NEWLIFE Expo’s Lineup of Speakers – Palm Beach, FL

Join us in Palm Beach, FL. on April 1-2, and experience some of the most sought after experts in health, wellness, and enlightenment.  These individuals will be presenting on many amazing subjects all geared to enhance your life!

NEWLIFE Expo will have a vast array of free lectures, performances, and expert panels.  When you register, be sure to participate in the amazing lineup of workshops.  This year’s expo will have more to offer than ever before.  Don’t miss it!

Enjoy Judy Satori, Mas Sajady, Dannion Brinkley, Gail Thackray, Sean Morton, Dr. Joel Wallach

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Amy Elise

Healing Through Detoxification

The fundamental cause of illness and disease is an imbalance in the bodi-mind.  The cause:  toxicity.  Toxic foods, toxic thoughts, toxic environment.  Eliminating toxins is the path to true health.  By making changes to your diet and lifestyle and using various wellness tools including yoga and meditation, pure essential oils and pulsating electro magnetic frequency, the body heals itself and balance is restored.  Amy Elise, a,k.a. the raw vegan life coach is a Certified Holistic Health Coach and Regenerative Detoxification Specialist with over 15 years experience based in west palm beach

Antoine Chevalier

Holographic Medium

From a Light Worker to a Light Portal Antoine Chevalier is the living proof that we do live in a Holographic Universe. Due to his unusual level of spiri- tual evolution and self realization, he is able, in front of you, to make his face disappear, and instead, you will be able to SEE and talk to your spirit guides or departed loved ones. He will show and teach on how you, as a light worker, can also become a Light Portal / Holographic Medium, and be of better service to others in love, light, and wisdom. He will share with you a unique combination of the traditional Hara meditation with the Merkaba, allowing your awareness to plug in the universal life force within and around you. This technique is a very effective and efficient approach to de-identify yourself from the ego and become quickly self - realized, recognizing that your spiritual presence is who you really are, not the pain body-mind, fear based entity within, gen- erally called the EGO.

Becca Tebon

Tabata with Towels & Toys

INSANE (yet simple) the T3 session with Becca pbut delivers a full body workout with nothing but a towel (and a surprise piece of equipment) — Both provided. This workout requires only you and some serious stamina and promises to bring your happy quotient to the next hemisphere. This ingenious workout uses your own strength against you, so you determine just what level you’ll achieve. Becca is aCertified Holistic, Fitness and Nutrition Lifestyle Strategist.

Brenda Cobb

Take Responsibility For Your Health!

Have you wondered why with all the supposed advancements in modern medicine that diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart dis- ease, MS, Parkinsons, Alzheimers and others are on the increase? There are several key reasons for this and there are natural things you can do to prevent and heal any disease no matter how serious. Brenda Cobb, Founder of Living Foods Institute, personally healed cancer without surgery, chemo or radiation and she has developed programs for all types of dis- ease that work to heal every time!

Carey Stokes


Join Renown Shamanic Practitioner Carey Stokes and 2 acclaimed Shaman Q’ero Elders from the High Andes of Peru. You will discover the ancient healing ways of the Shaman. Learn how medicine men and woman clear the Luminous Energy Field, upgrade the Chakra system, creating an energetic shift of the body, mind and spirit for optimal health and vitality. Experience how shamans track energy, open sacred space, use the forces of nature, crystals, stones and other sacred objects to heal. Uncover the ancient art of Soul Retrieval and Healing Power of the Shamanic journey. Discover how shamans walk in balance, health and harmony with all life energy and how you can too.

Carolyn Marin

Bring Harmony to Your Life with the Living Food Lifestyle

Inner peace, joy, vitality and beauty are just a some of the many benefits of the Living Food Lifestyle® as developed by Dr. Ann Wigmore, noted pioneer of the wellness movement. Learn the differ- ence between raw and living foods, and the importance of eating foods that are easy-to-digest, high-energy, and high- ly nutritious. The powerful Living Food Lifestyle® balances body, mind and spirit, and positively impacts every aspect of your life.Carolyn Marin has worked at the Ann Wigmore Natural health Institute for 16 years.

Chris Macklin

Divine Healing Experience

Enter the God space and experience the power of Divine Healing with renowned British healer Christopher Macklin. Prior to the group healing, Christopher will explain how Divine Healing works, how Angelic Beings assist him with Esoteric Operations, how he utilizes Tachy- on energy, and how negative energies, earthbound spirits, and manipulations can affect one’s health. He will also show you how to keep your vibrational level up, and how to re-energize your food to maximize its nutritional value. All attendees will receive Christopher’s powerful healing from the ultimate dimension.

