NEWLIFE Yoga Expo’s Lineup of Speakers – Palm Beach: Feb 24-25

Join us in Palm Beach on Feb 24-25 and experience some of the most sought after experts in  health, wellness, metaphysics,yoga, meditation and enlightenment.  These individuals will be presenting on many amazing subjects all geared to enhance your life!

NEWLIFE Expo will have a vast array of free classes, lectures, performances, and expert panels.   

This year’s expo will have more to offer than ever before.  Don’t miss it!


To See the last expo’s complete Speaker Schedule Click HERE

Annette Hadley

Meet Annette Hadley - trauma survivor and thriver, nurse, artist, writer, owner of Abundance Art. Choose from a variety of healing books, including the workbook These Ain’t Your Mama’s Mandalas. Purchase Abundance Art merchandise, sign up for Creativity Coaching programs, grab a freebie pen and treat yourself to “A Bit of Abundance” tiny fine art.

Crap And Creativity: Surviving Trauma

LECTURE Saturday 2pm room 2C

In this interactive and creative session, trauma survivor and thriver, artist, writer, storyteller and nurse Annette Hadley will teach you a little about trauma and a LOT about healing through creativity. Soak up the energy of the stories behind her paintings. Come away encouraged and inspired in your own journey towards optimal health and well-being. Materials include a personal “Hidden Unresolved Trauma” assessment, along with a list of healing resources. Ideal as a precursor to These Ain’t Your Mama’s Mandalas!

These Ain’t Your Mama’s Mandalas:

LECTURE Sunday 2pm room 2C

In this creative and fun session, trauma survivor and thriver, artist, writer, storyteller and nurse Annette Hadley will lead you through calming breathing exercises with a bit of bubbly! She will then teach you how to draw and interpret your own mandalas, step by gentle step using a technique learned in her trauma recovery. Materials include pen, paper and crayons. The workbook These Ain’t Your Mama’s Mandalas can be purchased as well. You don’t want to miss this popular session!

Antoine Chevalier

Holographic Meditation

Lecture Sunday 12pm Antoine is a world-renowned psychic medium (Japan, France, Peru). He is your unique mediator between you and the spirits of your departed loved ones. He breaks free from the holographic matrix creating the illusion of separation. After two minutes of staring in his eyes, you will be able to SEE the face of your departed loved ones projected right in front of his face. He will share with telepathic communications from them.  

Holographic Meditation

FREE WORKSHOP Sunday 5pm room 2C Antoine Chevalier is the living proof that we do live in a Holographic Universe. Antoine is a world-renowned psychic medium (Japan, France, Peru). He is your unique mediator between you and the spirits of your departed loved ones. He breaks free from the holographic matrix creating the illusion of separation. After two minutes of staring in his eyes, you will be able to SEE the face of your departed loved ones projected right in front of his face. He will share with telepathic communications from them. Antoine will show you how holographic mediation is done. You will experience a profound shift that will strengthen the connection with your own spirit.

Becca Tebon


Becca is aCertified Holistic, Fitness and Nutrition Lifestyle Strategist.

Dr. Brian Clement

History of Life

LECTURE Saturday 1pm room 2A The history of life spans from the beginning to our current understanding of how people lived, what they consumed and the way that we can all thrive.  For more than 60 years, Hippocrates Health Institute, that Brian Clement has directed since 1980, has utilized lifestyle in the conquest of disease and premature aging.  Hundreds of thousands have attended their life transformation program and many achieved miraculous results by adapting man’s original diet.  Clement will reveal the deep knowledge via clinical research how you can achieve complete health and longevity.  

Sugar, the Kiss of Death

LECTURE Sunday 1pm room 2A Sugar is the most additive substance known to man. Recent research revealed that all forms are 20 times more addictive then cocaine. This substance feeds viruses, bacteria, mold, yeast, fungus, low and high blood sugar and yes; even cancer! Clement’s book Sweet Disease will be presented in an enthralling, revealing and eye opening presentation. Hippocrates Health Institute, the center he has directed since 1980, has researched the effect that sugar has on aging and illness and Clement will reveal the shocking truth about this nemesis to life..

