995.Oshun Marcella-The Intentional Woman

Lecture: Sunday March 12,10:00am Key Largo Rm

The Intentional Woman

This presentation focuses on wellbeing and anti-aging as a champion mindset. Mind your manners, Mind over Matter, and Intellect over Emotions are subconscious, behavioral loops that prohibit, inhibit, and cause doubt in your organic inner child. Most of us feel that we have lived long enough to have discernment. Yet, often times we are on a DIET? Where is your alignment and balance? When do you show up for Yourself? What are your Coping Mechanisms? The information, experiences, and traumas we are exposed to shape who we become; however, we have the ability to change, transform, and evolve.           The reality is; “If you believe it, it is real… “

Oshun Marcella is a Preventable Disease Specialist and Owner of The Oshun Movement, LLC. which is is a Well Being Lifestyle Organization that is driven to teach people to become natural self -healers. We encourage identifying habits that contribute to preventable diseases.