Clarice G. Victoria Chan


 Feng Shui & Horoscopes of 2017

 Find out how you can help yourself with practical Feng Shui tips and how to improve your personal journey in 2017, year of the Yin Fire Rooster Clarice Chan is a Singaporean Feng Shui Master with a deep connection to the metaphysical realm.She is the author of :Year of The Rooster:Your fortune in 2017." She will be offering Tarot, Numerology and Chinese Astrology sessions at the Newlife Expos in New York and New Palm Beach.

Dannion Brinkley

Why We Are Here: The Meaning & Purpose Of Life.   Lecture: Sat 12pm

Dannion,the subject of the movie “Saved By The Light” will draw from his 3 near-death experiences and 40 years as a hospice Volunteer with more than 32000 hours at the bedside to give you a sound and well rounded view of the purpose of your life.This presentation will help in the decision making we all  are facing as the birth of a new age is upon us and give an informative view point filled with insight humor and a truly spiritual prospective of the choices we are all having to make..

Clash of the Paradigms-Workshop: Sat 2pm

As we stand at the precipice of an unprecedented paradigm shift in consciousness, it becomes imperative we realize how, and why, this massive change is occurring. In this presentation, Dannion will reveal the startling information in the last two Boxes of Knowledge, given to him during his first near death experience, in 1975 which he wrote and predicted in his book and is coming true today These revelations pertain specifically to this period in our human evolution. We must now take stock of not only where we are, but who we are. Dannion will help to transform your decision making process, as you prepare to create a new worldview. Do not miss this spellbinding workshop! Dannion Brinkley is the NY Times bestselling author of the internationally acclaimed classic, Saved by the Light which was made into a movie where Eric Roberts played Dannion and is an expert on Near Death Experiences, end-of-life care and the grieving process, his organization, The Twilight Brigade, trains volunteers to be bedside with Veterans in final transition. Dannion has accrued over 32K volunteer hours.

David Price Francis


Learn to see, feel, clean, clear, and charge the human aura. Explore the interplay of your chakra system and the planet’s energy field. Understand the mystery of energetic attraction between people. And more… David is the author of Partners in Passion and The Tales of Dr. Woo. His latest endeavor is Integrative Energetics, a series of online courses that focus on how to integrate the energies of our mind, body, soul, and spirit.

David Young

Divine Inner Guidance

Imagine a life in which you were led by your intuition. Join Grammy nominated musician David Young, who has sold over 1 million copies of his recordings, received a standing ovation led by Paul McCartney, and who pioneered the use of two flutes simultaneously, creating the sounds of the heavens.David shares stories from his book called Divine Inner Guidance. Discover what happens when you trust that inner voice.Engage in exercises to assist you in tapping into your own divine inner guidance.

Donna Sessler


Donnareyna will pass around & share many of her gemstones with their healing benefits and specific qualities relating to the rainbow colors. She will lead a chakra meditation beginning with the black grounding crystals and completing with the white ascension stones. Instructions will be given for cleansing and purification of crystals & jewelry (heirlooms & antiques) with the 4 elements. A sacred crystal grid will be set up in the room that can be duplicated anywhere at any time,

Dr. Michael Dubanewicz

"Chocolate as Medicine"

Discover the historical,medicinal, cultural, social and scientific usage of this tasty treat.

Dr. Q Moayad

Indian Palm Leaf Reading

(There is an Ancient Manuscript about You in a Library in India) 3,000 years ago, enlightened sages, through the help of Lord Shiva, gained the power of clairvoyance. These Maharishis used their divine powers to look into the future and predict the lives of millions of people. Their insights were put down on dried Palm Leaves. Your Palm Leaf was written specifically for you to answer your most important questions about your life. Dr Q founded the Indian Palm Leaf Reading Institute to bring this powerful, ancient wisdom to the west.