Brenda Cobb

Raw And Living Foods Heal Cancer

Lecture Saturday 3pm Gramercy Park (3rd Fl) I completely healed both breast and cervical cancer naturally without using surgery, chemo or radiation. That was in 1999! Learn how I did it and how I have helped others to heal without toxic drugs by using raw and living foods nutrition, emotional healing, cleansing and detoxification. The body was created to heal itself if you give it what it needs! This works and everyone should know about it!

Healed Cancer Holistically

Lecture Sunday 4pm Gramercy Park (3rd Fl) In 1999 I was diagnosed with breast and cervical cancer. Doctors said I had to do surgery, chemo and radiation or I would die in six months to a year. I didn’t do it! Instead I ate organic raw and living foods, detoxified, cleansed and emotionally healed. In six months I was cancer free and that was 18 years ago. Learn the 5 reasons the body develops cancer and other diseases and the 5 most important things to do to heal and stay healthy all your life.

Chris Macklin

What’s Going On In The World

LECTURE Saturday 12pm room 2B

A question many of us ponder throughout our lives is the origin of mankind. How did we get here, where did we come from? Take a look into Creator Gods and Sacred Geometry of Communication. It seems that we are surrounded by forces of negativity at times, what is it that we are experiencing? Why are people in so much fear? Where is it all coming from? And what about our World leaders – how are they all connected? How do Manipulations affect Dowsing & Intuition?What is Time Space Continuum?

Divine Healing Experience

FREE WORKSHOP Sunday 12pm room 2C

Enter the God space and experience the power of Divine Healing with renowned British healer Christopher Macklin. Prior to the group healing, Christopher will explain how Divine Healing works, how Angelic Beings assist him with Esoteric Operations, how he utilizes Tachyon energy, and how negative energies, earthbound spirits, and manipulations can affect one’s health. He will also show you how to keep your vibrational level up, and how to re-energize your food to maximize its nutritional value. All attendees will receive Christopher’s powerful healing from the ultimate dimension.

David Young

The Portal Between Heaven and Earth.-Saturday Oct 26

The True Story of Jesus and his Wife Mary Magdalena: Their Life,  Their Love and Their Family: Sunday Oct 27

This  presentation includes:

•David explaining what actually happened 2,000 years ago based on three years of evidential orchestrated synchronicities. Connect with what people have experienced at his 350 'Portal Between Heaven and Earth' events that align with historical facts about the Virgin Birth being added to the Bible in 381 and the cave of Mary Magdalena in southern France.

•David sings, A Rose Still Grows in the Desert, a channeled song written with Mary Magdalena

• a 15:00 Soul Ascension Flute Meditation

While David was sharing this information at Unity of Sedona, an attendee raised her hand three times to share that their Mary Magdalena Discussion / Channeling group received the same information about the Roman soldier who took him down from the cross after six hours and helped him and Mary Magdalena escape three days later while he was in a coma.

Everyone knows that Jesus was Jewish and his real name is Yeshua but most people don't know that he was a rabbi- and to become a rabbi you must first have a wife and children. 

"After returning from the cave of Mary Magdalena in the south of France where they actually lived together, the first place I shared this information was at the world famous Spiritualist Church in Casadega Florida. The pastors wife told me, "My husband has been the pastor here for 45 years and I've seen every famous spiritual speaker come through and this was absolutely the best presentation I've ever heard."

"I was convinced without a shadow of a doubt that this is what actually happened. It's Undeniable!"

David recommends that attendees research the article on titled, "Unearthing the Life of Jesus.

Debra Betesh


Grand Master Qi said he could save my life, and I accepted the challenge. With Grand Master Qi’s help, I stopped taking prescription medication that adversely affected my body. Chinese medicine was the answer. Grand Master Qi made me feel young again. I am grateful for his treatment and wrote about it in my self-help book, Happy Healing: What Would You Do If It Happened to You.

Donna Sessler


LECTURE  Donnareyna will pass around & share many of her gemstones with their healing benefits and specific qualities relating to the rainbow colors. She will lead a chakra meditation beginning with the black grounding crystals and completing with the white ascension stones. Instructions will be given for cleansing and purification of crystals & jewelry (heirlooms & antiques) with the 4 elements. A sacred crystal grid will be set up in the room that can be duplicated anywhere at any time.

