I am happy to say that the NEWLIFE YOGA & CONSCIOUS LIVING EXPO is returning to West Palm Beach at the  Palm Beach Convention Center. 

Renaissance Man Entrepreneur, Mark Becker has done it again. NEWLIFE has been instrumental in opening up people’s minds to all possibilities by bringing experts from around the world in the fields of holistic health, spirituality, consciousness and human potential, showcasing over 100 innovative cutting-edge exhibitors and speakers like Dr. Robert Young, Dr. Joel Wallach, Brian Clement, Brenda Cobb, Kat James,and Jill Dahne

 For only $1o (in advance)  for a day or $20 for the whole weekend (in advance) you will be able to attend three lectures going on every hour for these two days; Visit the 50 exhibit booths and sample their products and share their knowledge. Listen to the music and dance performance of HereIIHere as you meet thousands of like-minded people. 
Take a weekend out of your ordinary life and enjoy an extraordinary world of possibilities. Who knows, you might even fall in love. One thing I can promise is that your life will never be the same. Aren’t you worth $15 for a day or $20 (in advance) for the whole weekend and explore what may be tomorrow’s new healing discoveries?

For preregistration discounts, or to exhibit, or to volunteer go to www.newlifeexpo.com or email mark@newlifemag.com.


And Remember…. It’s a NEWLIFE!!!!