Fiona Chuang


Defend, repair, and maintain every cell in your body. The Kyäni Triangle of Health features Kyäni Sunrise, Kyäni Sunset, Kyäni Nitro FX/Xtreme. Each product works synergistically to provide you and your family with unmatched nutrition for optimal health. Kyäni's Triangle of Health supplies the power of Wild Alaskan Blueberries, tocotrienols (the most potent form of vitamin E), Omega-3 fatty acids, and noni concentrate that has been proven to increase the production of Nitric Oxide (NO), also known as “The Molecule of Life, in one easy-to-use system. Don Conreau (the Gong Master) Friday 7 Globetrotter The master gives us a Gong Bath (vibrational healing panel) Don will bring his new 8-corners of Heaven Mirror Gong and handheld reflection gong for a 30 min event at the end of the panel

Gail Thackray

GAIL THACKRAY Medium, Spiritual Educator Exceptional medium/healer. At Gail’s demonstrations people report they were cured of cancer, diseases & received unexpected money! Trained with Filipino Psychic surgeons. Author; “Visiting John of God”, “30 Days to Prosperity”, “Talk to your Pets.” Star of series “Spiritual Journeys.” Many report spontaneous healings just from attending Gail’s events.  Guides, Angels & Power Animals-Friday-Free Lecture  Angels, guides, power animals & healing spirits. Learn to communicate, to invoke them & ask for assistance. Meet your main guides. Receive tools to communicate with them though objects and signals. Develop your psychic language, get yes/no answers and detailed direction. Travel to the underworld, meet your power animal, and invoke animal medicine for healing and readings. How to call in guides for specific task and the best way to contact guides for healing others. Spiritual Healers around the World-Saturday - Free Workshop- Gail shares her experiences with John of God, Filipino Psychic Surgeons, Ketut-Bali & other amazing healers. Gail’s an exceptional healer herself. Trained with Psychic Surgeons and shamans. She’ll demonstrate healing on audience volunteers. Many report miraculous healing/life changing experiences just from attending her events. Medical intuitive and medium, she will connect you directly to the energy of the enlightened beings that work through hers. **All attendees receive a free small Blessed Crystal** Cutting Negative Relationship Cords- Sunday Workshop   We create cords with anyone significant in our life. These can be good cords but they can also be negative. A difficult relationship of any nature is a sign of negative cords that have anchored and attached and can make you quite sick. Sometimes good cords can get strangled by negative black cords which cause distrust, jealously, fear and anger in our relationships. Sometimes cords are attached to old negative patterns which cause career problems and financial issues. Cords can hold us to our past and can even be rooted in past lives. Gail is a psychic medium who is able to not only see these cords but dissolve and remove them bringing healing in your relationships and release from the past. Discover cords that are holding you back. Releasing negative cords can cause impressive results. Learn cutting cord techniques healers can do on their clients or you can use on yourself and your loved ones. Gail will perform cutting cords for everyone. VIPs will sit in the front rows and will receive an individual cord cutting from Gail.  Monday after Conference Workshop: Calculate Trauma Dates to Heal Yourself & Others  Learn to pin point actual dates when an energy block or karmic issue first started for you or your client. Sometimes issues start in our early childhood, sometimes we are not consciously aware of them and some actually start in past lives. These affect us for many lifetimes until we finally absorb the lesson and release the karma. Determining the starting point helps you to understand the origin and receive a permanent release. This workshop is for people already doing healing work as well as total beginners. You will learn to become a medical intuitive and read energy. Learn to feel and sense energy blocks and to read the messages that they hold for your client. Then learn to communicate with healing guides to determine when and how these blocks were first formed. You will be working with a pendulum time line grid and communication cards. For professional psychics and readers this is a tool that your clients will love. All attendees with receive an individual psychic opening attunement to become a medical intuitive and receive messages from spirit.

front rows and will receive an individual cord cut- ting and clearing from Gail.

Dr. George Love

QI DANCING are Blue Dragon Medical Qigong exercises speeded up to music to make it easier to learn and have fun doing Qigong. We have 8 Dances including Taichi Pole Dance, Tea Cup, Anatomy drumming, Flying Buddha, Liver, Heart and E.R. Dance. Each Dance targets specific meridians, organs and muscles that support healthy body, mind and spirit.

Happy “z”

Love, Life & Relationships

Join the wizard as he enlightens you on awakening to ways of LIVING, loving and celebrating our very existence. Liv- ing in the HEART with forgiveness and gratitude,,,and seeing and COcreating Heaven on EARTH,. Happy is the author of “DREAMZ for the Awakened Soul.” He weaves world music into fabrics of poems and chants that lift the soul ,Words and Ways to accelerate living in the light,not fight ,and BE come BRIGHT er,,as you dance inwardly towards GOD,,,and finally find SELF.

