11:00AM – 11:45amSamuel KiwaszLectureSacred Geometry-Ancient Wisdom for Modern Living316
11:00AM – 11:45amJean Michele WalkerLectureThe Acupuncture Channels317/318
11:00AM – 11:45amMaria AlvarezLectureElements In Astrology. A Practical Approach For Daily Life.315
11:00AM – 11:45amDonna McgrathLectureMiracles Of Total Body HealingHall D
11:00AM – 11:45AMKat DivineLectureBringing Heaven & Earth Together301/302
12:00PM-12:45pmCathy FernandezLectureDON’T BE AFRAID TO SHINE316
12:00PM-12:45pmHun Ming KwangLectureEveryday Magic for Practical Manifestations315
12:00PM-12:45pmMichelle ThompsonLectureFunctional Medicine: A Journey Into Self DiscoveryHall D
12:00PM-12:45pmDr Cori SternLectureKeep Your Immune System in Tip Top Shape301/302
12:00PM-12:45pmIlene ReichmanLectureProtect Yourself From 5G: Prevent Your Cellphone From Harming You317/318
1:00PM-2:45pmDr. Gary NullFREE SPECIAL EVENTIt is Within Your Power to Reverse Premature Aging316
1:00pm-2:30pmPsychic Panel-Predictions For 2023PANELPredictions For 2023315
1:00pm-1:45pmNancy JavarezLectureDetox Your Liver Heal Your BodyHall D
1:00pm-1:45pmGrazyna PajunenLectureBreakthrough In  Anti-Aging Natural Cartilage Regeneration And Wrinkle Removal301/302
1:00pm-1:45pmSheri KaplanLectureUsung Pendulums For Healing317/318
2:00pm-2:45pmMatthew KorenLectureActivate your Spiritual Gifts with a DNA Life ActivationHall D
2:00pm-2:45pmTammy AdamsLectiureMagnetically Connect To Your Soulmate Today301/302
2:00pm-2:45pmBhavnaLectureHelping You Release Anger & Anxiety & Negative Thoughts With Golden Light317/318
3:00pm-3:45pmGail ThackrayLecture-(zoom)Remove Cords Blocking Love, Health, Abundance & Disease316
3:00pm-4:30pmNutrition & Health PanelPanelNUTRITION & HEALTH:  STRENGTHENING YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM315
3:00pm-3:45pmJill DahneLectureLove & RelationshipsHall D
3:00pm-4:30pmHun Ming KwangFree WorkshopRISING ABOVE301/302
3:00pm-3:45pmDeborah GrahamLectureUnblock Yourself and Raise Your Vibration317/318
4:00pm-4:45pmSteven HalpernLecture-(zoom)TUNE YOUR CHAKRAS, BALANCE YOUR BIOFIELD With HEALING MUSIC316
4:00pm-4:45pmLaurie WheelerLectureRaising our Frequency with the InterDimensionalsHall D
4:00pm-4:45pmLori SpagnaLectureStep Into Your Divine Luminosity317/318
5:00pm-6:30pmDr. Robert O. YoungFree Workshop-(zoom)A CRY FOR HUMANITY!316
5:00pm-6:30pmEnergy & Vibrational Healing PanelPanelEnergy & Vibrational HealingRm 315
5:00pm-6:30pmDavid YoungFree WorkshopA Portal Between Heaven and Earth Double Flute Meditation And LectureHall D
5:00pm-6:30pmDr Cori SternFree WorkshopHow To Maintain and Improve Memory and Brain Function Naturally301/302
5:00pm-6:30pmJulian MichaelLectureNumerology:Reclaim Your Brain317/318
7:00pm-8:00pmDavid Young & FriendsFree ConcertDavid Young & FriendsLOBBY

Sunday Schedule (Click on the speaker’s name for more info)