Dr. Robert Young

Are Your Thoughts Killing YOU?

LECTURE Saturday 12pm room 2A

Your thoughts require energy and when energy is being used acidic wastes from those thoughts are produced. If your acidic waste products from your thoughts are not eliminated through the four channels of elimination (urination, defecation, perspiration and respiration) then these poisonous waste products will be stored in the connective and fatty tissues which can lead to first enervation, then irritation, followed by inflammation, induration (solidification leading to plaque and stones), ulceration and finally degeneration (cancer).Learn more about the 7 Stages of Acidosis leading to ALL sickness and disease.

Beliefs Control Genetics

FREE WORKSHOP Sunday 11am room 2B

The pH Miracle of Love, The "placebo effect" is in reality the perception or belief effect. Your beliefs and those of your care-takers are implanted on the anatomical elements or the intelligent physical beings that make up your genetics and all living cells. Our beliefs effect our behaviors! These behaviors require electron energy at the genetic and cellular level powered by the universal power of love. The scientific equation is as follows: feelings <=> thoughts <=> love

Erika Cappelman

Natural Solutions for Your Health and Home

LECTURE Saturday 11am room 2A

Using essential oils can be a safe, natural option to protect and maintain your family’s health and wellness. Learn about a large selection of natural wellness products for a customizable health and beauty routine that’s right for you. I love empowering families to maintain health in a natural way and teach you how to be empowered to use essential oils safely and effectively in your own home and be an advocate for your own health.

Dr. Grazyna Pajunen

Breakthrough In Anti-Aging – Natural Cartilage Regeneration And Wrinkle Removal

LECTURE Saturday 1pm room 2C & Sunday 4pm room 2C

No pain or wrinkles without surgeries, medications or injections. Come learn about Liquid BioCell Collagen and Jusuru, a liquid nutraceutical with a patented primary ingredient called Liquid BioCell Collagen. Jusuru is natural with no additives and preservatives. It is 100% bio-available, highly effective, and safe. This is the only source of collagen and hyaluronic acid that our body recognizes and utilizes as our own. Grazyna Pajunen has a Ph.D. and has 25 years of experience in biomedical research at UCLA and FAU.

Here 11 Here

Birthday Concert Saturday



Howard Dean

Chemtrails vs Contrails - Sun 5pm

WEATHER MOD.PROGRAMS with EMF & HAARP! WHAT YOU CAN DO TO STAY HEALTHY! Howard’s FloridaE- is specializing on Air/H2O Quality info,events. Focused on “Chemtrails vs Contrails” the “Haze” movie. His goal is to help you understand why you and your families are experiencing unhealthiness, tiredness, mental, emotional Relationship problems.You will be presented with the latest information regarding Eco related health problems and health solutions. Howard will discuss EMF,HAARP & Solutions will be our main focus!

Jill Dahne

Love & Relationshipss

LECTURE Saturday & Sunday 3pm room 2B

Listed as the #1 Love Psychic in Ameri- ca, Jill wants to get America back on track with relationships. Most women and men want to have a significant other, but do they know what they are really seeking?_ Online datinga:the pros, the cons and why more people are turning to it. Soul mates: What do you really know about them and do they exist?_Share some of my secrets in finding true love.Why good people find bad matches?_Jill will answer audience questions and give insights to their current relationship.

Dr Joel Wallach

Immortality /Dead Doctors Don’t Lie

  Live chronologically to 120 while being biologically 50 years of age! Learn the common and secrets of the top 20 longevity cultures on earth. Learn how to employ high ORAC values, calorie restricted diets the “mighty 90” supplement program and the avoidance of “bad” health practices to add 25 to 50 healthful years to year life! These cultures have one hundred year old pet 250 of their population - Americans have one hundred year old per 10,000 of our population Dr. Wallach will reveal their secrets!!

Josh Brotherton

Marconics - The Human Upgrade

Marconics - The Human Upgrade

MARCONICS is a multidimensional Ascension energy healing modality, handed down by Spirit, for the evolution of Humanity – The Human Upgrade.  The Marconics Energy Healing Protocols bring the client into alignment with Source energy in preparation for merger with multiple aspects of Higher Self, each introducing a higher vibration into the physical body, in a Jacob’s Ladder style Ascension process. Learn about its origins, the differences from other healing modalities and more including information on our upcoming Florida practitioner training classes.