Howard Dean

Chemtrails vs Contrails

WEATHER MOD.PROGRAMS with EMF & HAARP! WHAT YOU CAN DO TO STAY HEALTHY! Howard’s FloridaE- is specializing on Air/H2O Quality info,events. Focused on “Chemtrails vs Contrails” the “Haze” movie. His goal is to help you understand why you and your families are experiencing unhealthiness, tiredness, mental, emotional Relationship problems.You will be presented with the latest information regarding Eco related health problems and health solutions. Howard will discuss EMF,HAARP & Solutions will be our main focus!

James Min

Become a Healer in a Day!!!

James Min, certified Korean Acupuncturist, Master of Korean Hand Therapy, and creator/practitioner of Yin Yang Yoga Therapy, will share the Secrets of Health and Energy to keep your Body, Mind, Spirit, and Finance BALANCED!!! Learn about the tools, techniques, principles and skills that James Min utilizes to empower thousands of his clients to experience personal healing and freedom from pain with Simple Oriental Medicine (S.O.M.).. Performing live demon- strations; do not miss this unique opportunity to personally meet and learn from Master James Min.

Jane Holmes

What's Your Problem? It Could Be Your Emotional Stuff!

The question is, “Is it true or real for you?” Your Emotions can affect your physical health and hold you back from creating the life deserve. Learn how emo- tional "stuff" can actually create diseases and how you can free yourself from emotional bondage and become empowered to be a better YOU right now! Jane Holmes, Director of Living Foods Institute, has helped thousands of people heal emotionally and physically with her powerful techniques. Learn how to embrace life with optimum health, prosperity, joy and happiness.

Jill Dahne

Love & Relationships

Listed as the #1 Love Psychic in Ameri- ca, Jill wants to get America back on track with relationships. Most women and men want to have a significant other, but do they know what they are really seeking?_ Online datinga:the pros, the cons and why more people are turning to it. Soul mates: What do you really know about them and do they exist?_Share some of my secrets in finding true love.Why good people find bad matches?_Jill will answer audience questions and give insights to their current relationship

Dr Joel Wallach

Immortality/Immortality /Dead Doctors Don’t Lie        Sat 3pm & Sun 5pm

Live chronologically to 120 while being biologically 50 years of age! Learn the common and secrets of the top 20 longevity cultures on earth. Learn how to employ high ORAC values, calorie restricted diets the “mighty 90” supplement program and the avoidance of “bad” health practices to add 25 to 50 healthful years to year life! These cultures have one hundred year old pet 250 of their population - Americans have one hundred year old per 10,000 of our population Dr. Wallach will reveal their secrets!!

John Anthony

Raise Your Vibration for Optimal Health

In this Sound Therapy workshop you will learn How everything is energy vibrating at varying frequencies. the higher your energy vibrates, the better health & happiness you can enjoy. Learn the benefits of Sound Therapy along with the cutting edge science backing these amazing results for well being and how to change your vibration.

Judy Satori

Passage to Extraordinary – The Activation of Human DNA Potential

Join Judy Satori as she introduces new concepts for living a fifth dimensional life of peace, happiness and greater vitality. Since the Earth’s shift to the fifth dimension, which has been a time of adjustment on every level, we have to become conditioned and recalibrated to the faster pulsating energy vibration of a fifth dimensional Earth. It’s time to be happy and well, to step out in faith and begin again. As with all Judy’s events, you can be assured of some very powerful, life changing energy transmissions from multi-dimensional, multi-galactic sources

Kat James

Saturday-5:00 GLOBETROTTER Rm

Total Transformation: The True “Extreme Makeover” for Your Health, Your Looks, and Your Life

Twenty-five years ago, award-winning author Kat James saved herself-and has since helped free countless others-from multiple digestive, autoimmune, metabolic, emotional, addictive, skin, and weight disorders after doctors gave up. Today, we see a tidal wave of scientific research in support of her once-controversial meth- ods. calibration, and doctor-verified outcomes in successfully harnessing the incredible power of the master hormone, leptin. Unlock the key to your own extreme natural makeover-without surgery or suffering-with the woman SELF calls “a master of self-transformation.” Learn more at

