Noreen Kalt

Lecture: Sunday June 5,   6pm GARDINER RM

The AWAKENED MAN: How To Trust Your Spiritual World & Navigate Your Physical World

Are you  Experiencing changes and you know it’s not puberty again?,  Sensing things that can not be explained? Won’t say anything because people will think you’re crazy?       For centuries MEN (wounded masculine energy) have been conditioned that their power is outside of them; valued by their physical strength, what they can fix, how they protect, and what they can do. Any signs of weakness especially emotions were often judged, resulting in the shutdown of your greatest power, and feeling guarded to speak of it.             Welcome Awakened MEN!! I assure you that you came to this life FULLY LOADED with everything you NEED! Learn how-to tools to Retrain your Brain and dive deep into your emotional power. Unlock your INstinct GPS and gain access to direction you can trust.   In this interactive safe space, you get to explore your INtuitive abilities and acknowledge your INner Power, transforming your health, wealth, and relationships.

Noreen “Light” Kalt’s signature gift is to awaken your unique intuitive abilities and connect with your healing and leadership power. She is an Energy Healer, Mindset Mentor, Emotional Alchemist, Spiritual Advisor and Light Warrior certified in many modalities including Usui/Karuna RMT, Reconnective Healing, Medium, Hypnosis, Channeler, Crystals, and so much more. She facilitates your Empowerment journey through energy healing/ readings, mindset mentorship programs, Coaching, intuitive development classes, Meditations, and comprehensive certification courses. Noreen is the founder of the intense 60hr certification training course, “Healer Leaders”.                                                 Awaken – Heal – Empower The awakened soul is the greatest gift to the world!