Richard Schickel-How to be a Secret Psychic

Lecture: Sunday Oct 9, 1:00pm,  Rm 317/318

How to be a Secret Psychic in Your Daily Life

Richard Schickel Teaches You How to Trust Your Gut Feelings and Enrich Your Life   Richard Schickel was a Senior Revenue Officer ( tax collector) at the IRS for 33 years. He took people’s stuff. Born psychic, he learned to always trust his gut feelings in his IRS work. At 42, God made him sick and then healed him and taught Richard how to help his IRS clients using his psychic gifts. He applied unconditional love, respect and no judgement.  Now Richard teaches people how to find your inner psychic in your daily life and apply this wisdom to your works in life.

Richard Schickel is an ordinary man with extraordinary spiritual gifts. He hears, sees, knows stuff that can help you in your life. He communicates with the dead. His motto is “Love Yourself, First, Best and always.”