Robin Landau

Lecture: Saturday  June 4   11:00am   Fire Island Rm


At the end of 2012, the Earth was repositioned on the Galactic Plane, aligning with the center of the Galaxy and exposed to new bandwidths of frequency emanating from the Cosmos. This alignment has created a window of opportunity for humanity to raise the collective vibration, one individual at a time, to experience the dimension of Pleiadian Love and the return of Christ Consciousness through the integration of our Avatar identity via MARCONICS ASCENSION FREQUENCIES. Learn how Marconic Practitioners are Spiritual Midwives birthing the Avatar Race and how you too can access these gateway portals.

“The true process of Human Ascension is the expansion of perceptual consciousness into higher dimensional fields of identity.’ ~Grace Elohim

As a Marconics Master Teacher and Practitioner, Robin Landau was trained by and maintains ongoing mentorship with the originator and custodian of Marconics, Alison David Bird and Co-Founder, Lisa Wilson. Robin lives in Long Beach, NY where she also has a private Healing Arts Practice.