NUTRITION & HEALTH:  STRENGTHENING YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM Michele Benson, Carolyn Marin, Nancy Javarez, Liz Reilley,

Learn what foods and supplements to take to prevent covid and to help negate the effects of the vaccine with

Learn about how Nutrition,Superfoods, Raw Foods, Cleansing, Acid-Alkaline Balance and Different Diets affect our emotional physical and spiritual health as our experts discuss how Nutrition has emerged as an alternative and adjunctive therapy for virtually all areas of health care. Learn about how to choose a diet and what sup-
plements to take. The nineties have shown that learning the proper diet and nutrient supplementation is the key to health. Medical research has shown that nutrition is necessary in the prevention and treatment of cancer, heart disease and diabetes. The National Cancer Institute has stated that over 30% of all cancers could be avoided through diet modification and as much as 90% could be prevented if environmental carcinogens are avoided.‚Äù This is going to be a must see for the health conscious individual given by these leading nutritionists. Remember ‚”You Are What You Eat.”T his is our most controversial panel