Vickie Gay



(demo readings for as many people as time allows)

Vickie Gay will have you experience the unlimited aspects of Ethereal Psychic Medium Readings. Using her spiritual ability, she will create a safe setting for you that you yourself will be able to use any time you want. She will do Psychic Readings where she goes into a person of your choosing, describes their character and tells you what their intentions and feelings are towards you. This is amazing information you can use in relations such as business, love, friends, and family. Vickie sees into your worldly future, describes in detail important events to get you ready for your best action and gives you strength when you find yourself in the exact experience, she describes to you in detail. Mediumship Readings take over Vickie’s personality, she is not herself. She repeats the exact words she is hearing, her tone may change, her character changes as she goes into a channeling mode. She has been told her face was overshadowed by a crossed over loved-one, in broad daylight at an expo. Clients have also found EVP in their recorded readings. Vickie channels those crossed over when she feels good about who is coming to talk with you from the other side. Bring your camera & recording devices. On social media you are welcome to share your experience.

VICKIE GAY is a Professional Psychic Reader, Spiritual Medium, Author, Speaker, and Teacher with years of experience since 1994. Certified by the American Federation of Psychics & Mediums Inc. Of over 17,000 lightworkers from 83 countries she was voted World’s Best & America’s #1 in both categories Psychic and Medium. She appears on the book covers and interviews in over 25 best seller books written by Maximillian de Lafayette.  Vickie is the author of 4 books sold on Amazon. She worked with the FBI solve murder cases & helps people around the world with her spiritual abilities. She does phone readings, exhibits at expos, has YouTube Channel, on the worldwide web there are many pages by TV-News various stations and participates of ghost investigation projects and spiritual events with Vickie Gay  415-244-6321