10:00AM – 10:45amDannion BrinkleyLectureThe Real Reason & Purpose For Being On Earth-What Dying Teaches You About LivingCoral Rm
10:00AM – 10:45amBeth LynchLectureSpirit SpeaksHillsboro Rm
10:00AM – 10:45amDr. George LoveClassQi DanceEverglades Rm
10:00AM – 10:45amMatthew KorenLectureActivate Your Spiritual Gifts with a DNA ActivationKey Largo Rm Rm
11:00AM – 12:30pmWhat Does The Future Look LikePanelWhat Does The Future Look Like? With Sean David Morton, Dannion Brinkley, Hun Ming Kwang, Jill Dahne, Gail Thackray, Sarah Breskman CosmeCoral Rm
11:00AM – 11:45amJeff StarckmanLectureTurning Negative Energy Into Positive EnergyEverglades Rm
11:00AM – 11:45amVolodymyr Karnaukh & Roberto MartucciLectureAuric Field Technology & Quantum Energy HealingHillsboro Rm
11:00AM – 11:45AMJean- Michel WalkerLectureThe Acupuncture ChannelsKey Largo Rm
12:00PM-12:45pmDr. George LoveLectureMeridian TherapyEverglades Rm
12:00PM-12:45pmLiz ReilleyLectureNourish Your Body Inside & our With SproutsKey Largo Rm
12:00PM-12:45pmMarcela BensonLectureChakra Color WisdomHillsboro Rm
1:00PM-1:45pmSean David MortonLectureThe Tomorrow Country, Beyond 2025 ADCoral Rm
1:00pm-1:45pmTammy AdamsLectureMagnetically Connect To Your SoulmateEverglades Rm
1:00pm-1:45pmElsa ThomasLectureHow To Flow With Ease During Chaotic TimesKey Largo Rm
1:00pm-1:45pmDr. Yafi YairLectureChanneling Hathor (Divine Feminine): Human Evolution and ContactHillsboro Rm
2:00pm-3:45pmMystic & Sage Daniel ClayFree Special EventThe Age of Love & WisdomCoral Rm
2:00pm-2:45pmGretta ChamberlainLectureCreation of Reality One—How to Change Unwanted RealitiesEverglades Rm
2:00pm-2:45pmGail ThackrayLectureEnergy Healing- Remove Pain & Emotional BlocksHillsboro Rm
2:00pm-2:45pmSheri KaplanLectureUsing Pendulums For Clarity & HealingKey Largo Rm
3:00pm-3:45pmAlexandria Golden ArrowLectureChanneling Golden Arrow Everglades Rm
3:00pm-3:45pmJill DahneLectureLove & RelationshipsHillsboro Rm
3:00pm-3:45pmSarah Breskman CosmeLectureTap Into The Quantum Field-Using HypnosisKey Largo Rm
4:00pm-5:30pmFinding Your Soulmate Or Twin FlamePanelFinding Your Soulmate Or Twin Flame
With Gail Thackray, Jill Dahne, Tammy Adams, Yafy Yair, Beth Lynch, Carole Ramsay
Coral Rm
4:00pm-4:45pmDonnaMcGrathLectureMiracles Of Total Body HealingEverglades Rm
4:00pm-4:45pmMark BeckerClassSerenity’s Hands-On Yoga ClassHillsboro Rm
4:00pm-4:45pmBhavna Goldenlight LectureHealing To The Core With Golden LightKey Largo Rm
5:00pm-5:45pmSrimati Syamarani DasiLectureWindows Into The Spiritual WorldEverglades Rm
5:00pm-6:45pmSound Healing Cacao CeremonySpecial EventErik Lieux & Rich Gausman-Sound Healing Cacao CeremonyHillsboro Rm
5:00pm-5:45pmKat JamesClass/LectureTurn on Your Body’s CompassKey Largo Rm
6:00pm-6:45pmKirtanFriendsFree ConcertKirtanCoral Rm
6:00pm-6:45pmChristian SchoyenLectureBecome a Fearless Modern Day VikingEverglades Rm
6:00pm-6:45pmDr. Jeffrey BentonLectureEmotional Trauma Release TechniqueKey Largo Rm

Sunday Schedule (Click on the speaker’s name for more info)