Julie Ryan


Come Get The Answer To Your Question.

LECTURE Saturday 6pm room 2B

 Psychic and Medical Intuitive Julie Ryan can sense what medical conditions and illnesses a person has and facilitate energetic healings. She can communicate with spirits both alive and dead.  Julie can scan animals, access people’s past lives, and remove ghosts from homes and other buildings, and tell how close to death someone is. Each week, Julie scans callers on her 'Ask Julie Ryan' podcast which is heard by millions in over 100 countries throughout the world. Julie is a businesswoman, an inventor, an author and a serial entrepreneur. Her surgical device inventions are sold globally and she has founded several companies in five different industries. Julie’s Psychic and Medical Intuitive skills are learned.

Kat James

Total Transformation: The True "Extreme Makeover" For Your Health, Your Looks, And Your Life

LECTURE Saturday 4pm room 2A & Sunday 10am room 2B

Twenty-five years ago, award-winning author Kat James saved herself-and has since helped free countless others-from multiple digestive, autoimmune, metabolic, emotional, addictive, skin, and weight disorders after doctors gave up. Today, we see a tidal wave of scientific research in support of her once-controversial methods. calibration, and doctor-verified outcomes in successfully harnessing the incredible power of the master hormone, leptin. Unlock the key to your own extreme natural makeover-without surgery or suffering-with the woman SELF calls "a master of self-transformation." Learn more at

Lady Christopher Barrett


Lai Ubberud

Direct Past Lives

  Lai explains the repetitive patterns in our lives and also why we have certain phobias, likes or dislikes for things, people or places. She also tells about the principles of reincarnation and she will answer questions about reincarnations. She will also give one past life to as many members of the audience as possible and time allows.Lai European Psychic Winner of the Award for the “Best Psychic of 2005” and the “Best Pet Psychic of 2007” from the Houston Press. Member of the “American Association of Psychics”

Laura Norman

Transform Your Life with Holistic Reflexology

LECTURE Sunday 2pm room 2B

Ready to transform your life? Discover, and experience, how to reduce stress, increase your energy, and improve your health with Laura’s internationally renowned Holistic Method. Laura will show you how your feet are the gateway to regaining your sense of overall balance and well-being. Laura Norman, considered the leading expert in Reflexology worldwide, author of the best-selling book, ‘Feet First: A Guide to Foot Reflexology’, and an educator with three masters degrees in Education, offers private sessions and Holistic Reflexology Certification Training Programs in The Berkshires, NYC and South Florida.

Lisa Lumiere


Lori Spagna

5th Dimensional Living: Vibrating & Aligning With The 5th-12th Dimension & Beyond

Expand Your Consciousness & Actively Participate in Shifting Global Consciousness& Serving The Greater Good of Humanity. Receive Ascension Updates.Learn About The 5th Dimension, The 6th Dimension Through 12th Dimensions & Beyond. Activate Your Dormant DNA and Your Dormant Potential. Hear About Our True Galactic & Star Family Heritage and The Galactic Timeline for Humanity’s Awakening.. Align with Your God Self & The Divine Source within YOU! Understand Vibrational Energy Healing, Sacred Activations & Cellular Codes of Awakening for You & Your Animal Companions.

How Our Benevolent ET Star Family Races Are Helping Us

• Hear About Our True Galactic & Star Family Heritage and The Galactic Timeline for Humanity’s Awakening • Learn About A Contactee Experience • Learn about YOUR Star Family and how to connect with them• Receive Source Consciousness Learn About The Universal Laws and Understand How to Use The Consciousness of The Universal Laws to Assist YOU and To Help Shift Humanity • Align yourself with pure Source Consciousness in the areas of your life and Ascension. 

Lourdes Starshower


Lourdes Starshower, Tantra Healer, Sacred Sexuality Coach ( offers workshops, classes and private sessions in North Palm Beach.