Kelly Hampton

Living in Ascension: Star Healing Intergalactic EnergyTM from Archangel Michael

Receive LIVE 5thD Group Energy Healing from the Pleiadians from the founder of this revolutionary system which was given to Kelly in 2010 by Archangel Michael. Learn more about the healing benefits and why Archangel Michael calls this system, 'THE Healing system for 2012 and Beyond' and how thousands of people and animals around the world have been helped or miraculously healed through light language, healing codes, release of past lives and much more." For $20 extra sit in the front rows and receive additional sacred symbols from Star Healing Intergalactic EnergyTM and have your soul theme channeled through Archangel Michael. Kelly Hampton is an internationally recognized healer and spiritual teacher here to anchor the Christ grid of Ascension. She is also a renowned author, angelic, channel of many light Sources, a gifted medium, animal communication. She is the renowned author of INTO THE WHITE LIGHT: THE REVELATIONS OF ARCHANGEL MICHAEL, 2012 AND BEYOND: THE TRUTH FROM ARCHANGEL MICHAEL and her latest release THE BOOK OF ANIMALS: Healing Wisdom from Archangel Michael. She also leads spiritual retreats in the U.S. and abroad and has appeared on numerous global telesummits as a featured speaker since 2012.

Creating Abundance with Ascended SpacesTM from Archangel Michael

Learn about the angels' answer to Feng Shui--Ascended Spaces TM from Archangel Michael to Kelly in 2011, for creating abundance. This is the companion Ascension system to Star Healing Intergalactic EnergyTM. This is not smudging, or saging, but an easy and powerful NEW Ascension home system for creating abundance in all of its forms. Guide books will be available at Kelly's booth. Kelly will begin her lecture by invoking a healing meditation from one of the Ascended Masters for the group. For $20 extra sit in the front rows and Kelly will channel your soul theme in this incarnation as well as share your spirit guides.

Lai Ubberud


Lai  will share her knowledge from her lives in Atlantis and will perform healings to the audience. Lai is a Medium, Psychic, Past Life Reader, Animal Communicator, Spiritual Advisor. Winner of the awards for: "Best Psychic& Best Pet Psychic" by the Houston Press. She is also a radio/TV personality and she is in the Glamour "Hall of Fame". Author of “Celebrity Pets Tells All”.

Lori Spagna

Ascension, Awakening & Sacred Energy Healing Transmissions for Spiritually Minded Animal Lovers & Awakening LIghtworkers       Sat 4pm

Get Ascension Updates, Learn about The Shift of Consciousness, including the 3D & 5D and realities,Hear about The Galactic Timeline for Humanity’s Awakening ,Learn about Learn about Your Dormant DNA,Align with Your God Self & The Divine Source within YOU! Receive LIVE Energy Healing & Sacred Activations & Cellular Codes of Awakening for You & Your Animal Companions Lori Spagna is a Best Selling Author, Speaker and Visionary.

Your Animals and You    Sun 5pm

Have A Two-Way Dialogue with Any Animal .Animal Communication, Telepathy & Energy Learn about Animal Communication & Telepathy. Why It Is Real and Scientifically Valid. How YOU Can Do It Too. Learn about the role of our animal companions during Ascension & The Shift of Consciousness. Get readings & insights about YOUR animals & what they have to share with YOU.Lori Spagna is a Best Selling Author, Speaker and Visionary who has transformed the lives of thousands of humans and animals through Animal Communication,

Lourdes Starshower

Energy, Breath and Whole Body Orgasms

Whole body orgasms are emotional and spiritual and move through every cell in your body for expanded awareness, deeper connection, and profound peace. In this fun experiential playshop I will guide you (fully clothed) through simple practices using breath, movement, touch, intention and presence to awaken your latent ability to have more pleasure, ecstasy and divinely delicious Whole Body Orgasms. Lourdes Starshower, Tantra Healer, Sacred Sexuality Coach ( offers workshops, classes and private sessions in North Palm Beach.


The Crystalline Matrix

Join this crystalline sound portal of self transformation with Alchemy Crystal Bowl Master Lupito, Founder of Crystal Tones who will be demonstrating Bowl Master techniques and uses of the Alchemy Crystal Bowls. While playing the Rose, Ruby, Diamond, Gold, and Divine Kryon bowls alchemies we will be activating the light in the liquid crys- tals of our cells bringing us to a higher state of awareness and bliss for profound healing!

Marge Ptaszek

AN INTRODUCTION TO THE KNOWLEDGE BOOK COME - COME - COME to learn about a cosmic technology that is available on this Planet (currently unknown to modern science) that enables Humanity to reach their inner powers in an accelerated way with a minimum of discomfort: the LIGHT - PHOTON - CYCLONE Technology implemented in THE KNOWLEDGE BOOK. Marge will also explain why the age we live in is called the RESURRECTION; the meaning of the GOLDEN AGE and what precedes it; how the KNOWLEDGE BOOK appeared on our planet; the CHARACTERISTICS and the PURPOSE of the Knowledge Book and how to link the United States to the COSMOS.

