Tracey Ash

Saturday August 1 6:20-6:50pm EST

Live from Egyptian Key Site to Open a Porthole Of Awakening & Healing

  We need community to pray and meditate together to care and open the portal of awakening and healing for NYC and our world. As each community rises to this sacred service evolution begins.
 An evolution and metaphysics specialist since 1999, Ash lives in Egypt. Her Ark Project is located in front of Abusir Pyramids Complex where she supports new earth mobilisation and Ancient Egypt research. The Ark’s sister-project is Habu Hotel & EcoLodge, in front of Medinet Habu, West bank, Luxor. Ash is an innovator and influencer of the new era. She inspires original thought and spiritual values to transform our world. She revolutionises with elite training, retreats and events in journeys of time-travel and beauty that awakens magic. A visionary, Ash dreams reset-hotel and retreat spaces in ancient gateways for retreats and events. Ash is Founder and Editor of The Ark Magazine- the resource of new era reality revolution with spin-off The Ark AcademyOur greatest battle is in the eye of this storm of humanity as we battle to restore human value and truth Ash trained at The College of Psychic Studies, where she was mentored by President Suzanna McInnerry, and the finest channels, mediums and healers of last century. In 1999, she was talent-spotted as a new wave metaphysician  Her talent was promoted to senior sensitive and an international career in Japan, China, Egypt, UK and USA. Ash works alongside the giants of our industry and is regarded as one of the best metaphysics and Ancient Egypt specialists in the world.