The Crystalline Matrix

LECTURE Saturday 12pm room 2C

Join this crystalline sound portal of self transformation with Alchemy Crystal Bowl Master Lupito, Founder of Crystal Tones who will be demonstrating Bowl Master techniques and uses of the Alchemy Crystal Bowls. While playing the Rose, Ruby, Diamond, Gold, and Divine Kryon bowls alchemies we will be activating the light in the liquid crystals of our cells bringing us to a higher state of awareness and bliss for profound healing!

Mark Becker

Why Yogis Are Vegetarians

One of the fist Hindu words we learn in yoga is "Ahimsa" which means non-violence. So yogis became vegetarians first for Spiritual reasons and then learned the health effects which made our postures easier to do, our minds clearer making it easier to mediatate and our bodies more flexible. Learn the principles of yoga which many teachers have forgotten. Mark Becker opened the first nonhindu yoga center, Serenity, in NYC in 1975 and has been practicing yoga for almost 50 years

Michelle Alva


Goddess Panel Sunday 5pm ROOM 2A

Michelle Alva is a Licensed Physical Therapist and Yoga Therapist, Creator Of The Alva Method® Of Quantum Healing.

Nadine Muhammad

Marconics - The Human Upgrade

Marconics - The Human Upgrade

MARCONICS is a multidimensional Ascension energy healing modality, handed down by Spirit, for the evolution of Humanity – The Human Upgrade.  The Marconics Energy Healing Protocols bring the client into alignment with Source energy in preparation for merger with multiple aspects of Higher Self, each introducing a higher vibration into the physical body, in a Jacob’s Ladder style Ascension process. Learn about its origins, the differences from other healing modalities and more including information on our upcoming Florida practitioner training classes.

Paul Utz

Divine Quantum Connection

LECTURE Sunday 3pm room 2C

Join with Alchemy Crystal Bowl Master Paul Utz co-founder of Crystal Tones. An exploration of the divine quantum crystalline connection between the universal self and our divine spirit. Explore the unique frequencies of alchemy singing bowls and how they affect the different dimensionalities of our human body, thereby bringing about transformational awareness and quantum healing for truth in our lives. Experience the divinity within you now.

Peter Goodgold

Healing With Hydrogen Water

  The discovery and documentation of the “healing” and “curative” waters of Nordenau, Germany; Tlacote, Mexico; and Hita Tenryosui, Japan waters all contain dissolved hydrogen gas. Molecular Hydrogen has been shown in over 500 studies to have positive effects on 100 different human diseases. The antioxidant properties and antiapoptotic (anti-cell death) activity of molecular hydrogen has finally piqued the interest of the biomedical field. Peter Goodgold, shares the complex healing powers of his “Infinity Hydrogen Water Generator”. Attendees receive free gift.

Phillip Wilson

Healing Power Of Far Infrared Light Saunas - Sat 5pm

“Absorbable Far Infrared Light” (4 - 14 microns) is a tiny band of light from the sun that is absorbed by our bodies. It was discovered about 35 years ago. A man can absorb this incredible healing energy which pulsates his water molecules, increases his core temperature, and promotes extraordinary health. Phillip Wilson has been exploring the inner worlds, mathematics and communication for 55 years, recently making many discoveries about Far Infrared Healing Light. Phillip owns health store, in Columbus, OH.

Qi Feilong

Energy Healing And Kungfu Demonstration

LECTURE Saturday 2pm room 2B

World renowned Qigong Master QI Fei- long, who was invited to Harvard Med- ical School to demonstrate Qigong as an alternative therapy, will provide a free demonstration of Qi Energy. Watch how internal healing energy can set newspaper on fire, stop a clock, twist a steel spoon and break chopsticks with a $20 bill! Whether the concern is ADD, self-defense or total body health, you will learn how Qigong holistic therapies can help to restore and maintain total body health.


THE SHIFT: Feel It, See It, Create It

LECTURE Saturday 1pm room 2B

Have you been working to create change, and nothing’s changed? Is this the year you want to make a Shift? In this FREE lecture SarahSpiritual teaches you to find the missing piece in your manifestation process. Identify your limiting beliefs and the importance of “feeling” your desired manifestation. Learn ways to restructure your self-talk, adjust for conditioned beliefs, feel the exhilaration of a dream life and create the reality. This lecture will include exercises a handout and a meditation.