Mark Becker

Fine-Tuning Your Yoga Asanas

This event is for the yoga teacher who wants to improve his/her tech- nique or the student who wants to further their practice and avoid injury. Learn the higher reasons why we really do asanas. Learn new corrections to take the student to the next stage. Learn how to breathe in each pose to reach your maximum potential. Mark Becker founded Serenity natural Healing Center in 1975 (NYC’s first non-religious yoga center). He is a master yogi with over 30 years experience and has trained over 1,000 instructors.

Mas Sajady

Coming Soon!

Dr. Michael Haley

Why You Are Still Sick

Dr. Michael Haley discusses the hidden toxins that are making their way into your body and what you can do to avoid them. Even the most strict health nuts will leave convicted and inspired to change. Come see if you can answer the one question that no one has ever answered correctly. You can only agree with the right answer and will be shocked you never realized it.Dr. Michael Haley is a certified Gut & Psychology Syndrome practitioner

Michele Alva

Yoga For A Healthy Back

With Michelle Alva, PT, RYT. Yoga was designed for people 5,000 years ago, yet today we sit on average of at least 3-6 hours per day. Learn specific yoga postures and breathing exercises to “counter-pose” modern life and relieve the stresses of sitting and sedentary postures with Licensed Physical Therapist and Yoga Therapist Michelle Alva. Specific postures and movements will be introduced to accelerate chonic pain, tension and enhance the flow of energy to specific areas of the body.

Wanda & Mike Pratnicka

Coming Soon!

Dr. Grayzna Pajunen

Breakthrough in Anti-Aging – Natural Cartilage Regeneration and Wrinkle Removal

No pain or wrinkles without surgeries, medications or injections. Come learn about Liquid BioCell Collagen and Jusuru, a liquid nutraceutical with a patented primary ingredient called Liquid BioCell Collagen. Jusuru is natural with no additives and preservatives. It is 100% bio-available, highly effective, and safe. This is the only source of collagen and hyaluronic acid that our body recognizes and utilizes as our own. Grazyna Pajunen has a Ph.D. and has 25 years of experience in biomedical research at UCLA and FAU.

Pamela Camhe

Achieve Mental Clarity And Optimum Health Using Cultured Foods

Current scientific data shows the link between digestive health and brain function. Cultured foods are essential for creating and maintaining a healthy colon. Your overall wellbeing is dependent on the condition of this internal environment. Discover the critical difference between cultured foods made from dairy and those made from plants. Learn how to easily include the best cultured foods on your daily menu, and experience improved physical and mental health. Pamela Camhe, Colon Therapist and Administrative Director, Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute, Inc

Pat Atanas

Coming soon...

Paul Utz

Divine Quantum Connection

Join with Alchemy Crystal Bowl Master Paul Utz co-founder of Crystal Tones. An exploration of the divine quantum crystalline connection between the uni- versal self and our divine spirit. Explore the unique frequencies of alchemy singing bowls and how they affect the different dimension- alities of our human body, thereby bringing about transfor- mational awareness and quantum healing for truth in our lives. Experience the divinity within you now.

Peter Goodgold

  Molecular Hydrogen:   The Fountain of Youth-Friday Peter Goodgold explores the un-chartered shore where the scientific and the spiritual relationship with water meet, and how this hydrogen rich elixer will improve people's health, lengthen their lives, and promote a healthier planet. Learn to slow down aging, prevent disease, and live a healthy drug-free life with hydrogen rich pristine alkaline water directly from your tap!   Healing with Hydrogen Water-Saturday The discovery and documentation of the “healing” and “curative” waters of Nordenau, Germany; Tlacote, Mexico; and Hita Tenryosui, Japan waters all contain dissolved hydrogen gas. Molecular Hydrogen has been shown in over 500 studies to have positive effects on 100 different human diseases. The antioxidant properties and anti-apoptotic (anti-cell death) activity of molecular hydrogen has finally piqued the interest of the biomedical field. Join Peter Goodgold, founder of and the Healing Waters Hot Springs Healing Center, as he shares the complex healing powers of his “Infinity Hydrogen Water Generator”. Peter Goodgold has been researching health benefits of water and diet for 46 years.  Attendees receive free gift  

Qi Feilong

Energy Healing and Kungfu Demonstration

World renowned Qigong Master QI Fei- long, who was invited to Harvard Med- ical School to demonstrate Qigong as an alternative therapy, will provide a free demonstration of Qi Energy. Watch how internal healing energy can set newspaper on fire, stop a clock, twist a steel spoon and break chopsticks with a $20 bill! Whether the concern is ADD, self-defense or total body health, you will learn how Qigong holistic therapies can help to restore and maintain total body health.

