NEWLIFE Yoga Expo’s Lineup of Speakers(Update Coming Soon?

– Boca/Deerfield: Feb 15-16, 2020

Join us in Boca Ratan on Feb 2-3 T the Doubletree Hilton Boca/Deerfield Hotel (off 95)  and experience some of the most sought after experts in  health, wellness, metaphysics, yoga, meditation and enlightenment.  These individuals will be presenting on many amazing subjects all geared to enhance your life!

NEWLIFE Expo will have a vast array of free classes, lectures, performances, food, music and expert panels.   

This year’s expo will have more to offer than ever before.  Don’t miss it!


To See the last expo’s complete Speaker Schedule Click HERE

Angie Rainbow G & Benjah

Tai Yoga Bodywork & Daoist Tantric For Lovers

LECTURE Sunday 6pm Hillsboro room

Experience a Regenerative Relating Playshop where you will discover relationship building & non-violent communication strategies to invite bliss, beauty, expansion and renewal with your sweetheart, through a blend of Thai Massage, Acro Yoga & Daoist Tantric Sacred Union Connection Exercises for greater intimacy and endocrine rejuvenation. Angie Rainbow G is a regenerative lifestylist & Benjah is the Circus Pirate.

Beth Lynch

Dr. Brian Clement


LECTURE Saturday 1pm Hillsboro room

Sugar is the most additive substance known to man. Recent research revealed that all forms are 20 times more addictive then cocaine. This substance feeds viruses, bacteria, mold, yeast, fungus, low and high blood sugar and yes; even cancer! Clement’s book Sweet Disease will be presented in an enthralling, revealing and eye opening presentation. Hippocrates Health Institute, the center he has directed since 1980, has researched the effect that sugar has on aging and illness and Clement will reveal the shocking truth about this nemesis to life.

We Are Light

LECTURE Sunday 1pm Hillsboro room

Sugar is the most additive substance known to man. Recent research revealed that all forms are 20 times more addictive then cocaine. This substance feeds viruses, bacteria, mold, yeast, fungus, low and high blood sugar and yes; even cancer! Clement’s book Sweet Disease will be presented in an enthralling, revealing and eye opening presentation. Hippocrates Health Institute, the center he has directed since 1980, has researched the effect that sugar has on aging and illness and Clement will reveal the shocking truth about this nemesis to life.

Carolyn Marin

Living Food Lifestyle

LECTURE Sunday 10am Key Largo room

learn about the power of the Living Food Lifestyle®.Health is our natural birthright, but we must choose to cultivate and maintain our state of balance Your food choices effect your entire system. Learn Living Food tips that will help you easily incorporate this health-promoting Lifestyle into your life and busy schedule. Carolyn Marin is a Living Food Lifestyle Educator and Colonic Therapist at The Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute in Puerto Rico since 2000.

David Sandoval

Donnareyna Sessler

Ilene Reichman

Erika Cappelman

Natural Solutions For Your Health And Home

LECTURE Saturday 5pm Key Largo room

Using essential oils can be a safe, natural option to protect and maintain your family’s health and wellness. Learn about a large selection of natural wellness products for a customizable health and beauty routine that’s right for you. I love empowering families to maintain health in a natural way and teach you how to be empowered to use essential oils safely and effectively in your own home and be an advocate for your own health.

Dr. George Love

TaiYoga Buddha Palm Chi Cups Dance

LECTURE Saturday 10am Key Largo room

This practice will increase your skill in spinning, hooping, staffing and juggling. Dr. Qi Love will lead us in moving Chinese teacups in quarter circles to enhance eye hand coordination, neuroplasticity, and proprioception. This is fun and challenges both halves of your brain to work together. TaiYoga is the Science of Body/Mind- a combo of Taichi, Yoga and Qigong. George DrQiLove is a licensed primary care physician since 1986. He is a doctor of Oriental Medicine, master and lineage holder of Blue Dragon Immortal Qigong.

George Tortorelli

Medicine Wind Bamboo Flutes & Music

LECTURE Sunday 1pm Key Largo room

Flute Maestro, George will demonstrate many different bamboo flutes with scales from around the world, and talk about their different history & medicinal qualities on our mood and emotions. He grows all the Bamboo and has been making flutes for 40 years.and commenced expanding his growing flute collection with flutes of his own design. and has played with Krishna Das, Deepak Chopra, Ritchie Havens & others. At the end of the presentation there will a deep meditation demonstrating the deeper Medicinal qualities of the ancient Bamboo Flute.

Goddess Panel

Lisa Lumiere, Lady Christopher Barrett, Michele Alva, Becca Tebon, Nataliya Becker, Terje Kulu, Lourdes Starshower, Sara Varona

PANEL Saturday 4pm Hillsboro room

This panel explores the many aspects of being a goddess as well as dealing with goddesses in the areas of relationships, leadership roles, sexuality, artistic expression, family, business, friendship, nurturing, compassion love and Spirituality... Conscious men are especially encouraged to attend as they are directly involved in the rise of the goddess!!.With the panel of Goddess’s you will rediscover and reconnect with your inner Goddess... and learn together how to live as Goddesses. So ladies let our goddesses show you how to open up and reclaim and surrender to the goddess within you and how you can attract the man you deserve to surrender to the goddess within you.So dear conscious men, if you want to open up your inner Goddess and learn how to treat your woman as a goddess so they can treat you as the God u are. Please join us for a blissful and sacred journey

