Paul & Lillie Weisbart

Saturday Oct 23  6:30-7:15pm Sutton Rm

Subtle Yogic State of Stillpoint for Rejuvenation, Manifestation Abundance and Bliss

Come and experience the subtle yogic state of Stillpoint and sacred scalar technologies.  Learn how to drop in and hold the state of Stillpoint, Stillpoint manifestation, Stillpoint abundance and how to imbibe Stillpoint bliss. This unique yogic state also helps to unwind cell memory, pain and injuries, assists in dissolving cell memory and old patterns and activates the sacred scalar energy along the spine and the induces the glands nectar and ambrosia.  We invite you to experience this and other scalarwave technologies at booth 211 and meet the inventor.  Aloha and Blessings

Paul and Lillie Weisbart are the developers of Stillpoint Yogic and Inventors of the sacred scalarwave family of products.  they are based in Maui and offer trainings and seminars around the planet sharing this unique subtle yogic state of Stillpoint, subtle yogic transformational tools to induce Stillpoint and offer Stillpoint retreats to activate the subtle yogic state of Stillpoint.  Visit and for more information and visit booth 211 to experience Stillpoint and try our scalarwave laser family of products.  Aloha and Blessings