Ranan Shahar

Tesla & Metatron for pain relief & freedom

Amazing discovery how using Tesla technology combined with Metatron angelic energy can alleviate back and neck problems as well as other pains. A special focus is given on the atlas (the top cervical vertebra C1). Hear more about the connection between the atlas, tailbone, and sphenoid in attaining higher consciousness, freedom, and peace. Ranan Shahar L.Ac,; M.Sc. practices Oriental Medicine and Medical Qi Gong for 22 years, and lectures worldwide. In the last 11 years, he developed Atlas Evolution which he also teaches. --

Ravi Ratan


Our lymphatic system regulates our health, immune system and eliminates toxins. While our mental and emotional state affect us at subtle level and create Chakra imbalances. Specially emotional issues cause Sacral, Heart & Throat Chakras imbalances leading to lymphatic blockages and health problems like  lower/ upper back pains, edema, menstrual imbalances, thyroid issues, heart and breast problems etc. Dr. Ratan explains the lasting health benefits of emotional release and Chakra balancing through Lymphatic Drainage. Dr. Ravi Ratan is a clinical aromatherapist and heale

Richard Dolan

Globalization and technological change have led to an unprecedented level of propaganda and deception in our world. Now, in the 21st century, the United States is attempting to finalize unrivalled control over the resources of the world, especially over oil- and gas-rich regions, via regime change and other covert means. In addition, the transformation of global power over the past several decades has led to an increasingly restive population that (in the opinion of those who rule), needs to be controlled. As a result, we are now faced with a sophisticated propaganda system which includes not only domination over mainstream media, but infiltration of social media, entrapment operations, and many other provocations. It also includes the ultimate weapon in the propaganda tool kit: the false flag. Simply put, a false flag is an act of deception designed to elicit fear or anger from a target audience (that usually means you), with the aim of justifying actions (wars, repressive laws, etc.) that could never otherwise be justified. And of course, something which is blamed on another party. These days, that usually means “terrorists” or certain other nations. Historian Richard Dolan will explain why we live in an era of false flags, and will describe some of the most important false flags that have shaped our world--in previous generations as well as today. He will describe how false flags are possible, why they are psychologically effective, how they have evolved over the years to become sophisticated and diverse operations--not always targeted against nations, but often against populations, and sometimes against specific individuals. Moreover, Richard will provide an analytical framework to help us identify specific elements of false flags, enabling us to spot them more easily in the future.

Richard Yiap

Light & the Pineal Gland

Learn about the following: How light can positively affect the body, Have a deeper more relaxing sleep, Change your health state by getting more light, The importance of the pineal gland and how to decalcify it ,How light can help your body heal much faster, Why the future of medicine will have more light and How the Lucia Light can supercharge your mind with light energy. Richard consults, coaches, runs workshops, is an international speaker and is noted for pioneering light alchemy experiences with profound results

Roland Thomas

Quantum Brain Nutrition and the Martial Art of Wellness

Join Roland Thomas, NMD as he takes you riding the sunlight highway into the mitochondria within each cell of your body. Drawing upon insights from quantum physics, and 20 years as a practitioner, Roland suggests that food is not medicine, and instead, proposing that our cells when deriving “energy” from our food are the medicine. This presentation will inspire your mind, challenge your beliefs, as you grasp the potential for applying this common sense rational information in your life.

Sara Varona

Radiant Shakti Flow

A Dynamic, Creative flow that includes breathing, postures, dance and chanting. This class will awaken your energy and liberate your spirit. Sara has been teaching yoga for the past 11 years and practicing for 15 years. Sara has studied with a number of international teachers and has been studying with Shiva Rea for the past 8 years. Sara’s love and passion for yoga is expressed through her teaching with creativity, playful- ness, and variety. Sara teaches private sessions, classes, workshops and retreats.


