Laurie Wheeler-Raising Your Frequency


Raising our Frequency with the InterDimensionals

Many are yearning for a little wisdom and guidance these days.  The InterDimensionals are here to provide us  with some help.  They share their perspective of the importance for all to understand the ascension process and how it relates to our current time.  We will open the doorway outside the time continuum, and access the portal to the 5th Dimension through guided meditation.  Laurie will also be sharing an activation from the Light Beings through the Language of Light.

Laurie D. Wheeler, is a transformational holistic practitioner, homeopath, channel, soul regression therapist, medical intuit, and shamanic practitioner who helps individuals to adjust their frequency and vibration by letting go of their “old story” and rediscovering who they choose to be and why they are here, accelerating the soul’s evolution.  She also is gifted in speaking Light Language, which activates and recalibrates dormant DNA.  Laurie is a gifted homeopath of over 25 years, working with illnesses from colds to cancer.