Dr. Grazyna Pajunen

Ilene Reichman

Jill Dahne

Joan Carra

A Celebration Of Life After Death

LECTURE Saturday 11am Hillsboro room

Do you long to talk to a loved one who passed away? Do you long for comfort and closure? Joan is an acclaimed medium for over twenty years and is recognized in books, magazines and newspapers. Joan will demonstrate her ability by communicating with your friends, family and even pets; who have crossed over on the other side. Joan has taught at the NYC Edgar Cayce Center, the N.Y Life Expo, historic Lily Dale Assembly and Ghost Fest on the Queen Mary

Dr Joel Wallach

Kat James

Lai Ubberud

Free Direct Past Life Readings

LECTURE Saturday 10am Hillsboro room

Lai explains the repetitive patterns in our lives and also why we have certain phobias, likes or dislikes for things, people or places. She also tells about the principles of reincarnation and she will answer questions about reincarnations. She will also give one past life to as many members of the audience as possible and time allows.Lai European Psychic Winner of the Award for the "Best Psychic of 2005" and the "Best Pet Psychic of 2007" from the Houston Press. Member of the "American Association of Psychics"

Lana Gelb

Wake up your Brain!

LECTURE Saturday 10am Everglades room

Experiencing brain fog, memory loss and more? Learn about the cutting-edge science of Neuroplasticity and experience first-hand how you can improve your cognition in simple, effective ways. The #1 health concern in the US is Dementia and, not only is it largely preventable, but the brain has the amazing capacity to improve at any age! Learn the 5 functions of the brain and how to restore neural pathways you’ve lost, in a fun way, through great music. You won’t even realize you’re getting a workout and you will leave uplifted and wanting more!

Laura Norman

Transform Your Life With Holistic Reflexology

LECTURE Sunday 2pm Key Largo room

Ready to transform your life? Discover, and experience, how to reduce stress, increase your energy, and improve your health with Laura’s internationally renowned Holistic Method. Laura will show you how your feet are the gateway to regaining your sense of overall balance and well-being. Laura Norman, considered the leading expert in Reflexology worldwide, author of the best-selling book, ‘Feet First: A Guide to Foot Reflexology’, and an educator with three masters degrees in Education, offers private sessions and Holistic Reflexology Certification Training Programs in The Berkshires, NYC and South Florida.

Layne Dalfen

Mark Becker

Maureen St. Germain

Natalie Jurado & Gina Scorza

Magnesium: This Missing Link To Vibrant Health

LECTURE Sunday 10am Everglades room

Magnesium is the 4th most abundant mineral in the body and is responsible for over 300 different biochemical reactions. Unfortunately, more than half of the population is deficient in this vital mineral. Learn how to revolutionize your health and have vibrant wellness by optimizing your magnesium levels. Do you suffer from chronic headaches, anxiety & depression, restless legs, sleep disturbances, muscle cramping, fibromyalgia or constant pain? You might be magnesium deficient! We'll discuss signs and symptoms to watch out for as well as simple solutions to get more magnesium in your life.

Nutrition Panel

Dr. Brian Clement, Kat James, Dr. Joel Wallach, Roland Thomas, Carolyn Marin, David Sandoval, Peter Goodgold

PANEL Sunday 2pm Hillsboro room

You Are What You Eat. Learn about how Nutrition, Superfoods, Raw Foods, Cleansing, Acid-Alkaline Balance and Different Diets affect our emotional physical and spiritual health as our experts discuss how Nutrition has emerged as an alternative and adjunctive therapy for virtually all areas of health care. Learn about how to choose a diet and what supplements to take. The nineties have shown that learning the proper diet and nutrient supplementation is the key to health. Medical research has shown that nutrition is necessary in the prevention and treatment of cancer, heart disease and diabetes. The National Cancer Institute stated that over 30% of all cancers could be avoided through diet modification and as much as 90% could be prevented if environmental carcinogens are avoided.” This is going to be a must see for the health conscious individual given by these leading nutritionists. Our most controversial panel.

Paula Branson

Peter Goodgold

Peter Schnell

Phillip Wilson

Qi Feilong

Ravi Ratan

Roland Thomas

Sheri Kaplan

Using Pendulums For Healing

LECTURE Sunday 12pm Hillsboro room

Explore the world of a powerful Diagnostic tool, “The Pendulum”. Sheri“The Revitalizer” Kaplan will explain how to use a pendulum as a Chakra diagnostic tool for Healing & for Clarity in making life decisions. You will learn how to choose, calibrate & clean them, using other objects, how to use it on self & others, & long distance. Bring own pendulum or weighted necklace. Sheri is an Energy, Sound & Tesla Healer, Intuitive Coach, Reiki Master. since 2005.

Sound Healing Concert

OMazing Sound Healing Bath Immersion Concert

CONCERT Saturday 6pm Hillsboro room

OMazing Sound Healing Bath Immersion Concert by participating Musicians from the Community. We use a wide variety of ancient sound healing instruments including a Paiste planetary tuned Gong, Singing Crystal Bowls, Tibetan bowls, Didgeridoo, Flute, djembe & heart drum, creating a sound healing experience that will vibrate and activate every cell in your body, leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Musicians in the community are welcome to participate in this Love Donation Concert! Contact Sheri Kaplan 786- 419-1389 to participate.

Strange Universe Panel

Susan Miller