Power of the Spoken Word

LECTURE Sunday 1pm room 2B

The Energy of your words is constantly creating.  Understand the importance of your words and thoughts in the manifestation process. Learn how to align your words with the Universal Frequencies and harness the power of the “I AM”.  This FREE lecture includes powerful decrees and a handout to empower your life with SarahSpiritual.

Shari Hess


LECTURE Saturday 11am room 2C

There is a new crisis in our food supply that is affecting the health of our guts. Find out what the World Health Organization, The European Union, and California has ruled as being toxic and a known carcinogen which happens to be in 75-80% of our food. If you suffer from any of the following symptoms, the health of your gut could be compromised: chronic fatigue,joint pain,difficulty losing weight,headaches,diarrhea,IBS,brain fog,lack of energy,depression,leaky gut syndrome,acid reflux,constipation, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes,crohns.

Sharon Lynn Wyeth

Know Your Name; Know the Genius in You

LECTURE Saturday 6pm room 2C

In this fun and exciting program, you will gain the power to access others’ personalities and motivations quickly by grasping the gifts and challenges hidden within their names. Plus, when you apply this powerful information, you will make better decisions by knowing yourself better. By giving you the ability to instantly interpret the letters in a name, you’ll know what to expect and how to work with people for the benefit of all and will give you the ability to better relate with anyone at any time!

Tammy Adams

 Is it Your Soulmate or your Twin Flame?

Have you ever wondered, "Am I with my soulmate or is this my twin flame?" Today, you will get the answers you've been waiting for!  Find out who you're with and why. What is the best way to love this person and have complete happiness with your love life?Love is a gift so let's let your love life be your gift today!

Resurrecting Your Life Purpose! Resurrecting Your Life Purpose is about finding something that has been lost, something that you need to bring back. Many people walk their path in life without direction, feeling bound to the way things are. Without knowing there is hope for a change or to ever find true happiness.Join Master Intuitive Life Coach & Spiritual Healer, Tammy Adams, for this enlightening and life-changing opportunity!

Magnetically Connect to your Soulmate Today! Connect with your soulmate! Stop searching and have it all right NOW!Have you ever felt like there is a magnetic energy pulling you somewhere but you are resisting because you have no idea where it's pulling you to?This magnetic pull is to your soulmate! Your soulmate is waiting for you the same way you are waiting for them! I have connected soulmates together around the world. Why not let the next person be you! Join me on Sunday so I can help you connect with your soulmate and wonder no more! Have it all because you deserve it!


Terje Kulu

Goddess Panel Sunday 5pm Rm 2A

Wendy Soderman

Embrace Life: Finding Gifts In Adversity

LECTURE Saturday 10am room 2C

Join us for a passionate, multimedia presentation as renowned motivational speaker, Wendy Soderman, shares  transformational strategies on how you can face adversity with an “Above the Line” optimistic perspective. After participating in Wendy’s “Embrace Life” inspirational talk you will be empowered to face challenges head on and turn them into gifts of wisdom to create your own authentic life journey. Wendy is the Founder of the IDEAL SCHOOL of Leadership and of Breathe Modern Meditation Studio in downtown West Palm Beach, FL. Her life story was featured in a documentary with Robert Downey, Jr. Wendy was a key speaker in “The Secret” motivational series along with Bob Proctor and Rev. Michael Beckwith. Everyone who hears Wendy Soderman speak is empowered to overcome life obstacles and make their dreams a reality.

Wendy is proof that we can all live an extraordinary life." Kenny Loggins  (Grammy Award winning singer songwriter)

" Wendy's vision of creating a mindful generation is remarkable"   Goldie Hawn (Actress) 


Will I Am Ankuphara

Break the Matrix-sat 3pm

  Experience a new level of spiritual transformation with Will I AM (Ankuphara Melchizedek), founder of the Yotolon Mystery School as he decodes the matrix of illusion to reveal humanities highest potentials.  Explore a dynamic lecture covering a wide range of metaphysical topics pertaining to the multidimensional nature reality and consciousness.  Utilize ageless wisdom to transcend the karmic distortions of negative social programing and activate your ability to succeed current challenges.