, swimming, singing, running, laughter… be insane!

Put that negative emotion into motion and it will become a positive emotion. It’s that mental and physical fitness that activates the immune system to digest the funky vibes of negativity.

That’s the perfect time to engage all these different procedures.

Just remember…the mind can go either direction under stress – toward positive or negative. Unconscious at the negative end and super-consciousness at the positive end. The manner of which one deals with stress is strongly influenced by training more than anything else.

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Viktoras Kulviskas is the grandfather of the living food s movement and his book Survivak In The 21st Century has been the health bible for ove 35 years.

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