94.Yafi Yair-Channeling The Divine Feminine

Lecture: Saturday March 11, 1:00pm, Key Largo Rm

Channeling Hathor (Divine Feminine): Human Evolution and Contact

Dr. Yafi will present on channeling Hathor, a divine feminine mainly known for her appearance as a goddess in Ancient Egypt. She will briefly touch on Hathor’s main messages regarding human evolution, the Earth-wide consciousness shift, and the role of the feminine in today’s world. Then Dr. Yafi will channel Hathor, who will conduct some toning/sound healing transmission for all who are present, and will take 1-3 questions from audience members, who will be able to ask Hathor questions directly.        Dr. Yafi considers herself a consciousness explorer as far back as she can remember. She began providing therapy and psychological evaluations in 2009. She received her doctorate in clinical psychology in 2014, and chose to specialize in hypnosis, further exploring the human mind and spirit through services like past life regression, alongside other therapeutic and spiritual sessions. In the past 2 years, Dr. Yafi has been focusing on her channeling, bringing contact with Masters like Hathor, Jesus, Earth Elements, ETs and EDs to light       www.HealthyMindsPractice.com