Sue Whittaker-Resonance on Bioenergy Fields

  The observations of Newton and Einstein form our understanding of physics.  However, the laws guiding subatomic particles and life energies like consciousness and intention are still mysteries.   Max Planck discovered quantum entanglement where things far apart consistently work in unison.  Einstein agreed, called it spooky, and said if we are not confused, we’re not paying attention. Brilliant men and women have studied this with little consensus on how it all works.  Sue Whittaker is not waiting.  She applies it all for amazing results in wellness.

  Sue Whittaker’s background is an extraordinary integration of opposites: growing up with the love and authentic shamanism of Alaskan Natives and her pioneering work with Steve Jobs and changing the world.  Her unprecedented recovery from formaldehyde poisoning brough forth brilliant discoveries in alternative medicine which has led her invention of non-consumable supplements.