Be In The Universal Flow

When you align yourself with the fre- quency of the Universe you create and energetic Presence. SarahSpiritual gives you the spiritual keys to align yourself with divine love, divine pros- perity, divine healing and divine wisdom we will recognize and release emotional and energetic blocks which create scarcity, lack, imbalance and fear. Radio personality SarahSpiritual is a teacher, spiritual advi- sor, medium and designer of a custom line of spiritual prod- ucts: mists, oils, incense and transformational baths. Visit &

Sean David Morton

The Fractured Future

What are the secrets of the Taoist masters that legend says have lived hundreds of years? Are there physical and sexual exercises that we can utilize today to give us the health and vitality we seek? Wear loose, stretchy clothing for this workshop as Dr. Sean-David Morton, PhD, will take you through the Seven Rites of the Nepalese Black Hat monks, the Taoist stance of Immortality, the new evolving 12 Chakra energy system in the human body, and activate the 11th and 12th Wing Chakras in the back, which is an experience you will Never Forget! Also, Sean will explain all the scientific research being done on Life Extension, and give a list of revolutionary products that are on the cutting edge of the current field. Dr. Sean-David Morton, PhD, is the host of the #1 non-terrestrial radio show onEarth! Strange Universe, on RevolutionRadio.Rocks with1.9 million listeners.

Sifu Matthew

“FORCES THAT HEAL FOR REAL”-An Activation-   (SAT 2 LONDON RM) Your constant pains and imbalances can turn to diseases if you do not heal them! Sifu Matthew, Kung Fu Master, Wellness Activator and founder of MAOW (The Martial Arts of Wellness), He is a master of understanding the electromagnetic forces of the body in relation to strength, wellness and healing. He will discuss and demonstrate the science of healing injuries and illnesses by using form and position. Stop wasting time on quick fixes, unsound sciences and magical ideas that do not remove disease. Empower yourself with the fundamental forces that will. Sifu Matthew has guided numerous Pro Athletes, Veterans and those suffering from non-responsive, chronic conditions to heal rapidly. RAISE YOUR MAGNETISM - ACTIVATE YOUR SHAPE - ELIMINATE ILLNESS (workshop Sun 1PM Zurich rm) Learn to use the creative forces of the Elements to heal your self. Your body is reforming itself in each moment. You can choose to form health or to form disease. Do not miss this incredible workshop taught by Sifu Matthew, founder of the Martial arts of wellness. You will learn how to: 1.Raise your magnetism to improve your circulation and power 2.Align electricity of bones, cells and ligaments. 3.Access the specific elements and directions that heal. 4/Turn those elements on in the body to remove blockages and diseases. Sifu Matthew, Kung Fu Master, Wellness Activator and founder of MAOW (The Martial Arts of Wellness), has guided numerous Pro Athletes, Veterans and those suffering from non-responsive, chronic conditions to heal rapidly. “ACTIVATING THE WARRIOR FOR HEALING” (Mon Event) Learn the art and science of Warriorhood for healing. To heal you must have strength of presence, clarity of mind and internal power. Sifu Matthew, Kung Fu Master, healer and founder of (MAOW) (The Martial Arts of Wellness), will discuss and demonstrate how to go beyond weak ideas and damaging forces into the clear and powerful realm of the warrior for healing. ACTIVATION TEACHING : 1. Entering the electromagnetic mentality of the warrior. 2. Locking into zones of force for stability and power. 3. Manipulation of elements using internal magnetism. Group Power Healing: (20 minutes) Sifu Matthew will conduct a healing for joint and spine disorders. Sifu Matthew is a Kung Fu Master and Wellness Activator (Healer). He is a master of understanding the electromagnetic forces of the body in relation to strength, wellness and healing. He has helped thousands of people, including Pro Athletes, Hollywood Stars, Fighters, Veterans and anyone looking to take their health and performance to the next level.

Tammy Adams

Tammy Adams, Intuitive Life Coach of over 30 years and many lifetimes returns to NewLifeExpo! Are you tired of feeling like you’re going in circles, that you’ll never be satisfied, or incomplete? Then this is a perfect lecture for you. Come learn why you’re here and understand what your life's purpose is. Life purpose is what drives you. What are the unique gifts that you have? I help people get on their path and no longer struggle with feeling empty

Dr. Vanessa Shields-fiore

East Meets West – Atlas Chiropractic & Energy Medicine

Dr. Vanessa will discuss the ‘Triad of Health’ and how bringing all 3 sides into balance can help you achieve and main- tain optimal health. She will briefly dis- cuss the chemical and emotional sides and how energy test- ing is used to determine each person’s particular needs. Dr. Vanessa will then focus on the structural side; discussing the importance of chiropractic in your regular healthcare routine and an uncommon approach to correcting the spine specifically, the Atlas vertebra