Lisa Fazio

Lecture: Saturday  June 4,  11:00am  Gardinar Rm

Creative Intuitive Connection Through Art and Writing

International Award-winning artist Lisa Fazio will demonstrate her master skills on how you can unblock your own unique creative gifts through art, meditation and automatic writing. Viewers will be inspired to honor their own creative process. Learning how to connect through art and writing is a wonderful way to find your own inner strength, receive messages and discover your own divine healing guidance! Everyone in attendance will receive a personalize Mother Mary blessing!

Lisa Fazio is a Parsons School of Design Graduate, psychic medium and certified galactic channeler. She has appeared on local TV as well as the Discovery channel, been past president of International Toastmasters and workshop teacher for over 40 years. Lisa has used her gifts to assist all in personal transformation into life purpose!  Workshop and signed mother Mary Prints will be available!